HIGH PERFORMANCE SALT – Panzer IV Case Rounds gameplay – Battlefield 5 Tanks Specializations

ah damn Hey everyone Azura here, playing the same loadout eventually get kind of boring so I decided to switch things up so here you see my new load out for my panzer IV. As you may know, with this load out, the default HE round now has a 200m/s velocity instead of 385m/s the drag is decreased but the gravitational pull is increased. This was in the patch 2-3 weeks ago. Now it feels more like a howitzer round. Anyway, so I decided to go with the case rounds and boy that thing rips infantry apart. It reminds me of the the bug-a-salt gun where you load salt into this gun and shoot at bugs. Here I got some gameplay on arras, twisted steel and aerodrome. Let me know down in the comment section whether you are gonna give this a try. If you enjoy the video, give it a thumbs up. If you haven’t already subscribed, I hope I have earned your subscription Enjoy! Thank you for sticking around for the video remember to hit the notification bell so you don’t miss the next video, have a great day and see you again soon!

29 thoughts on “HIGH PERFORMANCE SALT – Panzer IV Case Rounds gameplay – Battlefield 5 Tanks Specializations

  1. Any other loadouts you would like to see??

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  2. Pretty sure i played with u on narvik in breakthrough this morning -_- i was the guy who said i didnt think ytbers camp may have been u idk

  3. Shoot them bugs XD hahaha! Also can you shoot the roof of the church there is a party going on up there xD ahaha

  4. I've never really used the case rounds on any tank. I'm surprised at how good they are at distance, I'll have to give it a run! Great video as usual keep them coming.

  5. I'm always confused why players will shoot at a tank with small arms, like snipers get full of themselves and think they can take down a tank

  6. Is there any difference if u just take the left path then get the case round? I think the longer gun would always be better and it will give u a better chance against other tanks

  7. As someone who is just getting into BF5, your videos are exactly what I'm looking for! Keep up the great work!

  8. What's the benefit of the case round over the AP rounds? AP rounds can 3 shot a medium tank and give you a fighting chance against heavy tanks, but i see a lot of people using case rounds so I'm curious

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