Hi everyone. Today I thought I’d talk about some of the books that are coming out in September and October that I am the most excited about and since there are quite a lot of fantastic books coming out in the next couple of months and because I am so indecisive and couldn’t decide which ones to cut, I’m not going to go into too much depth about each individual book but if you are interested in any of them, I will have the Goodreads links and all of that good stuff in the description box. So you can check out the summaries and pre-order links and things like that. But with that being said I’m just gonna get straight on into it. Starting with September, the first book I have is ‘Sadie’ by Courtney Summers and this is coming out on at the 4th. It’s a murder mystery about Sadie, who comes from this very small, isolated town and is living on her own, bringing up her younger sister Mattie. Then Mattie is murdered and the book follow Sadie as she goes on the hunt to find her younger sister’s killer. During which time, a radio personality becomes obsessed with also finding out what happened to Mattie and starts to host his own podcast tracking Sadie’s journey. I recently read another thriller by Courtney summers and it was so incredibly gripping so if this is anything as good as that and anything as good as it sounds I have a feeling this is gonna be absolutely fantastic. The next book I have is coming out on the the 11th of September and this is ‘Summer Bird Blue’ by Akemi Dawn Bowman. This follows Rumi, whose only certainty in her life is that she wants to spend it writing music with her younger sister. Then her younger sister is killed in a car crash and her mum sends her to live with her grandma in Hawaii and she has to come to terms with dealing with the grief of losing her sister, the fact that her mother has sent her thousands of miles away and also the lack of music in her life. But then she meets the surfer boy next door and his grandfather and they start to help her work through these things and start to bring music back into her life and it sounds so incredibly brilliant. I read ‘Starfish’ by Akemi Dawn Bowman earlier this year and I think it will probably end up being one of my favourite books I’ve read this year. So I cannot wait to read this. ‘Pride’ by Ibi Zoboi is coming out on the 18th of September and this is a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ retelling set in modern day Brooklyn following an afro Latino family after the wealthy Darcy family move in across the street and it sounds fantastic. I am always here for a good ‘Pride and Prejudice’ retelling and the fact that it’s set in a modern-day Brooklyn, sounds like it’s going to be incredibly intriguing. And also the the cover is absolutely stunning. Also being released on the 18th is ‘American Road Trip’ by Patrick Flores-Scott and this follows ‘T’ whose life is going pretty well. Then the summer before his senior year, his brother returns home from a tour in Iraq with a devastating case of PTSD and T’s sister decides to whisk them away on a road trip to visit some of their loved ones from their past. Again on the 18th of September is the ‘Unbroken’ anthology and this is a collection of 13 short stories, all featuring disabled characters and written by disabled creators and featuring authors such as Heidi Heilig, Katherine Locke and Dhonielle Clayton. And it sounds brilliant. I’m always here for an anthology and this couldn’t sound more fantastic. ‘Check Please!’ by Ngozi Ukazu is also coming out on the 18th of September This is a graphic novel following Bitty who is a former figure skating champion and a vlogger extraordinaire after he joins the university ice hockey team and starts crushing on the teams moody but attractive captain. Honestly, this just reminded me of ‘Yuri On Ice’, so I’m all for it and the artwork looks adorable and I am so incredibly excited about this. This has been sat on my wish list for I think about a year and I am so ready for it to finally come out. Lastly for the 18th of September I have ‘Analee, In Real Life’ by Janelle Milanes and this follows Analee who, after the death of her mother and being ditched by her best friend, turned to video games to help her with her anxiety, where she ended up falling for a guy called Harris who she knows online has never met. But when the most popular guy in school asks her to be his fake date for prom to make his ex jealous, she agrees in the hopes that it will help give her confidence to tell Harris how she really feels. Considering this has anxiety representation, video games and fake dating, I have a feeling that this is gonna be exactly my kind of book. Lastly for September I have ‘Princess in Practice’ by Connie Glynn which is coming out on the 20th and is the sequel to ‘Undercover Princess’ which came out last year and followed Lottie Pumpkin, who is an everyday girl but has only ever wanted to be a princess and Ellie Wolfe who is a princess but has only ever wanted to be a normal everyday girl after they have roomed together at boarding school called Rosewood Hall. And I absolutely adored the first book, so I cannot wait to read the sequel because the firs one was just utterly adorable and so much fun. The first book I have for October is ‘Don’t Call Me Crazy’ which is coming out on the 2nd and is an anthology edited by Kelly Jensen and is full of illustrations and essays and comic books and stories, all written by a whole host of different contributors, including people like Victoria Schwab, Emery Lord, Adam Silvera and Kristen Bell and it sounds fantastic. As I said before, I love anthologies and I absolutely love anything about mental health and mental illness. So this sounds absolutely perfect. Oh the 9th of October, ‘Fight or Flight’ by Samantha Young is coming out and from what I can tell, this is an adult romance following Ava from Boston and Caleb from Scotland, who meet on a flight after Caleb steals Ava’s first class seat from her. Basically she thinks he’s a total jerk and they part ways but then Caleb comes to Boston and asks Ava to meet up and she agrees and then ends up realising that he may not be quite as much of a jerk as she first thought. And basically, it sounds like an adorable hate to love romance with an absolutely adorable cover and I’m totally here for it. Again on the 9th of October we have ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ which is a YA adaptation of the hit musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and considering the soundtrack of this has been on repeat in my life for probably over a year now, there is no way I’m not going to be reading this and no way I’m not incredibly excited about it and the fact that next year it is finally coming to the West End, so I may have a change to watch it. Also coming out on the 9th of October is ‘What If It’s Us’ by Adam Silver and Becky Albertalli and his follows Arthur who is living in New York for the summer and is totally obsessed with Broadway musicals after her literally bumps into Ben, who is on his to the post office with a box of his ex boyfriends things. It’s a dual perspective between both of these characters, with one author writing one character and considering it’s Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, I have a feeling the entire time I’m gonna be reading this my face is just going to be hurting with both smiling and holding back tears because they are both brilliant. And I think this is one of the books that I am the most excited about. Once again, 9th of October, ‘Odd One Out’ by Nic Stone is coming out and honestly I don’t know know too much about this, other than it follows three teens who are all on a journey of self-discovery and sort of finding themselves in terms of race and sexuality and friendships and relationships and that is pretty much all I know but I’ve put it on the list because I’ve quite a lot about it from people that got ARC’s for it and they just said it was absolutely superb. So I wanted to put it on the list because I’ve heard it’s meant to be brilliant but I don’t really know too much about it. Lastly for the 9th of October, I have ‘Hearts Unbroken’ by Cynthia Leitich Smith and this follows Native American teen, Louise Wolfe, after she decides to focus on her family, friendships and school paper after she dumps her boyfriend due to him of disrespecting and mocking native people in front of her. Then along with the new photo journalist Joey, Louise’s first story at the paper is to cover the school musical directors inclusive casting of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which has provoked backlash in their mostly white, middle class small Kansas town. On the 30th of October ‘The Proposal’ by Jasmine Guillory is being released and this follows Nikole and Carlos after Nikole declines an onscreen stadium proposal from her actor boyfriend and Carlos helps rescue her from a camera crew and sticks around after the video goes viral and she gets a lot of negative backlash on social media. This is the sequel to ‘The Wedding Date’ by Jasmine Guillory, which I read earlier this year and I would be surprised if it didn’t end up being one of my favourite books of this year because I absolutely adored it and this is a companion sequel, so it is following different characters from the first book but it’s following characters that we did meet in the first book. So I cannot wait for this and I am so incredibly excited. The last book I have is this is ‘This is Kind Of An Epic Love Story’ by Kerryn Callender, which is also coming out on the 30th of October. This follows fanatic and aspiring screenwriter, Nathan Bird, whose MO has always been to play it safe when it comes to love, to save him from the heartbreak that his mum has suffered with due to his father dying. Then his childhood best friend James Oliver Hernandez comes back into his life and Nate finally has the chance to share his true feelings and it sounds absolutely adorable and like a second chance romance/friends to lovers kind of thing and I’m totally here for a sappy, adorable rom-com. This sounds adorable and once again, the cover is absolutely adorable. So those are just some of the books that are coming out in September and October that I think sound absolutely fantastic and I’m so incredibly excited about and are gonna really, really push me in my book buying limit that I’m currently putting myself on and as I said if you do want to know more about them, I will leave links to all of them in the description box and yeah, that is basically it. I’m so incredibly sorry about how horrendous the lighting has been in this video. The sun has just been going in and out and there has been nothing I can do to make any kind of stability in the lighting so I’m sorry about that and also I’m sorry if some of the dates might be slightly off. I’ve used the Goodreads dates for all of them but I know sometimes in different countries the release dates are slightly different and also sometimes the dates have changed and Goodreads haven’t updated them but from what I can tell most of them, at this point in time, are correct. So that is that and yeah, I would absolutely love to know if you like the sound of any of these and if you think you might pick any of them up or if there are any that I’ve missed that you are incredibly excited about, I would absolutely love to hear about them. I will leave the links to my Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Goodreads and book Depop in the description box below, so feel free to follow me on any of those if you would like and I just hope you are having the most fantastic day. Bye!


  1. YES OMG Check Please is the most precious thing in the ENTIRE world and I can't wait for you to read it and scream about it with me! It's so good. You're probably wondering how I've read it already…well it's a web comic currently so you can find all of the portions that are out currently online, but it'll be really cool and really special to have it in physical form as well! The Proposal also sounds really cute! I feel like I've heard mixed things about the Wedding Date so I'm unsure about reading it, but maybe one day I'll give it a shot. It sounds like there are a lot of cute, fun and interesting books coming out soon and I hope you enjoy them!

  2. i never knew the proposal was a sequel, that has definitely peaked my interested even more. my most anticipated release for the second half of the year is the lady's guide to petticoates and piracy!!

  3. Thank god I'm not the only book collector on this planet. I started thinking that I have book hoarding problem haha I even wear a special shirt when I'm reading to live the moment :p this is the Amazon link of the shirt if you are curious https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H1XPY3W

  4. Some fantastic books to look out for!!! I already had Summer Bird Blue and What if itโ€™s Us on my tbr. I have added Sadie which sounds amazing, Check Please and Pride! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. I definitely want to pick up Sadie and What If It's Us but I'm also so so excited about the release of Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Unbroken sounds really interesting, I haven't read anything by a disabled before (at least I haven't to my knowledge) so I'll definitely be on the look out for it!

    SUMMER BIRD BLUE!! I am SOOOOO excited for Akemi's new book. Luckily I'm going to NYC in October so I'll be able to buy myself a copy <3
    Fight or Flight sounds super cute omg
    I am really looking forward to Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak which come out on my birthday ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Ahh you've got some amazing books here! I wasn't too interested in The Wedding Date but The Proposal sounds so intriguing because that kind of proposal thing has always REALLY bothered me.
    And Pride! And Hearts Unbroken! I'm really anticipating those two as well!
    BTW I really appreciate that you add captions! I'm not hearing-impaired but I have a really hard time absorbing purely auditory information (hence one of the big reasons audiobooks just do not work for me) and it's just such a huge help! I started doing them on my own channel a few months ago so I truly appreciate the extra time and effort it takes!

  9. im excited for pride and what if its us! and wow a lot of these books ive never heard of before but they sound so cool.

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