Hitler reacts to Battlefield V

100 thoughts on “Hitler reacts to Battlefield V

  1. Realy? I'm german and this is the original soundline with selfmade subtitle clap *clap*, if you want to do a real parody, create a own soundline not this BS plz. This project is a good idea but it can get better.

  2. Wo ist der deutsche Untertitel?Ich versteh Hitler nämlich kaum…😂
    Das ist ja sogar Hitlers Muttersprache…🤦‍♂️
    Aber trotzdem MEGA VIDEO😂👍

  3. ебаные либерасты опять сделали не игру а политкорректную высерь((((

  4. I am a German guy,
    And the words Hitler say in this Video are complety different with the Text.
    But is funny.
    Falls es mir nicht glaubt ist hir der Beweis. Du bist hobbylos und hast das in den Google Übersetzer reinkopiert wenn du es nicht lesen kannst. 😉

  5. Thats all true.. But Goebbels should tell him about best game ever made… Crysis! But question is.. Is Hitler Main Rig can run it?

  6. Wie tief sind wir denn gesunken, dass man sich über solche Sachen lustig macht außerdem müsste jeder kapiert haben, dass er nicht sagt. Er redet über den Verrat der SS und dem Rest seiner Truppen an ihm.

  7. Er sagt auf deutsch Komplett was anderes. Er denkt er wäre cool wenn er irgendwelche scheiss englische Untertitel macht die nicht der Wahrheit entsprechen!

  8. Wow. Perfect Video for People who doesn’t speak German or understand German. I can German because I’m from Germany.

  9. I was amused and had a good laugh watching but got sad in the end.. cause it's true.
    Next thing will propably be Hollywood making a female version of Saving Private Ryan

  10. I do agree with Hitler's on this one it's bloody inaccurate with the woman fighting at D.day on the frontline to please the left and you can't see white man who is offended by that

  11. Go back to the original Medal Of Honor games… Those were great ww2 games without the pc retarded fagnite additions.

  12. I couldn't stop laughing during his rant but was also spot on of what he said. But I did love the good old cricket bat as a melee weapon

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