[HotS] VALLA – AUTO-ATTAQUE (patch 17.3)

Hi everyone, this is Aeldro and welcome to this short video guide to Valla. Valla is a ranged assassin that has all the necessary qualities to do huge damage with her basic attacks. Thus the build we are covering today will be her basic attack one, which is for me the most viable at the moment. The first talent to take for this build is Rancor, who inceases the attack speed of Vala by 1,5% for every stack of Hatred that she has. This talent is self efficient since the count of stacks of Hatred goes up with every basic attack. With this speed bonus, the stacks will increase more rapidly, which in turn will increases the attack speed, and so on and so forth to a maximum of 10 stacks. At level 4 , the default choice is Manticore, which allows you to do an inceased 60% damage every third basic attack. With the level 1 talent that increases your attack speed, you will apply these 60% of bonus damage more often. A second choice is possible, Vigorous Assault that heals your for 15% of the damage from your basic attacks. This allows you to have more survivability, but hinder your damage output in return. This direction allows you to do the mercenary camps alone by level 13, but I do not recommend it since other heroes can do it better. For your level 7, Searing Attacks will give you a massive 50% damage burst to your basic attacks for 5 seconds. Your basic attacks will cost you some mana, but better spend it that way since the other talents of this build are oriented to increase them even more. For the level 10, I favor Rain of Vengeance because if positioned properly, it can turn the table during a team fight. Furthermore, Strafe doesn’t allow you to take advantage of your build since you can’t do basic attacks for its duration. Your level 13 talent will depend on what you chose at level 4. If you took Manticore, choose Giant Killer. If you’ve gone for Vigorous Assault, prefer Tempered by Discipline. Don’t try to do a hybrid build with a hero like Valla, you will end up being effective nowhere. This is the reason why I do not recommend to take neither this talent, nor Vigorous Assault at level 4. At level 16, three choices are possible. If you have an ally like Jaina or any other hero that slows, roots or stuns really often, Executioner will give you an increased 40% damage against targets that are affected by such status effects. If it’s not the case, prefer Blood for blood that allows you to steal 10% of the maximum life of your target. Using this talent on a tank while you are dying can save your life. If you have a tendency to get wrecked really fast, Stoneskin can be a viable choice for the shield it gives you, especially if the enemy team doesn’t have a hero with a big life pool for your Blood for blood to be effective. Finaly for your level 20, either you continue to increase your damages and take Nexus Frenzy, or you prioritize survival and take Bolt of the Storm. At this stage of the game, a death can do a big difference because of the time you’ll spent at the graveyard. This is why I recommend you rather take Bolt of the Storm. This is the end of this short guide on our basic attack Valla. If you liked it don’t hesitate to give a blue thumb and comment with your opinion. Meanwhile, see you soon on future videos. ~Subtitles by Rimbalt~

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