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Hi guys, I’m Charlotte and today I will be doing my House Stark recommendations Now, I have seen a lot of recommendation videos going round BookTube based on the four Hogwarts houses, but I haven’t seen any based on the houses of Westeros from A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and I thought ‘why not try my hand at recommending some books based on the qualities and characteristics of these houses?’ So for each house I will be picking three books I think best suit that house, based on characteristics of members of that house, or just what it embodies to me, so that could be based on the sigil, the words, the characters, where they’re based in Westeros, anything like that. But I will be starting with House Stark because it’s my personal favourite. Now, when I think of House Stark, I think of winter, wolves, honesty, honour, misery, unluckiness, bleakness, just… kind of negative things but at the same time also positive, as they’re very honourable, they’re very honest in things, and you know – wolves, winter ’cause they’re in the North. So my first pick for House Stark is Misery by Stephen King, and yes: this was picked for the title. I based this off misery – obviously – snow, and also it’s just an unlucky situation that Paul finds himself in. It’s because of snow that Paul is in his accident and ends up with Annie and if it wasn’t snowing he wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in, but it was snowing, he’s…. He’s screwed, basically. But yes, if you are looking for something a little gory, maybe a little scary, or a Stephen King that is based on House Stark, this is the one My next pick was also kind of based on title and that is The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell and, as you guessed, this focuses on wolves. This follows Fea in historical Russia as she has to protect her wolves. She trains domesticated wolves to become wild again and the Tsar is not happy with this and wants to punish her and her wolves, so she has to set out to rescue them. And it is just such a heartwarming middle grade story that is, reads just like a fairy tale. It doesn’t feel historical at all, it feels very fantastical, but yeah. It’s just really sweet. Doesn’t entirely match with the misery part of House Stark, but it’s an unlucky situation for the wolves to be in and there is a lot of snow, so. And then we have Solitaire by Alice Oseman and this is my wild card for House Stark because upon first glance you’re probably thinking ‘why?’ and the answer to that is because the main character in this is the most miserable character I have ever come across. And if you are familiar with Ned Stark you might find some parallels because he can be pretty miserable as well. But this follows Tori in sixth form and she is not happy with anything, then this mysterious blog Solitaire sets up to cause havoc, I guess, and she tries to figure out what’s going on exactly. And if you like your contemporaries with a bit of mystery, to be a little on the dark side, but not dark in a way that is gory, or taboo, or upsetting, then I think you would enjoy this because it’s just miserable. So those are my three recommendations for House Stark. If you disagree with me please let me know in the comments. If there are other books that I have missed out that you think are perfect for the house again please let me know and I will hopefully see you soon with some more house recommendations. Bye.

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  1. Loved this video idea! Which house do you think you'll do next? I'd probably put Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin under House Stark – a historical setting where Hitler won the war makes it a pretty bleak world, the main character can shapeshift, and this group of people always call themselves wolves. That's about the closest I could get ahaha

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