How AOT Ends? Attack on Titan Final Audio Exhibition | Willy’s Speech From Attack on Titan Season 4

The Attack on Titan final exhibition
it’s all coming to an end! So what’s up guys Foxen here. Finally I got a chance
to check out the attack on titan final manga exhibition here in Japan. I just
flew back here this week from Anime Expo then I ran over to see the Attack on Titan exhibition literally the next morning. So go ahead and give a colossal
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did get my videos. Coming up you are gonna get four different videos from
this attack on titan final exhibition video. Number one Reiner vs. Eren
that scene. Video 2 Willy’s speech which I did happen to subtitle and oh my god
that took way too long. Video 3 the final attack on Titan audio. Video four the
interview with Isayama so after each of these I will be giving my
thoughts and analysis on this stuff. Anyway let’s go ahead and get started! So the attack Titan versus armored Titan
the two fated rivals. The stuff shown has been from attack on Titan season 2 an
attack on Titan season 3 in other words stuff you’ve already seen
in the anime couple quick things I notice about this first off notice who’s
missing no Eren vs. the female Titan Annie so what the hell was this just due
to the anime changing this stuff too drastically it does feel like they’ve
shown this Eren vs. Reiner stuff for two reasons the first being the very
relevant current parallel of Reiner and Eren. Eren’s finding for the Paradise
Island Eldians perhaps all Eldians and then you have Reiner fighting for the
Warriors and Eldians back at Marley what the Eren versus Reiner round 2 this also
highlights the other scouts which are former buddies trying to take Reiner out.
Keep in mind there is a part two for this attack on Titan X a bit coming
is there any chance they’re gonna render some other female Titan scenes or
perhaps the Warhammer Titan fight or maybe I’ll just do more Eren vs. Reiner
with round four from the current manga stuff for my second shot
people so yeah Willie speech a lot to talk
about here first off Willie’s voice actor has been
chosen which really just means another attack on Titan season four component
already decided you should know that they don’t actually mention who the
voice actor is in fact they don’t even mention Willie by name off to the side
the only references ask the man who knows the structure of the walls during
the service you do again what should be Willy’s version of history being retold
on the stage for the world notably this is an extremely abridged version tons of
details cut out if you have heard the manga hopefully do notice this from the
subtitles I provided this Willy Titan history version does show the devil
giving the Apple to the girl who should be you mirror there has been always a
question about who was giving the Apple to whom was that the demo2 Amir or Amir
to the devil although let me just double down by saying this is Willy’s version
of events in except that scene of the great titan war Willy a stage play here
seems to confirm the previous talks about there being three signs to this
great Titan war you have the titan with the shield being solo which should be
the armored Titan the two Titans to the left most likely the female Titan and
attack Titan and then the two Titus to the right those should be the Warhammer
Titan and cart Titan only yes let me not forget very clearly you could see that
giant as horse in the background so what is the stallion doing over there
seriously could that be representing the beast Titan this really just goes back
to the popular idea that the beasts hiding could change forms or has changed
forms in the past in other words he may not have always had his ape monkey
looking look then again it could just be an artistic interpretation mr. C how do
you mix up Donkey Kong with a freaking horse then you have the chain up Eren
eventually being portrayed by Willie as a monster the world now has to fear it’s
his fault of course this was something not shown in the manga well you couldn’t
have known about this chained up Eren nonetheless there’s some tiny tendon pad
magic going on Willie is then really interrupted by
Eren beginning his attack on Marley which was really just getting a head
start on woods declaration of war so I personally really love saying this
Marley Arc stuff being displayed in its video format especially in that room the
sound was amazing it was really just an awesome way to build up the height for
attack on titan season 4 even more in this whole room they really
hammer down the parallel between the warrior grim reminder and the attack on
Marley by Eren and the scans being completely honest I was tearing up
throughout this this is some amazing stuff coming up but not only just
because of that you can really get a taste and sense of the destruction and
devastation that Eren committed on the citizens of Marley sure you could go
ahead and argue one way or another that Eren’s grim reminder was more justified
that the Warriors but at the end of the day you still have airing killing
hundreds on that attack so how do you like that at a guitar
didn’t final audio what was that whole sound sequence which really is the sound
of the attack on Titan story ending of course it doesn’t sound like the
rumbling happening you could kind of hear the ocean you could hear people
running screaming panicking there’s a sound of a cannon going off you could
hear the sound of the wind the sound of something flapping I’m picturing a flag
waving and then the sound of the 3d maneuver gear and not Mikasa but Armin screaming Eren so there you have a guy who’s confirmed the colossal
Titan March is happening oh that this right for the manga it feels like that
still quite a few chapters away so a few months are a time keep in mind this is
not stuff for the final attack on Titan chapter but the final attack on Titan
arc overall but really is there really anything that surprising here perhaps
only Mikasa none not being the one yelling on Eden before the room you can
see this sign it tells me that you could hear the sound of the story is end I
actually didn’t quite notice this until I checked my pictures later in Japanese
it actually uses a kanji character for the word world
I just read it as you could hear the sound of the world’s end in other words
being this pretty obvious hint that the colossal Titan rumbling has been
unleashed then after the attack another final room just before exiting you can
see this message it says a new ending slash finale is bored so go ahead and
give me your interpretation for me it feels like this has a triple meaning the
first obvious one being Historia’s baby being bored
the second one being Eren leading us towards that finale and then the third
one which I got Issei am I making this new attack on Titan finale being
different from what he originally intended overall this whole attack on
Titan final sound is really hyping the millions of calls a Titans marching
which should be coming up I’m sorry to wonder about whether Isayama get into
this situation where Eren could pull that off but also not at the same time
here’s my quick theory on that something like Eren elation that caused the
Titans to destroy the world then perhaps realizing it was a mistake
Eren then chooses to send his memories or this message back to himself to not
use a rumbling or perhaps these are rumbling in a different way the only
thing I’d really don’t like about this is that it does remove the risk and
consequences if you could just really do a time
perhaps it’ll require this great sacrifice from Eren to accomplish that
sound of Armin could be him screaming out to Eren as Eren is about to pull
off a Lelouch Lelouch the TV anime series not the movie. Thanks that’s all duk-soo as you think so getting into the Issei on my
interview he really starts off by talking about his humble beginnings if I
write and draw more I could get a little bit more cash in my bank account really
just so I could pay frickin rent this goes deeper if you actually seen his
past interviews which I’ve referenced before he often had you say am I talking
about early on where he just hoped his attack on Titan is serious didn’t get
cancelled otherwise there would have Gandhi say I’m was income and livelihood
it is interesting to notice that he said i’ma talked about heading towards his
final conclusion point of his colossal series o though keep in mind along the
way there are still a good amount of small goals of checkpoints to go through
this should be the developments happening or being set up with each new
upcoming chapter I’m still hoping the nee-sama does take his time if he thinks
he needs to just go ahead and let certain events breathe an extra chapter
or two as far more interesting review the good old choice a Emma comes out the
guy she admits that he likes hurting his readers I do hope people don’t
misinterpret this as something that cynical think about this as the up and
downs that Isayama wants his Attack on Titan readers to
experience throughout the journey a recent anime example would be like
losing Erwin but then Levi’s turning the beast
Titan into sushi and then you go down again with the Beast Titan escaping for
the attack on titan finale you had the great joy of everyone reaching the ocean
but then he go down again with Eren’s realization. For the manga stuff after
the attack on Marley events you had the loss of Sascha and then he seen how that
tragic situation has set the current events into motion. As for Isayama
being infamously vague he brought up Armin and the current Eren it feels
like right here he a minute wanting this story to end with Armin but he’s
actually gone back on this Eren should be the one who’s set to end the series
in other words originally amo was going to have Armin do what Eren is doing
right now who knows what everyone would have been doing then perhaps working
with armin fighting against him maybe even dead before the time-skip
as free so you must favorite scene the guy talked about the attack titan versus
the Warhammer Titan fight oh so but how hard it was to draw the jaws
Titan clawing away at the eren’s Titan for this let me just mention how much
rich detail you can actually see in this attack on Titan exhibit what the panels
being blown up super big honestly for me it gave me an appreciation for the manga
drawings it does feel like there’s so much detail lost
or not clearly seen in a small manga release volumes he say yama does
sometimes make some weird-looking pictures but then again I don’t think he
gets enough credit where he deserves especially nowadays a guy has done some
amazing work so for the entire attack Italian exhibit the actual exhibit is
located in the Roppongi Hills Tokyo area it is in one of the richer Tokyo areas
which means my broke-ass is almost never there for the actual exhibit there is no
way time right now or at least when I went the actual exhibit isn’t that big
only five to six rooms maybe each room does have different various enlarged
manga Panos picked up by a CMO the rooms also do have some other things like
Titans on the walls or the ceilings although the rooms do have various
character cooler messages from the attack on Titan manga most of these are
translated into English too eventually you do get into the main video area
where you got two different videos you’ve seen after this as a room with
all the Titans and in some description and manga pictures about them this is
followed by a dark final tacit at an audio room which is like I said mostly
dark finally you get into the room that has the same I interview in that one
corner the rest of the room is bladder with a ton of manga storyboard pages
honestly if you’re not taking a ton of pictures or video you could get through
this whole thing in like 30 minutes to an hour at most but do you know me and
then the spending over two hours here and that’s not even counting the attack
on titan souvenir gift shop after watch hi Trump’s so much money on way too much
which by the way I will be showing off these attack on Titan goodies I picked
out in the next livestream definitely join on patreon so you don’t miss that
outside the exhibit there’s actually a cafe serving some attack on titan
themed food I actually spend way longer here the night plans sorry I really
didn’t get a chance to check out this attack on titan food although it might
have been for the best the price on this anime themed food is always jacked up
next up getting into some of the notable pictures throughout this whole exhibit
first off the wars from here you could actually spawn Gabi Falco and the other
two that died Gabi and Falco here to look older which brings up the question
where these guys are originally supposed to be age stuff perhaps being 15 to 18
years old this could also be hinting at an upcoming time skip for the series you
know just before the end for all of these guys Porco Gaby Falcone
also originally had different last names for Porco he had poor cohutta stove or
host I’m guessing for Gabi it was Gabi a roux bouquet or Lube again and then
Falco Falco Baja I’ll let you go ahead and find a similar European equivalent
the key part here is that these characters weren’t originally supposed
to have their current family relationships so turns out he same I
found a way to make this even spicier except the room with the nine Titans
right here you can see all the Titans and their Titan shifters for the
colossal Titan they still show the original bert which really just means
something below stood out more which really is for the Jaws Titan it no
love for the previous jaws Titan older come on as for a rejected panel in one
of the shots that showed off this guy stabbing and killing himself with the
blade so let me mention i do plan to visit this place again this attack on
titan final exhibition is going on until early September they are gonna be doing
a part two to this early August which really just means I hope they do a
couple few changes to the videos perhaps completely new ones I’m also thinking
you say Emma could throw a little bit more of the final attack on Titan audio
sound watch instead of Arminius could be me console saying
Eren this time bonus points if he’s a might Rose everyone by having Zeke
scream out “Onni-chan”! Anyway let me hear from you how much did you enjoy the
videos including bully speech do you want to visit this attack on Titan
exhibit is anyone planning on going before it’s done what do you want me to
cover for part two anyway do leave a call so thumbs up check out my other
attack on Titan an anime videos now see you guys later

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