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Hi everyone. I’m Rincey and this is Rincey
Reads. So as you guys can tell this is a little bit of a different video. I had mentioned
in one of my older videos about how I bullet journal. And a bunch of you guys talked about
how you wanted me to make a video about how I bullet journal. First off I’m going to leave
a link to the original bullet journal video so that way you guys can check that out if
you guys have no idea what bullet journaling is. It’s basically like a form of making your
own planner or to do list. I’ve started doing this in like January of 2014 and I’ve been
doing it ever since. And my version is very, like, utilitarian. I don’t try to make my
journal look pretty. So if you want to see something like that I suggest just YouTube-ing
bullet journaling because there are plenty of videos out there and this is not one of
those. This literally just my method. And my method might not work for anyone but it
works well for me. And I’m constantly refining my method, too. So anyway this is the journal
that I bullet journal in. This is just a regular hard Moleskine. I’ve had this one since 2014
when I started bullet journaling and it’s like super beat up and dirty. The pages are
stained and gross. And you can see, I’ve only used about half of the pages in here, which
is why I never bought a new one. The person who does bullet journaling or came up with
bullet journaling suggests getting a new journal every single year. But that feels extremely
wasteful to me. I’m thinking about getting a new one for 2016 just because I’ve passed
the halfway mark in this one and I’ve started using up more pages towards the end of the
year. So I might start a new journal. And also there’s again changes I’ve been wanting
to make and things like that. So 2016 might be the year where I get a new one. But I definitely
have been using this one for the past 2 years. So, the way bullet journaling works is that
— ignore the washi tape, this was just me testing out some washi tape. The way it works
is that the first page is supposed to be an index. As you can tell [laughs] I’ve been
using this journal for 2 years and I haven’t been keeping up with my index. And there’s
two reasons for that. I don’t know if you guys can see this down here in the corner,
let me move the journal up so you guys can see. My corner pages are all liked turned
up. Like they all started turning up and so there came a point where I was numbering my
pages, I couldn’t see the numbers anymore because the corners kept folding over. Like
this just happens naturally now after like a day or two. Like this is where I’m at right
now in my bullet journal. And these pages clearly aren’t overturned, but this one is.
So yeah I stopped numbering my pages and I stopped using the index cause it just wasn’t
really working out for me. When I start the new one I think I am gonna start doing the
index again. The new journal I want to get is a Leuchtturm1917. I probably completely
butchered that. Leuchtturm? Leuchtturm? It’s a German company so I don’t know how to pronounce
that. I apologize to all of my German viewers. And that one has an index page already printed
in it. And it already has numbered pages. It’s basically the same thing as a Moleskine,
but it’s also supposed to be higher quality paper. Moleskine paper is like really, really
cheap, I guess you could say. It’s really thin. It bleeds very easily. I don’t know
if you guys can tell but like, even just using a ball point pen you can see shadowing happening
through the pages. I actually don’t know if this is showing up on camera. But yeah there’s
definitely shadowing that shows up. Which doesn’t really bother me that much. Oh you
can definitely see it here. It doesn’t really bother me that much, but it’s definitely a
thing that happens. So the first page, index, this is where you list, like if you make a
collection of some sort, or you make like a to read list or you make a list of books
you have read in the year, you can write “2015 reads” and and then the page number that’s
on. So that way you can refer back to it if you need to. Another thing that I tried to
do, but didn’t work out doing was doing the month long list. I don’t like the way this
month looks. As you guys may have seen when I was flipping through the pages, I started
doing my months like this. I made my own calendar basically in bullet journal because I like
the way that looks better than the way that this looks. This is like way to confusing
for me. I could never figure out where I was in the month. And organizing things got really
confusing. And also this doesn’t leave a lot of space to put things into my days. My days
are super packed and busy and there’s lots of stuff I want to remember about them. And
this doesn’t really work. This page is my monthly goals. I don’t do monthly goals as
much anymore, but it is a thing I want to get back to I think. So you put down the date
and you put your goals for the month and you mark them off as you do them. Obviously these
are again from 2014. So this is really old. Future dates is not a thing anymore. If you
watch that bullet journaling video you’ll see how he handles it. This was a thing I
was tracking in 2014. That I clearly didn’t track for all of 2014. So yeah, this is the
actual to do section. So when I first started off, I started doing the boxes with the check
marks, but I didn’t like that method. So I started just like crossing everything out
and then starring the things that were really important. A big thing for me is that things
just visually make sense to me that if I just glance at a page I know what I’m seeing. The
check marks weren’t really working out because I couldn’t really just glance and see what
was done and what wasn’t. Another thing that I do is I color code. Different categories
have different colors. So blue is personal, purple is work. Like when I’m at my job, I
kind of only care about the to-dos that are for my job. So by putting them in a different
color I was able to differentiate them from the rest of the to dos. So color coding is
a huge thing for me. I have a bag of pens that I keep in my purse. If you watched my
fall book haul and you saw that bag I got from The Strand, I use that as my pen bag.
So I have a bunch of different colors in there. The reason why bullet journaling also really
works for me is the fact that, the whole thing is that if you ever need to like brainstorm,
or brain dump in my case a lot of times, all you have to do is like flip a page and you
can just do that brain dump. And if I wanted to figure out where this brain dump was, I
would like make a note of whatever this dump was and put it in the index. A thing I started
doing because I don’t index anymore is that I would like fold up pages. Cause a lot of
times my brain dumps I just need temporarily or for like the next week or something. So
I would like fold up the corners like this so that way I could flip through the pages
easily. Another thing I’ve seen people do only is that they color like the edges. So
like if they, this is something related to my videos so I might color the edge, these
two squares purple right here at the edge so when you’re flipping through the edges
you can see the colors. But I’m too lazy to do that sort of thing. Another reason why
I like bullet journaling, especially in this grid or squared journal is the fact that it’s
really, really adjustable to whatever I need. So, as you can see like, I have days where
all I do is make long to do lists, or other types of to do lists. Some times I just need
to like do some basic math. And so I just take a page to do the math and it’s not a
big deal if that’s in the middle of my like week. Another thing I started doing recently,
because my days have just been getting so busy, is that I actually make like hourly
week long charts on each page. So this like the Monday of this week, or not of this week,
of a week. And so I wrote down all of my to dos and I was getting really overwhelmed by
everything I had to do during the week. So what I did was make this little hourly chart
and I actually like filled in during the week, when I would get things done to show my brain
that I could actually get everything that I needed to get done during the week. Especially
on Mondays I get really anxious about all of the things on my to do list and whether
or not I’m going to have the time to actually do all those things. I would just fill in
everything I was doing. And all of this was estimates and all of this was done in pencil.
This is all done in Sharpie pen. So if I needed to change something during the actual thing,
it wasn’t a big deal, I would just erase it and rework it. I would put in like things
I had to attend in Sharpie pen so that way I was like, there’s no way that’s changing.
Also you can see like I’ve divided up this section so this half is a to do list, this
half is a list of numbers that will make no sense to anybody but me. But again, yeah,
this is a completely flexible system that can work for however you want it to work.
That’s one of the reasons why I love watching bullet journaling videos, too, cause you can
see how different people use their journals and you can adapt that. One of the things
I saw is the month long spread. So you guys are seeing a preview of my vlogmas calendar.
Spoilers for future videos potentially. So what I did was I made this month long calendar.
Each of these squares is 5×5. Is it 5×5? 7×7? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 7×7, not 5×5. And this
is like 4 by, whatever, 49. So if you wanted to have a monthly spread in your journal at
the beginning of every month what I would do is I would just make this and then fill
in the needed things whether you want to put in when bills are due or you want to put in
some events you’re attending or people’s birthdays, whatever. You can do all of that in here,
like a typical bullet journal. The way I’m using it is that I put in all of the vlogmas
things. And so for my videos I have a very specific method of putting items into my to
do list. So for a review I was recording, what I do for my to do list is I don’t just
write down “review video”. I write down every single step that I need to do for the review
video. So it’s record the review, edit and upload, info — which means the description
— um and thumbnail, annotations and cards, and captions. And I mark off every single
thing for that video as I do them. Or, in this case, the captions I transferred over
to the next day. Where are captions? Here. Review captions. I think this is a really
important part of doing to do lists, is like being specific about your to dos. Because
a lot of times if you just write down “video” and then you work for like an hour and you
only get like two or three of these items done, it can feel like you can’t really cross
off the to do list. So I like writing down every single step and then crossing off every
step as I do them. For some people that might seem like a little bit redundant but I think
like the fact that there are so many steps, 1) I want to make sure I do all the steps
and 2) it like helps motivate me to keep going through my to do list as I check things off.
Oh another thing I did is I put a little bookmark down here. This is just one of those little
magnetic bookmarks. I had an extra one. I just clipped it onto my vlogmas page just
so I would be able to turn to it quickly because I know I’m referencing it a lot. So for vlogmas
what I did is I wrote down the same steps on every single day. These are my Book Riot
days so they have different steps. And then as I’m completing each one, I am putting a
sticker on it. I left the titles or the top 2 lines blank so I can write down my ideas
for each day. And I wrote it in pencil so that way I can move — I’ve been moving things
around or changing my ideas. So this might be a good idea if you are someone who likes
to plan videos or doesn’t plan videos now, but wants to plan videos. You know, having
a calendar like this is really, really helpful. Even if it wasn’t vlogmas, I have something
like this except I just use Google calendar. But I think I’m going to actually switch over
to this paper method cause I kind of like this a lot. But basically I always plan out
my videos, which is why I very rarely miss videos. Or I’m good at sticking to a schedule,
cause I basically plan out my month. And this is also a really good way of just brainstorming,
like writing down ideas. Like as you can see, I’ve had no problem coming up with like 25
ideas. Or a little bit less than 25 ideas cause these are the question Sundays. So I
feel like the reason why I’m able to create so much content is because I’m constantly
brainstorming and that helps me create content, if that makes sense. So yeah, I think that’s
everything I have to say on bullet journaling. Like I mentioned, I want to get a new journal
so there’s a couple of these things I want to start doing on a regular basis, like putting
in the month spreads and then planning out my videos for every month. I do that on Google
calendar currently where I just put in my video ideas into Google calendar. Which, by
the way, I’m going to be doing a video on Google calendar next week. But I kind of like
this way cause then I can write down the steps in here. And then in my to dos, what I’ve
been doing lately is I’ve just been writing down the actual videos. So right here I have
Turner House video, and I know that just means to work on whatever part of the Turner House
video. So yeah, if you have any questions about bullet journaling or the way that I
specifically do it, feel free to leave that down in the comment section. I will do my
best to answer questions as I can. Or if you do this, I would love to see your method of
doing it or how you to do list or things like that. I’m going to have a video on Google
calendar and a video on the apps on my phone that I use for productivity and help keep
my organized, things like that. Cause a lot of you guys always ask me those types of questions
and I’m really bad at answering them until now. [laughs] So yeah, that’s all I have for
now and thanks for watching.

33 thoughts on “How I Bullet Journal | #vlogmas

  1. I've just recently started "bullet journaling" (quotes because I've never really followed the suggested system, just parts of it. ha) it's really helped me organize my brain dumps, and let's me not have to carry my planner everywhere with me. so I'm loving it so far.

  2. Really interesting. I'm constantly trying new planner systems and always revert to odd lists all over the place. Perhaps this is the answer!

  3. I really love your calendar approach! That's great. I kind of want to do the same as you now, though it's super dependent on the larger moleskine size and that means I'll either have to leave my book at work, have separate work and home planners, or get a bigger purse. (or just carry it by hand to-from work). Hmm. I don't know!

    And yeah I fell off the wagon with indexing too, since I don't really find myself needing to refer back to things very often, but I am a "paper edge colouring" indexer because I find that works best for me as I'm too lazy to number the pages. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is really interesting and I've never heard of it as a specific thing before. I don't think I would want to use it for work (I use my Google calendar task list obsessively at work because my job is pretty chaotic with lots of different projects and I get interrupted a lot so I need to give myself endless reminders or i'd never keep track of anything….) but I might try this for personal life as a way of trying to make myself more productive in my own time. At the moment I feel more I am throwing all my energy into being effective at work and not leaving a lot of 'spoons' for myself, and daily and monthly objectives might help to redress some of that imbalance. As a great fan of Google Calendar I'm kind of geekily looking forward to that video….

  5. I love Bullet Journaling! I have a video on my channel. I'm always changing mine as well. I have some many ideas for how i'm going to do mine in 2016 it is going to look so different.

  6. I tried using a bullet journal as a planner, but it didn't work for me. I switched to a more traditional planner for scheduling. However, I absolutely love it for keeping track of lists that I make. I've used it to keep track of information for vacations, parties and special events, book lists, etc. It's been great!

    My daughter (senior in high school) has been bullet journaling for a couple of years now and says it has really helped her get things done. It works for her very well. I'm going to show her your month calendar. I think she'll like that.

  7. I didn't know I was bullet journaling. I keep lots of lists and to do lists in one journal. I don't get fancy but I didn't know I was a cool kid who bullet journaled.

  8. I had never heard about this until watching this video, and now I've watched multiple flip-through videos and want to start bullet journaling hahaha.

  9. Yesss, I'm so glad you made this video! I am also terrible at keeping up with my index, which is too bad, since the index is so handy. I need to check out that German journal that you mentioned because prenumbered pages sounds great. The monthly calendar is really nice. I might have to try drawing one. I break down the steps for my videos too: film, edit, upload, thumbnail, description. I like to be able to check off each step too!

  10. I don't bullet journal myself, but I have recently realized that I feel a whole lot better about my life/to dos when I have them scheduled. I'll be completely stressed out about a long list of things to do (and then will promptly do anything but those things), but when I know "Oh, now I have to do this thing, and that's all I have to think about right now, because I know that the other things are planned out for later" it's so much less stressful.

  11. Oh, wow, Rincey. You just made my inner list maker and organizational freak very happy! Off to watch more bullet journaling videos and looking forward to your upcoming organizational/productivity videos!

  12. I have never heard of bullet journaling, but I love your utilitarian style. This is something I will definitely be trying.

  13. I'm so glad you decided to make this video! I'm definitely going to adopt your idea of scheduling YouTube videos throughout the month – I'm so bad at making videos regularly, and while that's partly because I'm really busy with grad school and work, I think it would help if I schedule YouTube videos on the calendar pages of my planner, where I also have deadlines/other obligations listed. Also, side note, but I totally agree about the monthly calendar layout vs. list. I've seen posts online from people who use the list format for their months, and that just does not make sense to my brain. ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. pausing to comment I think I may get to specific with my tasks, but I'm almost through a whole journal… and I only started in July. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Granted, mine sometimes gets recipes, crochet patterns, or photos taped in so….
    Also, my corner curl, too so I stopped indexing as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ pushing play

  15. I have fallen down a planner rabbit hole this month with all the YouTube videos on scrapbooking, journaling, traveler's notebooks, and all the fancy options. I enjoyed this back to the basics approach and how you've made it your own. Thanks for sharing:-)

  16. Whoa, never heard of this. I'm intrigued. I seriously need to look into this because I use a million post-its and it drives me nuts having lil stickies everywhere.

  17. I started bullet journaling in July and I love it! I think it's silly to think that they all have to be decorative and pretty. I do some decorate stuff on my monthly spreads, but not on my day-to-day lists. I absolutely cannot color-code, because I'm constantly losing pens (even when I keep them in my bag–they just disappear). Thanks for doing this!

  18. I discovered bullet journaling from the first video you mentioned it and thought I'd give it a try. Thanks for introducing me to it!

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    Also: you just inspired me to start a bullet journal ๐Ÿ™‚

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  21. Yas! Suck it Moleskine fangirls! Their paper is borderline crap in a lot of their journals. I use my Passion Planner's blank boxes as a bullet journal. The two have seriously helped me and my productivity so much (not that you'd know from Adam and Karate..).

  22. Finally someone who's brain thinks like mine but I like to embellish! Love the monthly calendar instead of the monthly log. Will implement next month. Thanks, Moon

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  24. Thank you for actually captioning the video! I'm deaf, and I can't understand anything when the speaker is off the camera. YT's auto caption feature doesn't always accurately convey the spoken words.

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