How I Got Banned In Battlefield 1. Guess It’s Time For Battlefield V

This is a spawn point what the Freak see look what that’s the spot we could camp this. Oh dude remember this God this is like heavy breathing engage This is so our guys like really good. You guys have no idea. I just need a moment To know that I could have one. It’s like Okay I even get sniping the damn truth behind it Don’t shoot well team just shot me Not to me I Got kicked when you’re doing too good mmm, I was thirty three and three I think the admin got salty Offensive behavior you were you were kicked from the game by admin due to offensive behavior was I too good Here’s a missing money soon Got if you notice the way I play I always make sure I gave one person Oh Buddy you got these planted Would you like this done he’s a good little amount of recoil so you don’t even gotta go for the head You just gotta go for the neck and her papi right to the head It look like you’re super I might stream talk out in the future Everyone at archive never take the same area twice, especially if you’ve just been shot Actually rips in every single shooter Let’s just freakin just get kills all day You gotta be kidding me right now Eggs I’m just taking people off It’s the same dude as before it Peaks the same area twice he does it the third time Dude yeah, Brenda’s makes arranging that supposed to get closer Sweeties not ever The music I got been done to look like He once coming hey go to 8 what I even got a goodie goodie goodie guys, we’re getting it come on we can do this Oh you get B we win the game We just need to guess we got it we won the game Seriously guys I really appreciate those are guys that drop a like and for those of you guys that really did watch this video to the end write something in the comments about What gaming system you play on cuz I’m thinking about going on a new gaming system other than PC? Maybe I should stick to it But if you guys want to catch me live look at the description, there’s a link to my facebook livestream And I’d love to catch you guys there and I’ll catch you guys in the next episode

100 thoughts on “How I Got Banned In Battlefield 1. Guess It’s Time For Battlefield V

  1. BFV is actually a pretty gopd game. I know everyone was crying over women in the game (adult virgins) but the game is good. It's harder to spot (more realistic), you can't teleport out of a vehicle qhen you're about to get shot down, you need to leave the vehicle and that takes time, and overall the game feels good. The maps are good, the weapons are good, the controls feel good.

  2. Don't want to be a hater but wow
    That one hit kill with the sniper constantly was some bullsh-t ,
    And the lack of recoil on the support guns in bf v , strange
    Whenever I use them thay kick like a bitch

  3. I play on that new solja boy console. THE BEST THING SINCE SUPAMANNN!!! no. I play on xbox one i have had it gor about a month and like the One so far

  4. well get ready to be banned from Battlefield V for Fairfight system they got, I got banned for 5 head shots in a row under couple of seconds, and then they review my gameplay then unbanned me hahaha!

  5. This is just some stupid way of failing to show off. Your not even that good at battlefield, instead of portraying you as a god just go with your skills without faking it

  6. Not surprised you are banned fruitcake, most of your shots in this video are not even aimed at the head but still registering head shots – Hackers are pathetic

  7. He gets kills sure. But through sweet spot nd low health rather than headshots.not impressed, he shldnt be banned, stodeh and fabian are skilled enough to be banned lol

  8. It's not hard to get kicked from servers…..if you n a buddy are at the top of the leader board out scoring any admins it don't take long, i have a list of servers on bf4 i like to rejoin every once in a while just so the admins know i'm still living me n my buddy used to do this on the reg sometimes we used to time it and see how long it would take. Any server admins reading this just be good sports about things and accept the challenge.

  9. Bruh how you doin 100 damage with a sniper when your 1 foot away from the enemy? It does like 60 for me.

    Ah 200 percent damage server

    Ps why the hell doesn't Samsung have a percent symbol.

  10. Yea I was in a game exactly like that last one on that same map to. Lasted Forever! Then we got our asses kicked in the last two mins somehow. lol. idk that we even had most of our original players anymore at that point because of just how long it was. 1 hour and 35 mins. lol. Something ridiculous like that. XD

  11. 5:35 – 8:38 Hello guys it´s DooM49 and today we camp on one tower and be the best example for the "Not care about flags" player thumbs up

  12. Who thought it was a good idea to put sniper scopes on the no-recoil 'extra spicy ttk' machine guns? Recon class is so goddamn useless in BFV.

  13. Badmins are the main reason why I love that DICE have its own servers.
    Edit: Also the instant vehicle spawn crap…..

  14. wow i can do the same if only my pc was'nt running at ~27 frame with 60 hz refrache rate.
    sorry for my English

  15. Play games on the consoles, but link your keyboard to it, and become an even bigger murdering machine 😛 cuz K+M >>>>>>>>>> Controller

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