How politics contaminated Battlefield V | 1791

Girls belong to many cherished and celebrated
groups. It goes without saying that they have flourished
in a range of fields and practices. But a group not very high on that list would
be WWII veterans. For some reason, though, one of the largest
franchises in the gaming industry–Battlefield–has put a woman front and center. Also, she’s an amputee. In a war waged across the continent of Europe,
the number of women who charged the front lines of the axis powers under the Allied
banners was almost too obviously not a large one. When you add to that demographic the amputated,
you have a very strange choice of avatar to make the mascot of your game. The strange and needless insertion of something
so painfully unhistorical has been met with online protest. Battlefield V’s trailer depicts its heroine
massacring bad guys with her one arm, culminating in her saving her battle buddy from imminent
death by smacking him with a paddle. Battlefield V’s executive producer Aleksander
Grondal explains this gaming gender equality in terms of fun. Where some might argue that a game is made
more fun by immersing you in its setting, DICE thinks playing as an absurdly placed
character is what really makes for a fun experience. Critics of otherwise cherished franchises
are dismissed as misogynists or bigots, as though their anger is caused by having to
share the spotlight with minorities. Really, this frustration stems from seeing
rich experiences and stories being co-opted by a political movement that resents them,
and the culture they’ve built. Grondal’s rationale undoubtedly assumes
that fun is measured by how “inclusive” a game is, regardless of whether or not it
adds to the experience. And in this instance not only is it forced,
but it damages the experience through its transparent political signaling. It forces you to suspend disbelief to a naked
and totally unnecessary degree. In making that argument, the fashionable rebuttal
is to point to all of the other ways that a video game or fictional setting suspends
reality. For instance, Luke Plunkett the senior editor
of Kotaku writes, “It doesn’t bother them that a randomly-created soldier with no training
can jump behind the controls of a complex fighter aircraft, or expertly handle a cross-section
of enemy weapons. They don’t care that the streets of European
cities aren’t recreated 1:1, or that uniform details aren’t strictly adhered to, or that
Battlefield’s war is fought to time limits and kill counts.” The Editor of Game Informer similarly mocks
these concerns, concerns that a vast majority of fans have expressed. On the surface their claims of inconsistency
might seem logical. Almost every fictional environment has to
exaggerate some areas of reality and entirely disregard others to remain entertaining. After all, we haven’t yet discovered how
to travel at the speed of light or to enter new dimensions. Using that line of thinking, it’s easy to
assume that anyone who’s mad about an apparent lack of historical accuracy is acting out
of some sort of gendered phobia. Sometimes that might be the case, but more
often than not it has to do with creators breaking from the rules the genre itself has
set up, even within its fictional framework, in the name of equality or some other social
good. For Battlefield, that is pretending that the
World Wars were fought to any remarkable degree by non-males. Critics like Plunkett point to the ridiculous
spirals made by planes and the way gamers can choose to jump on top of horses. But at least those planes were in the war
in the first place. If they had been jets, that would have been
gaullingly inaccurate–just as it would be if there were M16s or, say… combat-serving
women. In one breath, advocates of social inclusion
argue that other deviations from historical accuracy justify such obvious ones as these. In another, many of these same advocates try
to justify them on historical grounds–pointing to the few exceptions to the rule. The issue of female soldiers was first considered
by DICE during the development of Battlefield 1, which was ultimately rejected by its developers
because it wasn’t believable. Trying to disprove this claim, some grasped
at the rare examples that existed of females serving in combat roles, as though this means
it would make sense to depict them as serving shoulder to shoulder with infantrymen. One game journalist at VG247 desperately links
to a Wikipedia article titled “Women in World War I” to make his case, which must
also be what he typed into Google’s search bar five minutes before writing. And although certainly some women had been
able to slip through the cracks, for no notable power was it a national policy to enlist women
in combat roles. Pretending otherwise is nothing short of attempted
gaslighting, mostly to hamfist a social narrative that isn’t. Skimming Marshall Lemon’s linked Wiki article,
you’ll find a lot of references to female nurses, technicians, and other roles, but
little evidence of them serving shoulder to shoulder with the men whose lives were actually
lost. Confusingly, the very article the game “journalist”
cites returns no such results. It tells us that a women’s battalion was
launched by Russia in 1917 as a propaganda effort, but disbanded that year because it
wasn’t effective. Jump forward to 2018, and you discover more
game journalists trying to construct the same alternate reality, this time applied to WWII. As we saw, DICE itself admits that it is trading
realism for its idea of fun, but some determined game journalists would like to insist that
it is just as real. Tracy King at NewStatesman scolds critics
with the headline, “Yes, Battlefield V gamers, there were female soldiers in World War II.” She writes about how her great grandma was
bored being a secretary, and she sought out the most “exciting job” she could in the
military. So she joined a super secret operation that
set to find out if women could man spotlights. Because women “can do anything,” she writes,
it turned out they could. However, women were still legally barred from
serving in combat. The writer doesn’t doubt that her grandma
would have if she could, which proves Battlefield fans that they’re wrong somehow. Ultimately, the contributions made and sacrificed
by women in their many roles during the war should be honored, but it’s absurdly false
to pretend they were serving alongside men in large-scale combat. The left decries appropriation, but then in
mass media attempt to transfer the grueling front-lines sacrifices made almost exclusively
by men to women. By this we can see that they don’t really
care all that much about appropriation so much as who is the appropriator. The truth is that virtually nobody is asking
for this contortion of reality. Planes in Battlefield can suspend physics
because it makes the experience fun while maintaining the integrity of the setting. Fundamentally altering the world in the pursuit
of a nakedly ideological mission just cheapens it. But the reason this is such an insidious attempt
on the part of the developers isn’t just that it cheapens the experience. It’s also a politically motivated move to
bring gamers in as active participants in that ideological mission, which is to exchange
objective truth for comforting stories. In the same way that compelling someone to
use gendered pronouns is wrong because it accepts the premises of a false claim, forcing
gamers to join in on a national campaign of reality-warping so that a few women can feel
accommodated is just as backward. Much of this sentiment is motivated by a general
anti-male way of thinking fueled by social justice among entertainment journalists and
commentators alike. We see this illustrated in a Marie Claire
review of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, in which the the author explains “Dunkirk felt
like an excuse for men to celebrate maleness—which apparently they don’t get to do enough.” Why add women to theaters of war they didn’t
bear the brunt of? Mostly, because men have already received
their fair share of recognition according to this left-wing doctrine. Women served vital roles in these wars, but
they don’t lend themselves to explosive shooters. That doesn’t diminish their importance,
but pretending they need to be equally suited to male tasks–like frontlines battle–does. The question of why games and cinema in general
have to fundamentally transform their settings to accommodate a fractional minority of women
remains unanswered. Most of whom don’t feel excluded, but patronized
by being hamfistedly inserted into settings they were never in to begin with. For these reasons, the burden isn’t on gamers
to justify their displeasure with political messaging being pushed onto them, but on the
ideological actors who are doing the pushing.

100 thoughts on “How politics contaminated Battlefield V | 1791

  1. I don’t give a shit as long as it’s fun I’m fine but a amputee woman is not right. If she was just normal I’d be ok.

  2. History is history if you wanted woman fighting in the game you should have had more women enlisting so please all you people enlist in the army for ww3 so you can be included for the future ww3 video Games

  3. In a world of enormous wealth and opportunity, that has become increasingly void of the existential substance once provided by faith, family, and community, the ability to virtue signal helps provide a synthetic sense of purpose and depth in the absence of such experiences.

    Video game studios have unfortunately joined the politically correct mobs who now demand that a female or a black male be placed into every movie and into every role no matter how ludicrous. And the recent dust up over RDR2 where the player can beat up a feminist NPC is just another example of the PC crowd trying to force its value system upon another group of people.

    Bethesda and Fallout 4 is another excellent example. The whole idea of a 1950s post apocalyptic world that afforded itself already to plenty of genre bending, for some reason needed to have more colors, options for romance, and women placed in combat roles that only men, even in normal circumstances, would participate in. And instead of catering to their core group of gamers Bethesda practically ruins a franchise trying to make it acceptable to a tiny minority of females who actually play games the same way boys do.

  4. I can not believe this all that suffering all that pain and this is how we look back now thanks a fucking lot BF, if it where modern warfare I would love the concept women are equal in every way to men but they did not fight in the past women where not able to join until the 80s so good damn job BF good job remembering my grandfather as a women gah 🙁

  5. I can't believe we have to forget our history to make people happy all white male history will not be known someday in the future so think before you change history 😤. I have no problem with women in the military or police or other jobs women are equal to men yes but they did not serve at the time god stop being so disrespectful and false gah

  6. True disrespect for History…Women showed bravery in WW2 in vaslty different situations (operating AA guns, piloting personnel boats), and that should be remembered. Falsifying an event as important as this disregards the effort of those truly involved, and damages the achievement of women being regarded as equals for perhaps the first time. You should NOT be allowed to rewrite the past.

  7. Omg just fucking deal with it, if you don't like it then don't play the game. I think it's funny that nobody gave a shit that woman appeared in COD but if Dice does it with Battlefield then it's a big deal

  8. idk if its idiological or just plain catering to the most popular fashion of the day. Maybe they should have included Bayblade or whatever too

  9. Feminism is destroyed male rights. The wage gap is not a thing (research), males lives get destroyed for getting accused of rape, WITH NO PROOF!

  10. Well there's an easy solution… just ban/teamkill any users that select the character you don't like. Or just simply refuse to heal them.

  11. It feels so silly when I’m playing the game when my whole squad and the entire enemy team are all playing as the African American female character and sorta destroys the ww2 feel of the game

  12. But yeah i didnt buy it because i think its boring. Played a lot of bf3 anf bf4 already. Nothing changed besides it being less fun

  13. Dude fuckin'… all the women screaming is nonsense. It is not even historically correct.

    *Oh no, my fingernail is broken, AAAAAAA*, LOL DUDE.

  14. I like the video, however i don't agree with the reasoning for why feminism ruined Battlefield V
    I believe that what EA/Dice have done is to attempt to get a high metacritic score, and the constituent review writers that make up the majority of the metacritic score are left leaning.
    So yes, feminism ruined BF5, but not the way you think it did.

  15. People will always be divided over something. The question is…do you want the most fundamental two groups to fight a war …. men vs women? Surely that will lead to the destruction of all things.

  16. Call me whatever, but putting women in a setting they weren't in really dialed down my respect for EA. I hate political correctness and i hate historical inaccuracies.

  17. the thing is, they could have had women in the game for the Russians. women served in the Russian military as snipers sometimes, so making that a thing would be somewhat accurate. However, when you put women in factions they didn't truly serve combat in, like the brits, Germans and the united states, it just ruins the game as a whole and its popularity wont be as strong as if it was historically accurate. Battlefield 1 was a high-rated game, because it was realistic, historically accurate, and was very immersive. Unfortunately, Dice took a different route and ruined the immersion. Also, the fact that some people think its sexist to not include women in the game are just super wrong, its just historically accurate and makes the game more immersive and realistic, like most battlefield games are.

  18. All they had to do was implement French Partisans or Soviet Sniper women and all would have been well….but NOooOOoOOoooo

  19. So just because feminism wants to rule the world , we have to screw up games little realism it has. Women didnt serve in combat during ww2. . . Get over it,. Funny enough, these people dont play these games., EA get your act together and stop following this STUPIDITY agenda of unrealistic group of people. If they want females in shooter games, Fortnite ,pubg and many more are availble., BF has a component of History which doesnt need this crap. . .. .Ahhhhhh.. . . . ..

  20. I honestly couldn't care less about characters in video games one way or the other. This entire discussion is pointless from both sides. There's much more relevant shit we could be talking about when it comes to feminism but instead we're talking about a god damn Battlefield game – a franchise that sucks at this point. Shooters like Fortnite, Overwatch and CS:GO have left Battlefield in the dust and for good reason, and if you're looking for accuracy and realism, there are much better games on Steam that offer that ( Insurgency and Squad immediately come to mind as two games that are more realistic than BF ). This franchise sucked long before they added women to it.

  21. That video was absolutely retarded. It's a video game, one that in no way claims to be realistic: No one gives a shit. Unsubbed.

  22. even if Dice didnt ruin the game with the historical inaccuracy i still wouldnt buy it with the lead developers habit of insulting his lead consumers. What a fuck tard. ill never buy another battlefield game in my life. ill stick to Bf1 and any new call of dutys

  23. No, really. The reason why people are so mad about this is because they're just upset that there's women in their video games. If the game had done some "historic change" (even though battlefield v's "historic changes" are not really that dramatic) such as making Italy part of the allies, or spain were part of the axis, there would be confusion and criticism, but definitely not near the amount of outrage that people are exhibiting just from seeing a woman in a video game. So yes, people are just mad about women being in their video games, and to dance around the subject claiming it's because "muh historical inaccuracies" is very disingenuous considering many games and movies have of course been inaccurate at many points with our excuses for them being there mostly coming down to "it's fiction" instead of "the evil game makers are trying to use something clearly intended as fiction to rewrite history."

  24. The reason why they are representng women in media is because has been scientifically proven that representation is beneficial to those represented. An example of this is the Scully effect where the representation of Scully was linked to an increase female participation in stem fields. Also this representation will attract more women to play games and ultimately make the gaming market larger. The effects not only benefit women it ends up benefiting the gaming market and then subsequently benefit gamers.

  25. It's just a dumb arcade video game. Shut up and don't make a huge deal out of it. They're only trying to sell a few more copies.

    That's all what feminism is all about. Expanding the customer/voter base.

  26. I would be fine with maybe a female war story or small campaign mission as maybe a medic. However when you place women in an infantry unit shoulder to shoulder to men, you go too far

  27. The only reason for me to not buy the game was because women are in it. If those fucking feminists are so into equal rights then where were they in WW2???

  28. God dammit I fucking hate the producer's agenda in pushing this feminist shit down the fans throats. I still play the game but hate the producer's stubbornness and disregard to the customers

  29. Its a game and we can do literally anything in and to a game, so why the hell not put both genders in it? Sure its not accurate but if you wanna be fully immersed then go back in time or create your own game and put no one with vaginas in it. How tf is that tiny detail "ruining" a game for you, if they changed all the females to males then the game would be exactly he same, other then that we would have a slight gender equality in a game many different people love to play

  30. Oh, women did serve a big supporting role, as they have in all wars. But yeah, this is a total fantasy in the name of political correctness. Shame it ruined the game.

  31. Makes me want to jump of a bridge looking at how far downhill into the depths of EA's clutches that the studio we once love, Dice, has fallen. All that EA cares about is fulfilling their revenue expectations. Their stock prices dropped 50% over New Year's, they had to slash BF V's price in HALF, their investors are abandoning them. Honestly the EA Board of Directors have no business contributing or participating in anything related to the gaming community. Electronic Arts needs to be shut down, and these smaller studios should adopt "some" of EA's staff and receive the financial backing directly instead of "through EA with a string attached" (i.e. loot boxes, larger target markets resulting in les competitive gameplay, etc)

    So Showing FEMALES Doesnt Make Any Difference.

  33. When ppl get butthurt bc a video game isn't 100% factual despite never been advertising as such. Ya'll are some fuckin goobies

  34. Goddamn Cunts. Sure, women in World War 2 were useful, in being raped and plowed by soldiers. A man needs cunt when he's killing and surrounded by death all the time. Perhaps EA should've emphasized that?

  35. what a fucking disgrace — putting women in this videogame is a direct dishonor to my great grandfather, who i thank for his service to this country every time i boot up my playstation. yes, i stand up and salute my console before logging in as "FagMaster1995" and starting the daily grind on Twitch — this is how we honor the dead.

  36. The basic point is: don't try to re-write history to push an agenda, create new games with new stories where females can be the lead characters. Nobody is against women in video games, but the manipulation of history.

  37. Where are the muslim black hijabi women fighting for the nazis?? CLEARLY DISCRIMINATION FROM EA AND DICE

  38. I absolutely adore your content + edits, but i don't think that giving so much attention to a game made purely for recreation/entertainment is worth your effords. Cheers :)!

  39. Throw in the night witches and Patton's panthers and you get historically accurate diversity without shoehorning it in…

  40. I still don't understand why anyone cares one way or another. There are plenty of games where you don't get to choose your character and I've never cared what their gender or sex was. It was as long as they acted the part. I understand it's not historically acurate for a female to be in the infantry, but why does that detract from the emersion?

  41. The editing and imagery in your videos are interesting. The bouncing female avatars near the bust in a bubble was something to look at.

  42. That's the first time I see conservatives lose their shit the way leftists do. First of all, the real problem here is the game itself – it fucking sucks. That's it, everything else doesn't really matter, including absolutely hollow woman-heroes as protagonists n' shiet.

  43. You know, I'd be interested to play as a female mechanic and truck driver in a WWII game. Well, as a particular female mechanic and truck driver, who was later coronated queen of the British empire. But I only want a historically accurate story. I'm sure Elizabeth II only trained as a mechanic for propaganda purposes – to encourage other women to join the British armed forces in technical, non-combat roles. That would be interesting, and I'll bet her activities in that period are well-documented enough to weave a compelling narrative from.

  44. Wouldn't it be much more inclusive, and respectful, to accurately depict the typical female experience in that war? To validate and honor the important roles that women did serve in? And if our societal values are different today, can't we best celebrate the progress by remembering the truth of where we've come from?

  45. I don't know if the developers are ideologues as much as they're trying to appeal another demographic for profit. And how much does any piece of media need to educate? Like if it's more likely for more people to enjoy a game if they can play as a character similar to themselves, then maybe sacrificing bits of realism is fine. I mean this isn't a documentary or a lecture

  46. What’s the point of putting war stories based off real events and just replacing the real hero’s with some teenage girl?

  47. Battlefield V is trash. I played the Beta and was really good looking but the game mechanics was lame. Then, EA announced their plans to microtransactions for everything so, fuck BFV. It's the first Battlefield I haven't buy since Battlefield 2. All the "Gaming Media" other than YouTubers only made it worst, I am happy playing GTA V instead, were I can shot whoever I want, I mean, is there any game more inclusive than GTA V?

  48. It really says something about how men are (rightfully so) willing to give women a privilege compared to the left’s pushing of feminizing everything

    EA: If you don't like it don't buy it!!! Your fucking uneducated and a biggot!
    Battlefield V doesn't sell as they expected….
    EA: Piakchu face!

  50. 3:00 not to mention almost all those examples are glitches and exploits never meant to happen in the first place.

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