How Powerful Are Draenei? – World of Warcraft Lore

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the Draenei and how powerful they are. Covering their origin, history, culture and
characteristics. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore! Over 25 thousand years ago, a mysterious race
known as the eredar lived on the planet of Argus. They were one of the most intelligent races
in the entire universe and possessed a natural affinity for magic. Their society was advanced and developed in
which art, science, magic and technology was really all combined into one. Eredar advancement and prosperity drew in
the attention of Sargeras that had just formed his Burning Legion. The fallen titan possessed a massive army
but he needed the brains to control it so he saw the eredar as the perfect candidate. By disguising himself he manipulated their
leaders Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden, but the third leader Velen saw right through it. Unfortunately, he failed to warn his brothers
and left with no choice, he departed the planet with his followers with only the guidance
of the Naaru. At the same time Argus was destroyed, tortured
and syphoned, the eredar turned into demons and Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde became the right
and the left hand to their new Dark Lord. Naming themselves draenei, meaning ’exiled
ones’ they hid amongst many worlds, roaming through the universe searching for a safe
harbour. The two demon leaders were not happy with
Velen abandoning them and they searched for him relentlessly. For millennia the draenei were on the run,
eventually settling on the world of Draenor some 250 years ago. Their advanced technology and intelligence
led them to become a significant force on the newfound planet and they finally had the
world they could call home. Unfortunately Kil’Jaeden discovered them and
by manipulating the native orcish clans, war had engulfed the draenei. Significantly outnumbered, they were completely
slaughtered. Many of the survivors were so affected by
the corruptive fel energy that they devolved into lesser forms. Only a small group of survivors together with
Velen escaped unharmed, hiding for years. Some time later when the blood elves and Illidan
arrived to Draenor, the draenei came out of hiding and managed to wrestle control of a
Naaru spaceship Exodar, finally fleeing from Draenor. Unexpectedly blood elves sabotaged the engine
and once the draenei tried to planeshift, Exodar hurled out of control and crash-landed
upon the planet of Azeroth. They now found themselves upon a mysterious
chain of islands known as the Azuremyst Isles. They settled with their broken spaceship and
once they learned about the Alliance they decided to join the faction. Since then they have been a very important
part despite being very few in numbers. Draenei have brought their wisdom as well
as knowledge of the Light. They played a role in pretty much every event
since then and in Legion they finally dealt with their ancient enemy. After the defeat of Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden
they got back to their native planet, finally freeing it from the Burning Legion corruption. Sargeras was defeated, the eredar race shattered
and now the draenei are living a new life as war is once again upon Azeroth. So with this very brief history, how powerful
are the draenei and what are their characteristics? Draenei are very tall, being between 7-8 feet
on average, or around 230 cms. Males are usually around this average height
(so about 8 feet) while females are about 7 feet tall or 215 cms. As a race they are very different than the
natives on Azeroth. Skin tone ranges from blue to dark violet
and they possess hooves and a long tail. They can also have horns, forehead plates
and tendrils growing out of their chin and neck. On average they weigh around 300 pounds or
about 130kgs, obviously the females weighing less. Even though a peaceful and a non-aggressive
race, most of the Draenei are very muscular and physically powerful, making excellent
warriors. Overall however their strongest attribute
is their intelligence. This is the reason why Sargeras sought them
out in the first place and they are some of the best mages in the entire universe. What makes them even more intelligent is their
age. It is unknown how long their lifespan exactly
is but some draenei have been alive for over 25 thousand years. This makes them one of the longest living
beings in the universe and on Azeroth and makes them light years ahead of other races
like the humans. Since escaping Argus they made a direct connection
with the Naaru and became one of their greatest followers. This in turn made Light the most important
aspect of their society. Because of this, their main classes are the
paladins and the priests. They have a better understanding of the Light
than most other races and they utilize it to its fullest extent. Draenei also make perfect paladins due to
their size and physical strength. The third most prominent class are the mages. This is the original eredar profession and
their genetics and experience makes them one of the greatest magic users in the entire
universe. However, despite this they mainly focus on
the arcane as warlocks are shunned in their society as fel magic is what split them apart
in the first place. When it comes to the culture of the Draenei
they are very unique. With the focus on the Light and magic they
are dedicated to a virtuous life. Seeing so many planets and losing so much
in the past turned them into peace-loving people and very few draenei are power hungry. As a race they are very unique when it comes
to technology and architecture. Draenei are an advanced civilization that
possess the ability to travel throughout the cosmos, granted mainly with Naaru technology
but still they had contact with that technology. In terms of weaponry, they generally favour
graceful crystalline weapons and sculptured armor. Their jewelcrafting abilities and blacksmithing
is truly a work of art. They not only utilize crystal for weapons
but they have also used them for anything from data storage to power containment. Crystals can be seen within their buildings,
armor, maces and jewelry. When it comes to mounts draenei generally
lean towards the Elekk and the Talbuk for ground mounts and Nether rays for flying mounts,
mainly due to their ability to support their weight. Now the biggest weakness of the draenei is
just their lack of numbers. They are ancient, intelligent and powerful
but after travelling for so long, surviving so many massacres and losses they are just
very few in numbers. They make a great asset to the Alliance but
if they had the same numbers as the humans, the draenei would possibly be the most powerful
race that we have ever seen. Overall the draenei are some of the best priests,
paladins and mages around the universe. They have an extremely rich history, are physically
powerful and intellectually gifted. However their lack of numbers as well as moral
limitations when it comes to harnessing power, definitely weakens their position. Still the draenei even today are one of the
most powerful races that we have. Alright and that is all I have for this video. Do leave your suggestions below and don’t
forget to like and subscribe as it really helps out and keeps all the content going. Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your
day to watch this video and see you next time!

81 thoughts on “How Powerful Are Draenei? – World of Warcraft Lore

  1. The hottest women ( only Sylvanas is the hotter ) in WoW. Velen is one of three characters i respect in alliance side ( next to Anduin and Varian ). Pity they don't fight for Horde side bc that idiot guldan. I respect Draenei players and i have draenei alt. Also Happy New Year and Merry Christmass ( no matter if you are Alliance or Horde player , no matter if you support Sylvanas or Saurfang ). Good video Mr Dorons 🙂 👍

  2. Even though I see myself as a human in Azeroth, the Draenei are hands down my favorite race in the Alliance. They are so unique looking compared to the other races. I prefer giving them the nickname 'light demons' or 'space goats'.

  3. The draenei is so much powerful, obliviously they're not the most powerful race, but, looking in their armors, technology, achievments, leaders, culture, training { lightforged draenei is effective against legion's action} etc….
    Well, the Draenei are probably imortals.

  4. The Draenei also have the biggest dicks in the universe because of their bottom part being a horse

    And red dead 2 tought me that horse balls shrink in winter

  5. You even sound like Draenei, are you real? 😀 Btw, the eredar race isn't shattered, draenei are eredar, just like blood elves are high elves.

  6. Their magical prowess is no doubt far greater than any Azerothian race due to their advancement alone. But physically….not so much, they are like one of those civilizations that are technologically and magically advanced, but lack military strength. Even their paladins, or ''vindicators'' and so on, draw power from the Light, yet without it, as evidenced by Draenor, they can be quite easily crushed by orcs, who, as we know are born and live in war. The crystal technology that protects their cities is really just one advantage, but that only prolongs the inevitable agaisnt a foe that knows war and it's tactics.

  7. They are the most powerful.. they’ve joined the Alliance because of the night elves ..
    in the battle for Auchindon the Warlocks of Gul’dan used a disease against the Draenei .. because of that they’ve turned into broken ..

  8. considering Archimonde, Kil'Jaden, Velen and Lord JARRAXUS!!!! are draenai and the draenai went war with orcs in the orcs homeworld!!!! yeah they are powerful. not motherf'n malfurion powerful level. but still powerful… maybe medvih level powerful.

  9. Isn't this the guy that said the Alliance is just as bad as the Horde? Oh, I don't think I trust his lore knowledge anymore….

  10. "The Turd Leader" hahahaha. Sorry if I'm coming off as mean it just sounded so funny to me. You're too nice to hate anyway Doron. Merry Christmas you monocle-wearing Orc!😇😈

  11. While Gnomes and Goblins are usually the tech geniuses, Draenei are actually the most advanced race on Azeroth with their alien technology. Just think about it, these are the guys that Sargeras himself wanted to recruit in his army.

  12. They honestly have the technology and power to conquer all of Azeroth in a matter of days. But due to their numbers, they couldn't hold onto territory long. If they even had a quarter of the human population. Say.. one million. Bfa would be over and everyone but Dreanai would be dead. Why? Because they have fucking space ships with god damn holy jesus cannons. Air superiority much? Like fuck.. they just need more humping and they win.

  13. lol honestly if I was Velen after we destroyed the Legion, I'd just get all the Draenei to go on crystal football ship and fly away to a world to find peace, rather than stay and fight a war with the horde and lose more men.

  14. Honestly, the Draenei should have been the race to get the mana pool increase racial, not the gnomes, since they are obviously more advanced than the gnomes.

  15. The true power of the Draenei is maybe best shown in the war their counterparts on Alternate Draenor right now lead against the Mag'har. Their strength in technology, magic and the light is amazing and in theory the Draenei of our universe have the same resources. It is important to note here that Velen and his followers were always the more spiritual, paficistic part of their society.

    Side note: Playing Draenei as paladin is fun, I would sell her soul for an Eredar warlock, though.

  16. I love the Draenei due to how armors look when they were them, especially plate armors, bigger shoulders, a heroic pose, at first I didn't like the hooves because some nice looking boots weren't emphasized, but wearing robe-leggings solved it.

  17. All this seems good, however BFA kinda ruined an aspect of the draenei with the mag'har acquisition quest, showing despite how Wod left on the idea of the orcs and draenei starting a new positive history on the AU draenor, turns out the draenei fell to the narru's manipulation and became light based zealots, showing they, just like the eredar thousends of years before, fell to another powerful entity and changed by it.

    This is why i prefer draenei monk and shaman, to get them away from the light worshipping bs.

  18. As I do with almost all of ypur video , I enjoyed this one too but it's still lacking something
    Why didnt you talk about their shamans ?

  19. Draenei has space ship that could fire a laser from the sky right to ogrimmar ,jaina able to flood the entire ogrimmar while thrall used to control the power of element but they didnt do it? Do you know why?
    Bcz horde have sylvana who has a bow while alliance have genn who has a claw


  20. Draenei also make great shamans too, due to their magic, healing racial, and strength. Utilizing crystalline conduits as opposed to primitive totems, they can harness the power of the elements in a way that’s advanced and in-keeping with their magical origins. I especially love Enhancement Shaman because it uses all the Draenei’s greatest strengths perfectly.

  21. How powerful are the Lightforged Draenei? Does their human leader count and why don’t they have other races among their ranks?

  22. Even though im a Horde Player Draenei are one of my favorite Races.

    And the female draenei have with the female bloodelves the most attractive women in the Universe.

  23. The Draenei are my favorite race in the game, without a doubt. My main is a Draenei male Shaman.

    The reason I love Draenei is because they are the only race is in the game that is entirely unique. Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls, Elves? You've seen them in other fantasy settings. But Draenei? They are Blizzard's creation. In a way, you could say that the Draenei are Blizzard's children.

    P.S.: You sound like a Draenei yourself.

  24. My original Paladin is a Draenei male , tank. And I always liked how big he was compared to other races , made him feel more tanky which may sound silly.. But now Zandalari females are taller than him 🙁 And I think Kul'Tirans to

  25. (Devolved)Draenei women so attractive aye and have so good personalities the men are also so hot and buff and holy

  26. Near 7 feet tall, built like The Rock on even more steroids than usual, 300 pounds? Nah, more like 370 to 450 pounds bud.

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