How Powerful Are Night Elves? – World of Warcraft Lore

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the night elves and how powerful they are. Covering their creation, history, characteristics
and culture. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore! Over fifteen thousand years ago a group of
isolated trolls ventured towards the Well of Eternity. Little did they know this was the prime source
of magic of Azeroth. The titanic blood affected this independent
tribe elevating their being. Some years later they were barely even trolls
as their skin changed colour and they grew taller and slender. Gradually they abandoned their troll heritage
and traditions and began worshipping the mysterious moon goddess Elune while also experimenting
with the newfound magic. Cenarius would spread druidism to this race,
at this point mainly to Malfurion while through magic their empire would grow larger and larger. Soon enough Queen Azshara came to power and
they became one of the most powerful forces on the entire planet. They easily dealt with the rest of the trolls
as they secured more and more territory. However they were not concerned with expanding
all over and ruling over the planet but instead, they wanted to expand their knowledge of magic. The civilization exploded with new temples,
roads and cities and the capital city of Zin-Azshari. Magic users were so valued that they were
extremely close to Azshara and were in the upper echelons of society, known as the Highborne. Eventually, their greed for power would bring
in the attention of Sargeras and the Burning Legion. War of the Ancients began, the night elves
descended into civil war and a battle for survival. Ultimately the Well of Eternity exploded and
the entire world was split apart in the event known as the Great Sundering. Following the fall of Azshara Malfurion would
come to rule and a large cultural shift occurred. Druidism became the primary focus of the night
elven society and the highborne were eventually exiled. For thousands of years they would focus on
nurturing their native forests and connecting with the nature. Ten thousand years later the Burning Legion
would return and the night elves would play a massive role by sacrificing their tree of
life, Nordrassil. Once again the price to pay was very high
but the world was saved for a time. In the aftermath, they joined the Alliance
in order to protect their borders against the newly created and newly settled Horde. For years they would play a very important
role within the faction. Recently they have been dealing with the Emerald
Nightmare, the return of the Burning Legion for the third time, as well as constant war. In Battle for Azeroth Sylvanas essentially
nukes their world tree and the capital city of Darnassus. This leads the night elves to play a massive
role in the new faction war, essentially fighting for their survival. So with this very brief history, what are
the characteristics of the night elves and how powerful are they? Originally they were trolls so much of their
appearance is rooted in that fact. However, everything changed when they were
influenced by the mysterious waters of the Well of Eternity. They lost their hunch, grew taller and became
more slender. The night elves are incredibly tall ranging
from 7 to 7’6 so around 230 centimetres. Their average weight is around 250lbs or 115
kilograms which is very slender for their height. Even the females are not much shorter than
this, making the night elves very different compared to other races. A night elf that is shorter than 6’5 or around
195cm is practically unheard of. When it comes to their bodies they are very
muscular and agile, making them perfect hunters and warriors. Not only are they strong but they are also
fast and athletic being able to do things such as backflips. Of course not every night elf is as agile
but on average their genetics are very well adjusted for it. Despite their physical prowess, the night
elves are extremely intelligent due to being influenced by the Well of Eternity. They were some of the best spellcasters that
in a way spread much of the practice to the rest of the world, both directly and indirectly. Aside from their intellect they are incredibly
wise as they are some of the oldest races on Azeroth. Until recently they were practically immortal
with many of them being over ten thousand years old. An average person can barely comprehend how
much time that is and how much can be learned within that time span. Because of their age they are some of the
strongest within their respective classes. A spellcaster can learn and practice much
more in thousands of years than they can in for example fifty, as is the case with humans. Their main classes are the druids, priests,
hunters and warriors. Malfurion was one of the original druids and
night elves are mainly a druidic race. They are very favoured by nature and have
a great affinity for druidism. The priests are much different than Light
ones as they worship Elune the Moon Goddess. Usually these are females but lately there
has also been male priests. Lastly the hunters and warriors are kind of
a mix within their society. They use a bow, stealth and tracking within
their environment as well as other types of weaponry combined with ground and flying mounts
such as the sabres and the hippogryphs. Compared to most other societies, the warriors
and the hunters used to mainly be females but recently that has changed as well. When it comes to their faith, nature, druidism
and Elune is their main focus. They are also connected to the Ancient Guardians,
the Dragonflights and various creatures of the wilderness, as in unison they work together
to keep the balance of their forests. In terms of technology, they are rather limited
when compared to the likes of humans or gnomes for example. Instead they rely on magic and nature. Still they are definitely not primitive as
they were one of the first and the most developed civilizations on Azeroth. Their architecture represents how skilled
they are at building and their legendary weapons how good they are at blacksmithing and craftsmanship. Overall night elves are one of the seed races
responsible directly and indirectly for the way Azeroth is shaped today. They are some of the greatest warriors, druids,
priests and even Demon Hunters. They had saved the world on multiple occasions
not just from the Burning Legion but against the threats from within. As ancient, intelligent, agile and wise, night
elves are one of the strongest races on the planet of Azeroth. Alright and that is all I have for this video. Do leave your suggestions below and don’t
forget to like and subscribe as it really helps out and keeps all the content going. Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your
day to watch this video and see you next time!

80 thoughts on “How Powerful Are Night Elves? – World of Warcraft Lore

  1. When can we expect "How powerful are Draenei" video? Also, I'd like to see in the video how the rest of their society views Shamanism, (plus, my main is a Draenei enh shaman)

  2. why you always talks about their lore, and not what actually is supposed to the be the main reason of the video? You dont talk about their resources, neither their army (infantry, cavalry, artillery, etc), don't talk about their alliances, battle strategies or professions in their society.. Im not saying its bad, just giving you ideas

  3. It's funny how you keep calling races that had multiple genocides against them in a short period of time some of the strongest races.Yes an individuel night elf is formidable but their numbers have been reduced so much… I can only see them as a local power because of this.Then again this goes for any race in the game. By all avounts humanity, the orcs and other schould be on the edge of extincion after everything that has happened. he timeframe between vanilla and and now is less then 10 years (6 or something) and we have had 2 faction wars, 2 campaigns against the legion, the war with the scourge and the cataclysm. All of which have been said to be hard won victories with heavy losses. And this all played out with the refugee orcs just starting to make 1 city and there being only 1 "last bastion of humanity" and as mentioned in the vid the world tree exploding It seems like the writers really don't care about demographix and it has gotten to the point of world breaking.

  4. Agility is their advantage, but when it comes to physical power other races are far more superior, except for gnomes and trolls, and possibly other elves. If it wasn't for their agility and speed, face to face they would get totally crushed by an orc, tauren, human and dwarf alike.
    Many night elf fans are biased and cringe worthy, always exaggerating their power, but really, without the Elune and the trees to hide in, what are they? Not that strong at all. Aside from Malfurion who is on Nature steroids, that is. Quite honestly they were powerful using magic during Azshara's reign, but now…not so much.

  5. Their capital is burned to the ground and most their people are killed XD. Malfurion and Tyrande ( their racial leaders ) can't even defeat a human with bow XD. They are strong enough to be a food for Orcs XD. Pathetic and weak race even these animals from Gilneas are more valuable than Night Craps. But don't worry there is a hope for Night elves. They can be raised as Dark Rangers and serve a true Queen of Azeroth !! Mr. Doron can you make a video about Draenei next 😃

  6. I would like to know how powerful they are rather than learning what I already know. Please go all out and compare how effective their druids are in an all out war, how effective their glaive ballistae are, and what sort of advantage the ancients give the nightelves over the other factions.

    You have to compare and analyze the power level and strenghts of the faction compared to others rather than just teaching us where the faction is from, and mentioning that they are skilled at building houses

  7. Is funny that they "saved" the world yet most of the damage came from them because lets be honest if we didn't have any war of the ancients the legion would have still keep searching to find us there would be no scourge no illidan nothing about legion in warcraft 3 but faction wars and the nightmare wouldn't have much effect on azeroth or maybe not at all yet (thats for Xavius on that one )

  8. I was hoping you would mention the forces within the night elf army like the sentinels, watchers, wardens, and demon hunters. Also the allies of nature that help them like the dryads, keepers of the grove, faerie dragons, etc.

  9. I feel like genetically, a night elf probably isn't too powerful. I haven't read every novel but I've never gotten any hint that suggests night elfs being genetically superior to other races. I wouldn't say inferior, just not better. Maybe I missed something, as I've never read any of the comics and have missed a few books. But, I will agree that they are probably more powerful than other races simply cause of the age gap. I mean Malfurion wouldn't be anything if he didn't have over ten thousand years to learn from a demigod. So I do agree that individual night elfs are more powerful than many other races, but not due to being genetically strong or anything. Now talking about the race as a whole, whoa that's a complete opposite answer. Sylvanas did nothing wrong

  10. I don't like the way Blizzard keeps retconning new past lore for the Night Elves. Fifteen years ago, Blizzard said orcs were fallen Night Elves, now they say NEs are trolls, therefore, orcs are now trolls. Blizzard needs to stop with the retcons and messing up the lore, and put it back the way it was.

  11. Short answer: Extremely
    Long answer: The Night Elves could probably fight the Horde and Alliance at the same time and win.

  12. They don't come from trolls /that is only an horde propaganda a false teory. And Night Elves are the most powerful race in WoW.
    Good video BTW 🙂

  13. I hope that Malfurion and Tyrande will do something significant in this expansion. I have somehow feel that they have been left out in the previous ones. But we all know that night elfs and the two of them are very powerful and important.

  14. Sadly, the only times the Night Elves actually do anything great, is when they are not fighting anything Horde related.

    I remember when Malfurion back in the old days was ridiculous overpowered.
    In the War of the Ancients, he single handily (Well almost single handily) destroyed the legion's hold over the well of eternity (Temporarily.) And allowed the Night Elves to score a decisive victory.
    His awakening in WC3 was practically him ripping an entire scourge army apart by himself.
    In the novels, this guy saved the entire planet from the old gods who had plunged the world in an eternal nightmare.

    Hell even Tyrande had some feats of her own.

    Notice something? Yeah, in Lore, they are supposedly ridiculously overpowered figures who has done things and fought evils that have overwhelmed even the mightiest of Alliance and Horde members, yet the only time they do something with all their power is when they aren't fighting the Horde.
    If we were to go by super powers, original Thrall would likely be the only one who could compare to them.

  15. Well, let’s start they are one of ( if not THE) oldest race in Azeroth , we are talking about plus 10k years of military experience plus the refinement of their tactics . Plus their connection with nature makes them having the most gifted and strong druids . Plus their constant military drilling have birthed specialized corps like the Wardens and the Sentinels . What boggles my mind is such a powerful race why they are always the cannon fodder .

  16. Hey Doronsmovies. I really enjoy your videos and love the work you do. I'm wondering if you will make a role-playing guide for the new allied races?

  17. This is how the order of strength should be: Night Elves > Blood Elves > Draenei > Tauren > Orcs > Undead > Troll > Worgen > Human > Dwarf > Gnome > Goblin

  18. Yes, yes. The population of male intelligence in magic used to be high and most of the night elf warrior and hunters were females for hundreds of thousands of years. Until er.. 10 years ago or so when thousands of female night elves were born, choosing not to go with traditional elven names, but more along the lines of "Yoidpsnerd".

  19. Hate how they made Night elves descendants of trolls it's insulting and how the other species came to be they ruined the lore with the rewrites to it

  20. Night elf glade throwers are monsters, very little technology but the tech they do have is stupid strong lol (siege engine not a ground troop)

  21. Even as Night Warrior, Tyrande helped by Malfurion and the Alliance player could not really defeat Nathanos…it seems they are growing weaker, not stronger. 🙁

  22. I main Horde, but when I do play Alliance I play Nelfs. Best alli race. One of the best in the game overall imo.

  23. They were severely nerfed though.

    Blizzard retconned half their lore and ingame just pretended they dont have defenses lmao shit writing to be honest, and Im a horde player. I've always respected Night elves though, they were supposed to be actual warrior elves of the forest willing to kill. Now it looks like blizzard is just racist with wantting to kill any dark skinned race and make sure they get murdered and two capitals burned. Racist blizzard as usual

  24. 0:58 actually, dark trolls are the biggest natural race of trolls there are. They shrank, if anything.

  25. I really hope you will do a video on the treants because they are one of my favoutite creatures in wow.

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