How Powerful are Orcs? – World of Warcraft Lore

Hello, guys, this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the orcs and how powerful they are. Briefly covering their history and then focusing
on the race characteristics, culture and achievements. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore! The orcs are one of the oldest races on the
planet of Draenor. Ages ago the titan Aggramar created a stone
giant to battle the wild plantlife. From this giant many others were created – the
colossals, magnaron, gronn, ogron. Eventually these ogron would transform into
ogres and from the ogres the orcs would finally be created. They were much, much smaller and weaker than
their predecessors but to make up for it they possessed significant intellect as well as
a sense of community. Through these 2 qualities, they stuck together
and survived for thousands of years on the very harsh planet of Draenor. Eventually, the ogres would revolt against
their ogron masters and the orcs would leave their underground caves, forming permanent
settlements on the surface. The population exploded to the point that
they could barely feed themselves. They would subsequently split into clans and
spread themselves all over the continent. This led to the rise of the orcish culture,
shamanism and all the various rituals. Despite the spread of the orcs at the time,
the ogre empire still ruled most of Draenor. They clashed now and then but only after the
ogres attacked the Throne of Elements which was sacred to the orcs, would the orcs unite
and start an all out war with the Gorian Empire. Ultimately the orcs overwhelmed and defeated
the Ogres. They began to seize their land and would become
the most dominant race on Draenor all until the draenei had arrived. For a while they were in good or more neutral
relationship with the alien race but when the Burning Legion had manipulated them, most
of the orcs had united under the banner of the Horde and they had nearly obliterated
the entire race. Subsequently they drank demonic blood and
became servants of the Burning Legion, gladly following their mission of invading Azeroth. This led to multiple wars which were very
successful for the orcs initially but in the end they had been betrayed, broken and lost. The orcs that survived were rounded up into
internment camps and for years their power would dimish. At some point Thrall the son of Durotan of
the Frostwolf Clan, would arise and together with Grom Hellscream they would free their
race, set sail to Kalimdor and form the new Horde, the one that we have today. After founding Orgrimmar and uniting with
many races such as the trolls, the tauren, the blood elves, the forsaken, the orcs now
found their new home in Durotar and the surrounding areas. After much conflict, political strife, civil
wars and invasions, the orcs are still present, continuing the tradition of their ancestors. So with this very quick history covered what
are some of the characteristics of this race? Apperance-wise orcs are very iconic, the male
average height is around 7 feet, ranging from 6’6 to over 8 feet tall, while the females
are around 6’5. They are very muscular and currently one of
the physically strongest playable races. It is uncertain how much of their strength
is genetic and how much of it is due to their very harsh childhood and warrior culture. Regardless it is noted that orcs are genetically
very muscular. This is further proven by the fact that they
are descendants of ogres who in turn are very big and very powerful. Essentially being titan in origin, the orcs
possess natural bloodlust which makes them lose their sense of pain as well as rationality
in the midst of combat. It is a very powerful ability and if not controlled
very dangerous as well. This was severely exploited by the demon blood
but even without it, the natural ability is still extremely potent. A lot of strength as well as bloodlust depends
on the orcish clans so warrior clans such as Warsong or Blackrock possess more of these
qualities compared to the shamanistic ones such as the Shadowmoon. Still genetically regardless of the clan,
the orcs make excellent warriors and since they’re all essentially raised as hunters
even the spellcasters possess physical abilities and strength. They begin weapon training at the age of 6
and by the age of 12 they had already participated in hunting parties. In terms of culture orcs are very traditional,
bound by a strong sense of honor and morality. This morality is of course different than
the human one but events such as mak’gora a duel to the death, shows how valuable honor
and integrity is to the orcish people. They all respect strength and usually the
most powerful of the orcs is their leader which means that he can get challenged to
a mak’gora quite often. Shamanism is a cornerstone of their society
and shamans are greatly respected. The Elements have helped orcs on many occasions
such as defeating the ogre empire and therefore much like other races they have great respect
for mother nature. In terms of companions the orcs used to tame
wolves and used them in battle as well as mounts. Today they still utilize them together with
many other beasts such as the wyvern and the kodos. Orcs have been on all sides of history from
servants of the Burning Legion to helping save planets. Still they are some of the most powerful characters
in the universe. Particularly Gul’dan was one of the strongest
warlocks of all time. Ner’zhul was a powerful spellcaster as well
as the first Lich King. Then you have very powerful warriors such
as Grom Hellscream, Blackhand, Orgrim Doomhammer, Broxigar, and Varok Saurfang as well as Garrosh. Following them there are the shamans such
as Drek’Thar and Thrall that essentially saved Azeroth on multiple occasions. So there are definitely many significant characters
that greatly impacted not only the history of Azeroth but of the entire universe. At certain points orcs were some of the most
powerful forces around with the Horde dominating Draenor as well as Azeroth during the initial
invasion. Currently the orcs are at the head of the
new Horde, one of the most powerful factions on Azeroth. With their rich history, culture, genetics
as well as tradition, the orcs make excellent warriors as well as shamans and other various
types of spellcasters. Their war culture keeps them strong and makes
them persevere to this day despite all the odds, invasions and the constant strife. Alright and that is all I have for this video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe as it really
helps out and keeps all the content going. Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your
day to watch this video and see you next time!

67 thoughts on “How Powerful are Orcs? – World of Warcraft Lore

  1. They are insanely powerful warriors since their whole lives are based on war and fighting. But they are also the most powerful shamans out there mostly due to their spiritual connection to both elements and ancestors, Drek'tar alone can bring down mountains and no doubt the likes of Thrall can summon massive storms and tremble half a continent to rubble at their full potential, if not more, to which dwarves, draenei, tauren and even trolls pale in comparison. It's the deep connection and respect to the elements that's quite admirable.

  2. I was recently able to meet the art manager for the WoW team through college and got really pumped up to build up my portfolio to apply there (he didn't seem impressed with my current one). I played WoW for a few months out of curiosity and went back to try legion not too long ago but never really got hooked. My main goal was to find a transmog for my Tauren that I really liked, so once I did, I kinda lost interest. I really want to give the game another shot, but whenever I do, I just can't get hooked. This may very well have a lot to do with my lack of knowledge of the game. So this is my request to WoW fans: Convince me to play again! I wan't to play to check out art assets alone, but it would really help to enjoy the game as well. What makes you lore fans like playing game? Perhaps I can learn from you all. I did collect a whole bunch of Gnoll costumes to roleplay at one point, but it is way too time consuming to do that and not a good reason alone to pay subscription money IMO…

  3. Im maining a human but my heart will always be with the Orcs and the Horde since I made an orc hunter in Vanilla, Lok'tar ogar

  4. Great video, brother! But you could have also add Iron Stars because with the Mag'har joining to the Horde they bring signifacnt numbers of Orcs from Draenor according to Steve Danuser on Twitter.

    Mag'har Orcs also have Azerite Iron Star on 8.1 patch and they also did bring allies like Gronns, Gronnlings, Ogrons and Ogres. So Horde now has significant primal power.

    As for notable Orc moments I would list:

    Orgrim kills Blackhand, Shadow Council and Lothar, plus conquers Stormwind and Khaz Modan Region.

    Broxigar kills thousands of demons and even wounds the Dark Titan himself.

    Grommash defeats both Cenarius and Mannoroth (even without Demon Blood).

    Thrall destroys Durnholde and saved the World couple of times etc.

    Note: Orcs also become adults at the age of 12. According to Rise of the Horde; Durotan becomes the Chieftain of the Frostwolves at the age of 12 and mates with Draka next year. Also Grommash defeats the Gorian Empire at the age of 15 and drinks the Blood at 22.

  5. The strongest warlock, the first lich king, and the warrior that killed demons. But most importanly they have green jesus with them..

    Without a doubt they're one of the strongest race in azeroth…

  6. Thank you for another great video! I quit playing wow and keeping up with the lore around the time when wow Chronicles 1 released. I find it odd that the orcs, a third or fourth derivative of a Titian creation are super strong. When dwarfs are 1 derivative from Titian form. And humans… well even though they are just 1 derivative away, they are yet in fact a sicker version of the vicrul. Logic would have you thinking the titian's would've made the best of the best keepers for Azeroth, to protect one of their own. However we know that to not be the case.

  7. Loved to see this video. Could you also make a video some day in which you try to rank/compare all the existing playable races based on their physical abilities; fighting skills; average intelligence; magical affinity etc? For example, which race would win in arm wrestling? Tauren, Orcs, Draenei, Dwarves or even Worgen based on lore? How many humans would it take to wrestle a single orc in his prime down?

  8. I enjoy your videos a lot and do think your accent is nice. The "How Powerful" series are my favorite. It would be nice to do comparisons; as in an average orc vs an average night elf with no weapons and magic locked, etc…

  9. There really shouldn't be that many orcs left by this point. First, they were tribal cultures, lacking huge population centers like cities, and living on a harsh world where death was a constant danger. Then they fought the draenei, then they fought the humans and ended up in internment camps, about enough time passed for orcs born during the war to grow up, then all of them in the new horde except the frostwolves piled into a fleet of ships and sailed across the ocean (with enough room in said ships to pick up EVERY surviving darkspear troll on the way), then they fought the night elves, then the Legion again but worse this time. Then world of warcraft happens, over the course of which they fight the scourge, the legion again, have a civil war, maintain years of grinding constantly against the alliance, endure a plague and the world getting some huge cracks in it, and apparently had a food problem, since that was one of Garrosh's gripes? And may have had something to do with living in Durotar, known for its massively fertile fields of bare rock and dust? They haven't exactly been in a great position to have lots of kids. Even if they had they haven't had time for most of them to grow up yet, and that's assuming orcs are adults at 14 or something. There was an old warlock trick to magically age kids to adults super fast to make more soldiers, but that canonically produces orcs that are mentally unstable and I doubt anyone in the new horde would have allowed it.

    Since the official position is that resurrection is rare and special in-lore, there really shouldn't be more than, like… a town full of original timeline orcs left. A small town.

  10. Man, lore is a thing, but in-game they are basically the best race for every fuckng class they can be. It may not match visually or with the lore but it is just ridiculous how they can be good in everything they do. There is only one Race that i see that can make up with them: The Trolls (Humans got nerfed).

  11. One thing is correct. The orc's are much more stronger than the humans, this is fact.
    If you think i'm wrong, watch the Warcraft movie.

  12. One nun corrupted orc has a strength of for regular humans and one fel orc has the strength of 4 nun corrupted orcs and that's lore. Skills are a diffrent story

  13. So both races were made by Titans

    Humans were originally Iron Vrykul with a purpose to fight off the old gods

    Orcs were originally Ogrons or created by the Ogrons and the Ogrons were made to fight plants?


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