How Powerful Are Undead? – World of Warcraft Lore

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the Undead and how powerful they are. Focusing on the Forsaken and covering their
creation, history, culture and characteristics. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore! For a long time the undead have existed and
very little is known about them. They are beings that have died and are stuck
between life and death which is a very mysterious thing within the Warcraft lore. The Forsaken that we have today are relatively
a new creation and are unique compared to some of their counterparts. When Lordaeron fell most of the population
was killed off and raised to support the Lich King and fight for the Scourge. A portion of them managed to break free due
to their master getting weaker and losing control. Sylvanas Windrunner, a fallen high elf, seized
this opportunity and rebelled. After a major civil war, fighting the dreadlords
and the actual human survivors of Lordaeron, the Forsaken won, taking over the remnants
of the fallen kingdom. Soon enough the capital Undercity was established
within the sewer system of the ruins of the Capital City. Sylvanas would ally herself with Thrall and
the Horde, getting much needed support as well as offering foothold into the Eastern
Kingdoms. For years they were a significant part of
the faction playing a role in the various campaigns. Ultimately Sylvanas would become the actual
Warchief of the Horde and would lead us to the war that we have now. After losing most of their territory as well
as Undercity, the Forsaken still remain and are in a way responsible for the Horde and
the future of Azeroth. So with this quick overview of the lore, how
powerful are the forsaken and what are their characteristics? As a race, they are very diverse and even
though comprised vastly of humans, they also include several other races such as the elves. In that manner their characteristics are similar
to what they were in life, just a bit modified. On average they are 5-6 feet tall so around
170-180 centimetres in height. As mainly skeletons, they are also very, very
scrawny, well being skeletons and barely possess any muscle. They bleed green liquid or sometimes they
don’t even bleed at all. The skin of the Forsaken is constantly decomposing,
sometimes their jaws fall off and their eyes can get really weird and overall they are
what you would expect from a living corpse. So by no means are they large or strong, but
their power comes from different sources. Due to the lack of all of this they are very
low maintenance and this serves them greatly. Even though they can breathe, the Forsaken
can go days without air, meaning that it’s almost physically impossible for them to drown. They can eat food but have no need for it
and they can also survive without sleep. There is evidence that sleep helps them preserve
their bodies but still it is not a necessity. As their bodies are essentially dead, they
can ‘heal’ themselves in various ways. The forsaken can replace their body parts
from other beings, eat humanoids, drain life and use various forms of magic upon their
skin. The downside is, is that they have no ability
to regenerate on their own as most other creatures do. It has been noted that most forsaken use some
type of magic to keep their body in working condition, some form of necromancy and to
ease the deterioration process. Sylvanas Windrunner is one of these users
and she definitely has higher quality necromancy to keep her together. All of these characteristics are extremely
useful in combat as pain doesn’t really stop them and not even the cutting of limbs. You can go as far as decapitating a forsaken
and even that would not really kill him as the burning of the remains would be required. There are methods out there that cause true
death that the Forsaken use for punishment, mainly for criminals and those who rebel against
the Dark Lady. All in all the majority of the power for the
undead does not come from their physical abilities but their magic as well as mind. As undead creatures, they’re resistant to
a vast portion of spells as well as mind control, even though the Light hurts them more than
anything. However the Forsaken are some of the best
warlocks and mages out there. This is partly due to the fact that they are
undead so dangerous magic doesn’t really have a huge toll on their body, but also because
their mind and lack of empathy or love for life. This mindset leads them to push into more
dangerous areas of magic which are obviously more devastating. In terms of culture the Forsaken are very
unique. Seeing that they are not really a race but
a species of artifically created creatures, they don’t really have a lot of tradition
or this long moral code. There are a few individuals that still continue
to follow the Light even though very counter-intuitive but most have turned to dark energies. However, there really isn’t a collective religion
that binds them all together. In general the Forsaken are disliked by most
other species and sometimes even their allies. A lot of this has to do with how death is
seen within their respective cultures and how living dead are just abominations within
their culture. It also doesn’t help that Forsaken are very
non-emphatic as well as hateful. So overall some of the best magic users on
Azeroth as well as resistant to most things that would hurt or kill living beings. These combinations make Forsaken very, very
powerful. What they lack in physical power, culture
and unity they make up in these attributes. It is also very hard to kill them and resurrection
is possible for the undead, making them very tough opponents. Overall the Forsaken are relatively a new
race, but very unique, different and strong. Alright and that is all I have for this video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe as it really
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