How Sexual Assault Has Affected Our Relationship | {THE AND} Kate & Gabriela

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  1. The Skin Deep project is sooooooo important! Wow I have no words to describe the amount of love I feel it gives me hope

  2. The rawness and realness is breathtaking! I see so much of myself what they are saying and I need the reminder that as an assault victim, it’s ok to not be ok and there yet. You ladies are incredible and I’m so glad you have each other’s support in life.

  3. This was so hard to watch, but god, their friendship is so good. They both seem like really loving and giving friends 💕

  4. I have lots of friends but we never had a discussions like this.
    This would help us to know our friends even more.

  5. I relate so much to the woman on the left. I'm sill affected from my rape. I have horrible trust issues with men too. :/

  6. I always tell my bestie "we're the same person" .me and her are just so in sync, these ladies are one half of the same soul. U can see and feel those connections, its just so beautiful pure.

  7. being a survivor of sexual abuse, or any abuse, is a double edged sword. if you're quiet, then nobody knows what happened to you and your abuser gets away with it and can hurt other people. if you tell people, then it becomes your identity. you're a victim, you were abused, you're damaged. (and if you're like me, your fucking abusers gets away with it anyway)

    i spent so many years voicing my stories, although there was no legal justice for either abuser i endured. but sometimes i wish i had stayed quiet. sometimes i wish i could move away and start over and being abused wasn't my identity. being stalked wasn't my identity. being emotionally tormented wasn't my identity. at the same time, i want people to know because i want my abusers to be known, i want people to know what i survived.

    such a back and forth cycle. i can't imagine going through the full legal spiel of all of this- i have tried a few times only to be ignored and forgotten soon after submitting evidence and my police statements. i want justice, but i also wish i could move on.

  8. this is so beautiful

    and knowing the girl going through the trauma through her trial. and knowing I’m going to trial for my case is really nice to hear bc cases rarely go to trial. I really needed this video right now.

  9. That's the way people treat each other when the friendship is fresh….Let's not forget that when hard times come things risk going downhill… if they survive it then they're real friends..
    But they both seem strong enough to love each other for ever…

  10. Sexual assaulters are the worst kind of living creature in the world, I hope that justice gets better to make us feel more safe. Apart that, these two girls are amazing, their relationship is gold

  11. (I’m sorry this is long, I always go way into details)

    This is hard for me bc I was almost a Year of being out of a relationship of 8 months, I started liking one of my Brothers friend… he seemed so sweet and caring. We would always have hangouts, drink & talk or drinking games. My brothers & I were so excited my parents were going to Vegas This was recent in sept. So we planned a party. Sept 14th, my Sis in law & I had went to go get our nose pierced, shopping for clothes to wear that day, party accessories. We get home everyone cleaning, rearranging things, getting ready. All of my brothers friends & my family were pre gaming. 20-30 people all inside my house/garage, drinking having fun, smoking, enjoying ourselves. My brother, 3/4 of his friends my older brothers friend & I started chugging a RUSH, then we all went inside our separate ways. I was talking to a guy on the table about a mutual friend & their relationship, how I was their for his Ex gf & how’d she’d talk about me to him. Out of nowhere my brothers friend(the one I liked?) comes, stares at me, how he always had that night & other times we’ve hung out, he smiled & I smiled. I legit enjoyed his company. I stood up bc I felt like vomiting after chugging, so I went outside the back, was leaning against the wall trying to vomit, then he comes. He asked if I was okay, I was just trying to breathe. Then he started touching me.. I start throwing up & he just says it’s okay while touching me. I was so out of it I didn’t realize what was happening, this happened three/four times, every time he touched me/molested me I would vomit. I even remember a friend of ours came outside, I had legit just picked up my underwear from him touching me, then he walked out on the grass in circles saying I’m f*cking drunk, I remember just laughing at him(I see him as a brother)(he was the only one at that time that knew I was into him), so he went inside but all I wanted was for him to stay w me, I started vomiting again, he takes off my underwear.. I blacked out, I don’t know if he went inside me or what, I just remember saying no, stop. Then my dumb*ss was crying on his shoulder telling him I was into him, & all he said was I’m sorry. I walked to the front & a guy heard me crying, asking me “what’s wrong” over & over again, I just cried & cried. Then the guy came, I guess he was scared I was going to tell him what happened, so I go inside trying to stop crying so no one else can hear me but one I walk inside and try going to my room I keep crying, so the mutual friend(my brother) is just asking me “Lindsay what’s wrong, please tell me Lindsay” he followed me to my room & I wept & wept into my pillow, my younger brother was in my room as well, confused. I cried so hard, I was screaming telling my brother get out, but in reality I just wanted someone there for me. So I ended up crying myself to sleep. It’s funny bc I was actually thinking, “ okay, maybe I’ll let him sleep w me” & for that to happen.. who would’ve thought. The next day I wake up early crying, I start cleaning up to try & forget, then I see him getting out of my brothers room he looked at me then just left. I started crying more. I told my sis in law what happened, I was scared to tell my brother, Bc we all have short temper. My brother was like “why were you even crying?” Real mad, then when I finally told him he was like “oh, well now I know” I saw a tear come out rolling down.. made me cry even more. His own friend, doing that to me.. I haven’t really told a lot of people this story , not to the police. I barely had the guts to tell my parents not that long ago, I didn’t want them to see me differently. I wanted them to hug me & tell me everything would be alright. I know you guys are thinking “why didn’t you call the cops” truth is, I was on Wax.. the cops would’ve thought it’s my fault, bc that’s what I thought or you’re making this up you were on drugs & drunk, last reason I was 20 at the time, so what if I got arrested for drinking? I was just so scared to tell the cops anything, til this day I still think it’s my fault, I wanted to try wax, I drank too much. I remember everything and that’s what sucks, I have to live w this for the rest of my life but then I think again & well people have he it way worse so I just suck it up. The sad thing is , I didn’t want to tell my brother bc he’d lose all his friends & he did, I don’t have friends either so I have no one to open up to or talk to. I hate myself, I’m disgusted w myself. The worse thing is I told the guy the next day & he swears “he doesn’t remember anything” then he ended up blocking me. Well not the worse thing but shouldn’t have I been the one to block? Idk what to think… I just hate myself. It was always hard to let anyone in after my breakup & now I just push everyone away. I’m so scared to love myself again or let anyone love me.

  12. Is this a bi-romance? Where the woman in the right who is in a relationship with a guy, actually has deeper emotional feelings for her dark haired female friend? Her friend seems to love her on the same or similar level as her male lover. And did she just call her friend's "Love" situation a delusion? Doesn't this mean any form of happiness is a delusion, including their friendly feelings for each other?

  13. Both of them are so beautiful like they complement each other even aesthetically. Praying for her and her friend. But I can tell the darker haired woman, even though she’s broken she can toughen the shit out. She can even like logically contradict all her demons. And I’m porous of her standing even if she’s still going through the process. A lot of people don’t survive when sexual assault hits them. They go their lives without opening up their walls again.

  14. I was at that state (I’m happy with just myself) when I was a teen, and I realized I could never form a romantic relationship with a man. Well, I’m over 30 now and the thought of a man touching me or loving me makes me very uncomfortable or sick, but I still love romance stories, fairytales, and seeing friends or family in happy relationships… I just don’t want it for myself. It’s odd and people don’t get it (for obvious reasons), but I’m very happy with who I am and I’m glad that other women can empower themselves through friendship 🙂 Stay strong fellow survivors!

  15. It's way too messed up how normal this is – seeing two female friends talk about their history with sexual assault. Because it may not be all men, but it is Every. Single. Woman. This needs to change right now.

  16. A bit weird listening to some people's conversations, and their use of he word "like" after every other word. What happened to "as if", as though", etc, ?….Yikes !!!!!

  17. this is how i feel about my best friend. she’s literally my soulmate and god id do anything for her. this warms my heart so much. so proud of both of them 🙂

  18. om this truly have me in tears because I miss my beat friend so much…she meant so much to me…it's so hard sometimes to go through my day, try something new, deal with heartbreak, and many other things with her annoyingly challenging friends help you grow, mirror you imperfections and are the first to help you mend them, and forgive you when you're totally moody lol aka being a little bitchy

  19. This makes me think of all the times that media depicts female relationships as these over emotional cry fests over nothing
    It’s such a bastardization of something that’s incredibly powerful, healing and nuanced, and does huge disservice to women in general. Why are women never shown making each other STRONGER like this? This is the real fucking labor-this right here

  20. I knew this was about sexual assault. But the minute the word “sexual assault” was said, there came the immeadiate and chilling numbness over my entire body. I suffer PTSD, which is so hard in college- always surrounded by everyone “having a good time.” But it will be okay. I have hope for myself and everyone else. #metoo :/

  21. The girl on the left is so strong but yet deeply inside she seems so broken. Having experienced myself sexual assaults, I can promise that eventually it gets better. With time, love of your close ones, therapy and, more importantly, patience and love towards yourself, it gets better and the ability to trust others comes back, little by little. Big thoughts and all the love for all the survivors out there 💕

  22. I really hope their friendship lives on for years to come. The dynamic is beautiful!! Much love to these two Gab and Kate!

  23. fuck fake friends! This shit is so real and healthy omfg i cant wait to find my soulmate 🙂 whether its romantic or platonic

  24. I met my best friend when we were 13, we are 26 now and I consider her more than a sister. She knows me better than my parents or my brother will ever do. I'm so thankful to have her in my life ❤

  25. I mean I can totally relate. My relationship with my friends is similar to theirs. we have been friends for 12 years and she is happy and has a happy relationship and I always fear that she will leave me . Due to our schedules we haven’t been talking much lately but I hope things get better .

  26. Please click this link to checkout my survival stories, of workplace about in Brampton Ontario and all the cover up as done…etc My channel is base on my experiences, and some of others as well.

  27. beautiful friendship love these deep convos plz do part 2 xx strong women! warriors beautiful to see friends having each other's back xx awesome strong lady's!!

  28. They are so honest with each other. That's how you can tell they love each other; they aren't afraid of saying what the other has to hear.

  29. i had a bf like this. she ghosted me when i was diagnosed with a tumor. they are close now… wait until one of them gets sick. every one of my ill friends only has sick friends now. everyone leaves. dont get into a delusional friendship like this. what happens to you happens to me doesn't exist.

  30. So beautiful! I wish a had a friend that a could empower that much and the other way around. It’s just so emotional watching it makes me cry. I always wished for friends and to share our life experiences together.

  31. why do I get this overwhelming feeling that the dark hair girl is a Gemini and the other one is an Aries 🤣

  32. I’m sooooooo glad me and my best friend have a connection like this and she’s about to start her own family even tho we’re young 19 I’m happy for my bestie cause it’s all she ever wanted 💯💯 we have been best friends since 8th grade and pushing nobody can take her place ever.

  33. Kate reminds me so much of Mandy Moore. A really beautiful friendship, I hope they keep hanging on to each other no matter what. <3

  34. I’m crying so much right now…. I’m so happy that she was more brave than I was… thank you so much sister on behalf of all survivors.

  35. I also have a strong relationship, friendship, with my bestie. I realised that female friendships are stronger than even relationships, and like me and my bestie we have graduated to wifey. Yes.

  36. Please do part 2 love these too powerful empowering friendship xx such strong beautiful women in many different ways ❤

  37. A lot of superficial posing, & "we're awesome."
    I feel blessed to have friendships with people that speak more honestly than these.

  38. Clearly, she has made of this woman "her best friend" her comfort zone and now that she is losing her, she is about to go through hell for she will soon have to take over the mantle of girlfriend and eventually wife. She is like a little bird who does not want to leave the nest, in fact, she will be happy to take it along the way. This isn't about friendship, this is about taking someone broken and making them stronger than they were before something that both have failed!!!

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  40. The woman on the left is stunning obviously. I want to erase the tail of her brows and make them more straight and less downward. It would bring up her eyes and pull her face back and make it fierce as fck. If not, she looks absolutely perfect the way she is. They are both so stunningly beautiful wow.

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