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Hey internet friends. We are living in the age of technology, an
age in which vast amounts of information are at our fingertips, and we can connect with
each other in just a few keystrokes. The world wide web is stuffed like a thanksgiving
turkey, full of an endless buffet of distractions, breaking news headlines, advertisements masquerading
as entertainment, and a seemingly infinite trove of ever-evolving information, from which
the elusive truths of this world are the greatest treasure—so that is why today we’re going
to discuss how the internet became a battlefield in the war on our minds. The father of psychoanalysis was born in the
Austrian Empire in 1856 to Eastern European Jewish parents. It was in Vienna that Sigmund Freud researched
and experimented on the human mind, concluding that ‘man was the most ferocious animal
in existence’, and tucked inside the minds of all these animals were “primitive sexual
and aggressive forces”—forces that had the power to unleash widespread chaos and
even the potential to topple governments. While Freud warned that governments had set
loose these dangerous forces with World War I, Freud’s American nephew, Edward Bernays,
had been employed to keep the war drums beating. President Woodrow Wilson needed Americans
to get on board with the war machine, and he turned to propagandists to do just that—to
convince Americans to join the fight under the guise of spreading democracy across all
of Europe so that a hopeful future might unfold, one where individuals across the world could
experience good ol’ American freedom. But Bernays wasn’t too keen on the propagandist
title. He claimed, ironically, that the Germans had
tainted the term, and thus, he reinvented it—emerging as the father of public relations. You see, Bernays had witnessed firsthand how
powerful propaganda was at promoting war, so for his next act, Bernays decided to use
propaganda—whoops I mean—public relations to promote peace. How, might you ask, did Bernays execute such
a noble deed? Well, his uncle, who by the way, hated humans,
especially Americans, had some interesting ideas on human nature, and Bernays decided
it was time to weaponize those ideas—for peace of course. For peace! American corporations emerged even more powerful
after the first world war, and in order to maintain their cashflow, and in other words,
their influence, business owners realized they needed to keep their workers in their
factories to increase their production. And of course, there is no supply without
demand—that’s why Bernay’s big business clients hired him to figure out exactly what
motivated the human mind so corporations could better appeal to the masses. The year was 1928 when the President of the
American Tobacco Company looked to Bernays to increase sales, providing Bernays with
an opportunity to conduct an experiment of sorts. This was a time when women smoking in public
was stigmatized, but both Bernays and his client knew an untapped market when they saw
one. Bernays employed psychoanalysis, learning
that cigarettes symbolized the penis, therefore male sexual power, and he figured that if
he could connect smoking cigarettes to the idea of challenging male sexual power, he
could sell a pack of smokes to both genders. Everyone was a winner, but their lungs were
not. So, at the Easter Day parade, Bernays set
up a huge publicity stunt: he’d already tipped off the press and supplied them with
their new propaganda piece—I mean public relations phrase, “Torches of Freedom”,
which the press would then capture when a group of paid-off debutantes posing as suffragettes
lit up their cigarettes in the middle of the parade, making the single act of igniting
a torch of freedom a gesture of female empowerment—wrapped up in one stinky PR package meant to render
emotion from all who might look upon it, skyrocketing tobacco sales and forever linking human desire
and feelings with products—because it’s not like the actual act of becoming a human
chimney made women any freer, but it sure made them feel like it. And with this realization, Bernays felt confident
that his tactics could emotionally manipulate the masses to purchase product on the basis
of want, not need, and all these dangerous primitive forces his uncle was droning on
about were made more docile through Bernays’ manipulation of habits and opinions. Bernays had successfully remixed the Roman’s
bread and circuses. The average Joe was so occupied, in fact,
that most didn’t even realize a new mentality, shaped by corporate appeal, was binding and
guiding America, creating a clear path for a new elite to control the masses through
psychological techniques—forming a grand illusion of this thing we now call “democracy”. Though traditional warfare had ended with
WWII, the psychological warfare of an unseen enemy was just getting started. The masses were led to believe the world’s
boogeyman had been defeated, and that a global government organization, the United Nations,
had been established to ensure peace and security in the aftermath of all the horror. Post-war United States was as strong as ever,
with its workforce fueled by the American dream, at the center of which was family,
but out of the rubble and ruin of battle rose a subversive force, one of many names and
faces: communism, cultural marxism, soviet involvement, big brother…regardless of the
title, the goal of this variety of psychological warfare was one of a new world order, brought
about by a slow-roll brainwashing of sorts, known as ideological subversion, made up of
four stages: Stage one: demoralization—which begins in
the classroom. Instead of teaching children to act morally,
in favor of themselves, their families, their communities, and their country, under the
process of ideological subversion, demoralization takes place over a generation, where, in compulsory
public schooling, a manipulated account of history is branded into the brains of every
pupil and unrighteous behavior is encouraged at school, through television programming
and other vehicles of propaganda. These lessons are reinforced at the university
level, resulting in brainwashed cattle at every level of power: government, business,
media, and education. If stage one is successful, the individual’s
perception of reality is so warped that any attempts to get them to recognize authentic
information would be to no avail. After that, all that’s needed is a good
two to five years in order to implement stage two, the destabilization of a nation. This is the time that the subverting party
has the opportunity to crash the economy, ruin foreign relations, and disarm the defense
systems just in time for phase three, the crisis phase, intended to usher in a change
of power, brownie points if it’s a violent and dramatic change of power. The final stage is normalization, which is
the “welcome to your life as human cattle, please line up to get branded” phase—which
might be a slight exaggeration, although if you think about it, not really.It’s kind
of curious that while all of this ideological subversion was allegedly being implemented
during the Cold War at the hands of the Bolshevik Communist Lenin Marxist Soviet Red Scare “Hide
Under Your Desk, Y’all. We’re about to get nuked” Boogeyman, United
States government agencies formed post WWII were utilizing the same psychological tactics
not just on foreign nations, but on regular ol’ unsuspecting Americans. In the early 1950s, the Central Intelligence
Agency used major media companies for propaganda purposes in order to sway public opinion during
the Cold War—a move right out of Bernay’s playbook. This program was known as Operation Mockingbird,
and in addition to controlling executives, reporters, and other staff within major media
companies, the CIA also put forth their own agents as journalists of the so called “free
press”; journalists who worked around the clock, especially after the assassination
of President Kennedy, doing their patriotic duty to suppress truth from the American people,
forcing witnesses to change their story, and silencing those who questioned the official
narrative. Meanwhile, during that same time, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation established their own counter intelligence program with the
intention of “surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political
organizations” or basically any groups or individuals they deemed problematic. Cointelpro’s greatest hits (no pun intended)
include infiltrating civil and women’s rights movements and even groups who protested the
Vietnam War. They went above and beyond, infiltrating groups
and dismantling them by creating inner conflicts amongst members, aggressive surveillance,
character attacks published by the mockingbird media, and if all that didn’t work—the
FBI would attempt to break up marriages and push an individual to suicide. Both the FBI’s cointelpro and the CIA’s
Operation Mockingbird were reportedly terminated in the 1970s, but the manipulation of the
masses certainly didn’t end with these programs. PART IIIWhile newspaper, radio, and television
dominated the first age of information, the computer age ushered in the second installment. In 1960, the United States Department of Defense
began awarding contracts for what would now be considered the primitive internet, and
in 1989, the world wide web as we know it, the same tool that billions of people utilize
to this day, was developed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known
as CERN. In 1984, only 8.4 % percent of American households
had a computer, rising to 36% in 1997, and in 2015, 87%. In 2018, 95% of Americans reported owning
a cellphone and of that 95% pecent, 77% reported owning smart phone, meaning that the vast
majority of Americans have a plethora of information at their fingertips at any given moment. In a few clicks, they can educate themselves
on any topic imaginable, connect to individuals thousands of miles away, and learn about events
before the news even has a chance to report on them. So much information, and so little regulation. That’s what Harvard Law Professor and President
Obama’s Administrator of the White House Office of Information was probably thinking
nearly a decade ago when he started publishing his tactics to control the flow of information
online. His target? Conspiracy theories. In an academic paper he wrote in 2008, Cass
Sunstein managed to marry elements of Edward Bernays manipulation of the masses with a
touch of operation mockingbird and a dash of cointelpro tactics in order to counter
information online that he suggested was a threat to the United States government. Sunstein defined conspiracy theories as, “an
effort to explain some event or practice by references to the machinations of powerful
people who attempt to conceal their role (at least until their aims are accomplished)”. While Sunstein admitted that some conspiracy
theories are true, making them just…conspiracies, like Project MK Ultra, Watergate, Operation
Northwoods, and the Bush administration illegally spying on US citizens after 9/11, he still
advocated his policy for silencing conspiracy theorists, saying that “Governments should
engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories.” And rather ironically, Sunstein recommended
that government officials should utilize conspiratorial means to accomplish this, taking on false
identities or even anonymity in online social networks, chatrooms, and in-person to undermine
groups and individuals who investigate, discuss, and propagate theories. Though, it’s curious—Sunstein didn’t
take aim at any other fallible variety of theory that resulted in harm to someone, somewhere. Scientific theories got a free pass. Sunstein’s message can be boiled down to
the following: if you outspokenly call for transparency in government and circulate research
about events that might or might not have transpired or might not have happened the
way the mockingbird media said they did, Sunstein says the government doesn’t trust you and
you need to be dealt with. Let’s all take a moment of silence for Cass
Sunstein, press F to pay respects as he is a victim of ideological subversion, or at
least we hope so, because his treasonous and despicable behavior is otherwise inexcusable. While I’d like to tell you that Sunstein’s
efforts and the efforts of those before him to control the flow of information online
have been unsuccessful, it only takes a quick glance at the present to recognize their fruit. Dissenting voices are silenced every day online
for expressing even the most lukewarm controversial opinion whilst appointed arbiters of truth
are pushed into the public eye under the guise of being independent or alternative media. Today, only six companies control 90% of American
media outlets, and one company has the monopoly on the main gateway to the treasure trove
of information the world wide web has to offer. That company is Google, owned by Alphabet
Inc. The lines between corporations and governments
aren’t just blurred anymore—they barely exist at all. And just when people start to take notice
that something isn’t quite right, another distraction gets rolled out, probably some
breaking news headline on a polarizing issue into which well-meaning people throw their
energy—social media then becomes weaponized, dividing people into virtual armies that endlessly
attack each other. White versus black. Men versus women. Muslims versus Christians. Gay versus straight. Antifa versus the alt-right. The left hand path versus the right hand path—regardless
of which path you take, they all lead to the same destination. Gah, It’s all so draining. So why don’t you sit back, relax and watch
a little Netflix—a company founded by none other than the grand nephew of Edward Bernays? And that is how the internet became a battlefield
in the war on our minds.Thank you so much for watching, internet friends. You know I always look forward to your comments. Thank you for subscribing and supporting my
channel on Patreon. Bye!

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  1. Hey internet friends! I'm noticing some comments saying they saw an image flash in this video. I caught that, too–after uploading. The image flashing is the first frame of this video, and that's either a video rendering issue or an uploading issue, which is really disappointing. No, I'm not trying to send you flashing messages.

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