How to Avoid Cracking the Spine of a Book.

Hi. So as I’ve mentioned in the past, I love reading paperbacks if I have a choice between a hardback & a paperback I usually pick the paperback. Now there’s one problem, I also hate cracked spines so obviously when you have really big books like this one which are also in paperback, how can you read it while not cracking the spine? & er, you know, opening the page further than this? There’s actually a really easy method that will help you avoid cracking the spine & today I’m going to show you how to do that. Okay, so here we have ‘We, The Drowned’ by Carsten Jensen. So you’re going to want to start by putting the book on it’s spine & then you take the outer bits (yep, I work in publishing) so the front & the back of the book, & you slowly bend it down. You take two or three pages & as you go along you’ll take more & you slowly fold them down, this is kind of terrifying to do but I promise it’ll be fine & it won’t crack the spine, just keep an eye on it. & so you’re just gonna keep on doing this page by page or just a group of pages to kind of see how things go. This book is really quite chunky but I’ve done some books that are even bigger than this & it does work really, really well. Anyways, you’re sort of stretching the spine here so that when you are reading & you can open it about this far you should be fine. So here we go you can see the spine did not crack. It is curved a little bit but that’s just kind of what you have to deal with. & now if you are careful while reading it, it won’t crack & this is approximately how far you’ll be able to open it so it shouldn’t be a problem. There we go. The book is ready to be read. I might do more videos like this if you guys are interested let me know. Like I said, it is quite simple but I hope this will help you guys out in the future. Hope you enjoyed this video & I’ll talk to you guys later.

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  1. I like having books that are new-looking but I don't really mind cracked spines and if there's one thing I hate, it's not being able to open the book properly in fear of cracking the spine. I need to be able to read comfortably, sometimes with one hand or none when I'm doing something else while reading.

  2. Is she Dutch? I couldn’t help but notice those croaking-sounding consonants
    I’ll give this method a try when I get a chance!

  3. very patiently waiting for the next video… (helmikuu and all that :)) Not to pressure you at all, it's just that the more we see of you, the better!

  4. I've been collecting Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, the ones with Josh Kirby's illustrations in particular. Given that art cover work is now out of print I now don't need to worry about ruining the so hard to find cover!

    Thank you!

  5. Nice tip. I usually just sort of cradle the spine with the tips of my fingers while reading, which also gives it a curve and achieves the same effect, I think. I'm also curious as to your copy of We, The Drowned. My cover is the same but only black and white with a dash of yellow here and there among the swirls. But I see yours is blue. Amazing cover either way, but I wonder why there's a difference. Regional, I guess?

  6. ik heb een idee voor dutchspeakwords eentje maar dat je het weet:ik hou je in de gaten(i keep you in the holes) betekents=ik blijf je bekijken

  7. when you started folding the pages down I repeatedly jolted in horror telling to myself "ok, it's must be cracked now, we are all gonna die" BUT it haven't cracked! nice method, have to try it! 

    and PLEASE DO make more videos like this!! 🙂

  8. I've known this method for a few years now and am applying it to all the new books that I buy or get 🙂 even with hardcovers I do it, just to be save—I have no idea whether this is really necessary but I like to do it anyway ^^

    -story time
    A little while back, I went to Amsterdam with my sister and we both came home with a couple of books each—all coming from the Waterstones and the ABC.
    We both got our new treasures out of the bags and showed them to each other and basically took some more time admiring the new books I just took this opportunity to "break them in" I have no idea how else to call it. And I just felt people looking weirdly at me, not have a clue what the fudge I was doing 😛


  9. Awesome. Thank you! I'm usually able to make it through without cracking, but I have a paperback of Infinite Jest awaiting a read, so this is good to know!

  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates cracked spines! Neat trick. Definately need to try this next time instead of barely opening the book. Thanks for this!

  11. 1:32 Book dancing. That should be a thing. Imagine, a video done from the perspective of a book, dancing around, talking to other books.

  12. this tip is really useful^^ I tried straight away and it truly worked. Please do more of this kind of video ^^ 

  13. I love this idea, but I'd rather have a book with a cracked spine that's at least straight, than one that sits bent or crooked on the shelf. I've had to deal with both scenarios and I think I like cracked spines better.

  14. I just bought the first four books of The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore in beautiful paperbacks and I don't want to damage the spine. I like the look of a new book and like to keep it that way!

  15. All of my paperbacks are kind of cracked already 🙁
    Thanks for your tip, it'll make my reading time much better 🙂

  16. My books are very worn, I have read then so often and I have had them for so long that the spines are cracked, there are some pages covered in stains when I have spilt my drinks. Personally I'm not bothered whether books are torn or stained I thinks it's the content that counts. But great video I will try this with some of my older and special books x

  17. I love reading books, over 80% off my entire book collection looks 100% new and untouched I know it's crazy or whatever but I feel very protective of my books and lend them to no one and try to keep them as clean and neat as humanly possible.

  18. when i did this yesterday the spine of my book had a creased line in the middle but no white lines !! did i do something wrong?!?!?! 😢😤

  19. Does doing this make the pages/cover flip up (not lie flat) when the book is on its side? That's another thing that bugs me.


    Actually, I hate cracked spines, but I've also made my peace with the fact that it happens. I prefer it not to, but I won't go out of my way like this to avoid it (because, if you open it "too far", you'll still crack the spine. Physics is a bitch)

  21. SOS Help!! I really need help to restore and repair a book with a spine that's moderately broken. Anyways, do you guys have any suggestions?

  22. Yes please do more videos like this! Can you do one on a really chunky book? I accidentily cracked the spine of HP5, which is really chunky. The new British version with the colors. Still sad about it haha. I'm the type of person who walks around with a plastic bag of Bruna in my bag, because it is just the right size to protect my books. I haaate books that aren't well taken care of. My books are actually most of the time better looking than books in shops. I'm now following this method to preserve the spine of my Lord of the Rings mass paperback pocket book.

  23. I got the heroes of Olympus book series I read the furs book and put creases in it but now all of them don't have creases

  24. Wow you actually saved me, i just bought the beautiful bloosmburry paperback edition of order of the phoenix and i started reading it slowly in an acute angle ,thank you so much! 🙂

  25. I very much doubt a book of that kind would have any chance of cracking whilst reading it. And if it does, it's not that big of a problem as it is not an overly expensive book. However, with large sown binding hard cover books that are really expensive, it becomes a much bigger problem. I recently got a copy of 'Absolute Batman: the long Halloween', (a $150 book), I did the exact same stretching technique that you have done, only I did it far slower and more carefully and still the spine creaked and cracked like crazy. What the hell do I do!?!?!?!?!? 😡😡😡

  26. I am a spine phobic person! Whenever I get a book in Barnes and Nobles, and it gets a long crease on its spine I buy it again. 🙁

  27. Sometimes whenever I buy paperback, instead of reading it and going through the risk of a crease, I check it out hardcover in the library so I can spare my paperback version of it.

  28. Nooo !! :'( the shape of the spine after your process that's exactly what i don't wanna see, my book's spines are taking that shape even before i read or touch them. Please help, what's the problem ??? is it humidity, sun light or the quality of my books or maybe the way i arrange them !!!! they're right next to the window but the sun light starts to expose them only after 2 pm or 3 pm it depends on the season you know !!! So help I'm dying my books are dying :'(

  29. I find bending the cover back works well too. It doesn't lay flat once I'm done with the book so I'll usually put it in a pile of books to fix that. But I can't stand cracked spines mainly because it means the book will fall apart or lose pages faster.

  30. Isn't this tehnicque just for hardcover books? I know this "phobia" is stupid but I just hate to damage the book in any way so personally I consider a curvy spine, similar to the broken spine….

  31. I don’t have a problem with the look of cracked spines, but reading them becomes a pain because if you want your book to stay open while you do something, it will automatically flip back to the page where the spine was broken. I hate them!

  32. Borrowed misery off my sister. Gave it back and she said thanks but than said "what the fuck man, you broke the spine?" Like seriously it's not a big deal.

  33. I was so confused when you said 'Doei' at the end. Lol. I never expected you to be Dutch – I usually recognize the accent immediately.

  34. Tested this out with Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher paperback and I’m very please! I’m going to do this with Goblet of Fire after I finish Prisoner of Azkaban 💕

  35. When I was a kid, I used to be so OCD about not cracking the spine of a book that my parents were worried about me. Eventually I grew out of it. Now I love having a cracked book. It's easier to read and it gives me a sense of satisfaction seeing on my shelf which books have been read. I quite enjoy dog earring pages as well and tend to dog ear every chapter as I go along.

  36. i hate Cracked Spine and Crack the Spine is Murder the book i like to keep my books in good shaped as long as i can

  37. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I've only began reading Harry Potter this year and I got the paperback box set where all the spines line up to form Hogwarts Castle. Can't risk damaging that 😭 Thank God for this video

  38. do you know how to prevent book spine from curving.. i really need that.. because many of my books have that problem.. and its not just curve it almost look like a reverse C.

  39. i just accidentally broke my 930 pages THICC softcover A Game of Thrones

  40. It's astonishing to me that publishers in the UK (mostly, I haven't had contact with paperbacks from other countries) haven't begun to put a little pressing on the outside covers to guide how far the pages should be opened. This, coupled with bigger inside margins, prevents you having to open the book to much, cracking the spine and damaging the glue.

  41. Well I won’t be using that method again, cracked the centre of the spine of my 900 page book. Great method

  42. Again, I needed to show someone this video about not breaking the spine!
    Thank you, have the badge as well 😂

  43. I hate physical books for this exact reason. I don't want to damage them. I don't prevent cracked spines, but I'm scared that the book will end up ripping in half sometimes.

  44. You barely even open the book at the end… I want to actually see the words near the crease when I read

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