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Hey guys, it’s Nisha thanks for being here
and today I’m going to show you how to build the perfect smoothie. if you live
in the northern hemisphere like I do, chances are it is getting pretty hot
where you live. I’m currently sweating my way through
making this video because it’s 92 degrees here in New York City today. and
when is this hot I don’t really feel like having a big hearty meal so I love
making smoothies instead. but I want my smoothies to be actual meal replacements so they have to be stay satiating and filling. I don’t believe in those silly,
sad 100 or 200 calorie smoothies. not something I do. so today I’m gonna show
you how to build a delicious satisfying smoothie that will keep you full for
hours. I’m also going to share with you the ratios so you can build a perfect
smoothie without a recipe and also share how to best clean your blender. My first tip is actually very easy. it is to go down to the description box, find the
blog post about smoothies, go to the blog post, and check out the chart in there
because there’s a very helpful chart in that blog post that’s gonna give you the
ratios you want to use for a perfect smoothie – the amount of liquid, the amount of fruits and veggies, the amount of like fat sources and other add-ons or mix-ins.
and I would recommend bookmarking the blog post on your desktop or taking a
screenshot with your phones you can always have it handy. or you know print
it out, carry it around with you in your wallet. that’s not weird. totally do it.
have a smoothie consultation guide in your wallet. my second tip is to use frozen vegetables and fruits wherever possible. it’s gonna create that really
creamy thick texture that you want in a smoothie and it’s also gonna give it
that nice iciness without having to add ice. so if you’re using room-temperature
fruits you’re gonna have kind of a room-temperature smoothie. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t really sound appetizing to me. so try to stick with frozen fruit
when you can. if you’re looking for low- sugar fruits to add to your smoothies,
berries are the best option. of course you can buy them frozen at the grocery
store. They’re actually picked during their peak season
and then flash-frozen so they’ve got all the nutrients. but if
you don’t want to buy plastic packaging, you can always buy your fresh berries in
the summer and then freeze leftovers so you can have them throughout the year.
that’s something I love to do. I buy a ton of fresh berries as well as stone
fruit in the summer, and then I freeze the stuff I can’t use and then I can
have delicious fresh fruit in my smoothies year-round. and it’s also
gentler for the environment. and of course the most popular fruit to add to
a smoothie is the humble banana. they’re starchy and creamy and they add that
natural sweetness so they are perfect but when they’re frozen they’re even
better. your smoothies are gonna be so creamy and thick and luscious. it’s almost like
a dessert. like a healthy dessert of course. but like almost like a healthy
dessert. so I love using bananas. but if you are trying to limit your sugars, then
you can try to use one of the two vegetables I’ll suggest in the next tip. I like to think of smoothies kind of like cold soups. You toss a bunch of
vegetables in there, add some liquid, you blend it all together. and hope that it
tastes good. in all seriousness I do think there are
some limits. you know, maybe don’t add roasted eggplant to your smoothie, but
you can add quite a few different vegetables to your smoothies and still
have them taste delicious. You’re probably already familiar with green smoothies
because it’s 2019, so you probably have had a smoothie with spinach or kale in it, but
you can also use other greens. you can use collard greens which are so healthy
for you. you can also use like mustard greens or arugula. those are gonna be a
little bit spicier and more pungent, so go slowly – just add a little bit, see how
you like it. you can also add things that would otherwise go to waste like beet
tops or carrot greens if you want like a zero-waste smoothie. and then
these aren’t technically vegetables but I love adding fresh herbs like basil and
mint. they both add a really nice fresh refreshing taste. I don’t really know how
to describe it beyond that but they are fresh herbs, so yeah, they add a little
bit of a fresh pop to your smoothie. Two other vegetables I love using in my
smoothies but are not going to change the color of it are cauliflower and
zucchini. I know it sounds a little weird but hear me out. When you steam
cauliflower and then put it in the freezer it is gonna have this same
effect on your smoothie texture-wise as banana but without any of the sugar. of
course you can buy steamed cooked cauliflower that’s frozen in the grocery
section, but you can also steam your own cauliflower and then pop it in the
freezer, it’s up to you .for the zucchini I just
take a vegetable peeler and I peel this. I use this skin part – I put in
salads like as a topper or in stir fries. once you get past the green flesh you’ll
see some white flesh. I just slice that into rounds like I would a banana, pop it
in the freezer and then it acts again like a banana. it’s not gonna be as
creamy but it is gonna give a lot of heft and creaminess and nutrition to
your smoothie without the sugar. the last type of vegetable I love in a smoothie
is sweet potato. so when you bake a sweet potato, you know it gets like
really caramelized and soft. take off the skin, put the flesh in the smoothie. it’s
gonna add that really nice sweetness. it’s gonna add some creaminess and
thickness – just all-around delicious. I’m looking for a full meal replacement
with my smoothies, so I want to add ingredients that are going to help me
stay full. one of those is oats. yes you can add oats to your smoothie. one option is to add quick or instant oats to your smoothie directly into there. they don’t
have to be cooked – it’s just going to make it thicker. your other option is use
rolled oats, which is what I have here. and that is usually what I do. and it
will change the texture a little bit. it will make it thicker but if you want it
to be really smooth, you can soak your oats for just like 5 to 10 minutes
before adding them to the smoothie. to make things really simple you can
just soak them in the liquid that you’re gonna add to this smoothie, so your almond milk or your cashew milk or whatever. just soak your oats in there for like 10
minutes, prep the rest of your ingredients and the smoothie will be
really thick and creamy. I don’t really like to use protein powder in my smoothies
unless I’ve had a really tough workout. but I haven’t had a really tough workout
in a long time because I haven’t been to the gym in a really long time. kind of a
moot point for me. but if you are looking for creative ways to add protein to your
smoothies that do not include protein powder, here are some options. the first
type of ingredient are beans. and before I lose you, let me quickly explain I
don’t mean all kinds of beans. I don’t really recommend using black beans, for
instance, unless you want a Mexican salsa smoothie. but I do like using chickpeas
or garbanzo beans as well as white beans because they’re pretty neutral in taste
if you add them to a smoothie. as long as you don’t go overboard, it’s gonna add
some creaminess and protein without tasting like hummus. the other type of
ingredient is silken soft tofu. this is the softest form of tofu. it’s almost
like a jello-y form. it has no taste so it’s just going to make your smoothie
thick, creamy and add protein. If you want a smoothie to be a meal
replacement and to really fill you up, you want to have some balance of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. and my favorite source of healthy fat – shouldn’t
come as a surprise – is an avocado. if you add the flesh of like half an avocado to
your smoothie, it is gonna turn so creamy and thick, almost like a milkshake. t’s
just so satisfying. I also really love adding coconut yogurt to my smoothies. so you’re gonna get that rich creaminess from the yogurt and the healthy fats
from the coconut. and if you’re using a homemade coconut yogurt like I am, you’re gonna get that really nice subtle tang from the yogurt. this is the homemade
coconut yogurt from my cookbook The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook. You can find the recipe in the breakfast chapter of the book and you can buy my book on
Amazon or wherever books are sold. I’ve included links to buy my book in
the description box below. The other sources of healthy fats I like to use
are raw nuts and seeds, but if you don’t have a high-powered blender you might
wanted to stick to nut butters instead like this almond butter because your
blender might not be able to fully pulverize the nuts and you might just
have weird pieces of nuts in your smoothie. I like to add almonds, cashews,
walnuts – really any kind of nut or seed. we’ve got some chia seeds here. there’s
also flax seeds and hemp seeds. they’ve got healthy fats, and with hemp
seeds you’ve also got protein so a great addition to your smoothie in the morning. Smoothies are an excellent opportunity
to add in some superfoods that you might have trouble incorporating into your
diet otherwise. so one of my favorites is spirulina. this is you, as you see, this
beautiful blue-green color. it smells terrible. it smells like salty fish. but it is actually one of the most – if not the most –
nutrient dense foods on the planet. if you put in a smoothie, just like a half
teaspoon, you’re not gonna notice the taste or the
smell. it’s gonna blend in perfectly. the next superfood I love to add to
smoothies is turmeric. you do want to make sure that you add one of two
ingredients to your smoothie to make the active compounds in turmeric
bioavailable for your body to digest. either some healthy fats like
coconut oil or some black pepper. if the sound of black pepper in your smoothie
sounds weird, just know that you need just a tiny tiny bit of black pepper – so
tiny – you won’t taste the difference. and then finally if you’re making something
like a smoothie bowl, and you want some toppings, I love adding raw cacao nibs – adds a nice little crunch and if you want something chewy you could try goji berries and I love those in smoothie bowls. If you’ve made smoothies a lot, you know that your blender never really feels or looks
clean and you might have struggled with taking the blade out. especially if you
have a Vitamix like I do and you can’t actually remove the blade at the bottom
so you can’t put it in the dishwasher. I take a little bit of dish soap, put it
directly in here. then I fill the blender up with some water, maybe like a third of
the way full so something like this, and then I put it back on the blender stand.
don’t forget the lid. and then I just put it at medium, medium-high speed for like
a minute or so and that’s going to be the best way to clean your blender.
It has really changed my life since I’ve learned this tip. I promise it will
change your smoothie life as well. if you learn something new today, found this
video useful, enjoyed it… please give it a thumbs up. I always appreciate it when
you do. thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you in the next video.

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