How To Carve Links Out of Wood!

hey guys today I finished a project and I was really excited about it and it’s a gift so it’s going to be out of my hands shortly so before I do that I wanted to share it with all of you part of why i’m so excited is this project took a long time and i did a few different versions of it that failed before i completed it successfully and the project i finished is this necklace that I’m wearing it’s two interlocked wooden rings that I carved from one piece of wood so they weren’t two separate pieces to start out with they’re all one piece of wood and it was very hard and I’m going to tell you how I did it so I did not have the foresight to document the process of making this as I was making it and so the pieces i’m going to show you are from my failed attempts but i think you’ll be able to get the idea you’re going to start with a rectangular block of wood and on the top of it that is a square you’re going to make a cross with pencil you’re going to want to do it a little bit more precisely than I’m doing it right now because this is just to show you what i did when i did it for real i measured it out to make sure it was you know perfect cross and then on each side where the where the lines hit the long side you just pull those straight down again you want to be really precise because then once you have your guidelines in pencil you’re going to cut away all of the corners until you just have a long elongated three-dimensional cross left so all that will be left is the thin cross section of the cross so here’s a different piece of wood that illustrates that this is from from one of my failed attempts so it’s not completely done but you can see in two sides I’ve cut away everything except the cross from the top it’s a very rough example but hopefully can get the idea so then what you do is you kind of draw the rings and you kind of have to pretend like one of the sides that is protruding toward you is not there and draw it as if it’s flat so you can kind of see that there’s the circle pretending like this isn’t protruding and then you draw the other ring on the other side coming down and I’m a visual learner so I don’t expect anybody to understand what I just said so here’s my kind of crude drawing of that and here you see the lower one comes into the middle of the first one and I didn’t put away this side so you can’t really see but it would extend on this side if I had finished this block would which I didn’t so then you’re just going to cut away everything that is not what you drew starting with the outside and eventually you will come to this so you’re going to have two circles that bisect each other and I you know this is the failed one or one of the failed one so you can see it broke but you can kind of tell how we get from step one to step two or three to four or whatever the number step we’re on we’re pretty far pretty far through the steps and so then you can see the next step was to cut away from the middle which is where it gets really tricky and things start to crumble because if you cut away too much or if you apply too much force it gets really fragile and it starts to break but if you go really carefully and slowly you will eventually have two connected rings that are loose but connected and it’s like whoa how did you do that that’s amazing it’s magic and I did that with this one but I didn’t like this one I didn’t like how it was kind of lopsided and I made it out of this really light wood and I tried to stain it and it kind of came out blotchy and I didn’t like that and I just I wasn’t happy with it it looked a little messy they weren’t as round as I liked you can see they’re a little bit kind of lopsided so I decided to start over I started over with a darker wood so that I wouldn’t have to stain it and I could just leave it its natural color with just a varnish so that it would really bring out the wood grain I took what I learned for my failures so that this time you know I didn’t make the mistakes that I had in the past and I was really really pleased with how it turned out so here they are my beautifully round and delicate interlocked rings and as you can see i decided to loop these chains kind of like that and then secure them at the other end with the clasps to make it a little bit easier I didn’t want to risk forcing something onto these wooden rings just in case I I don’t know I was just really scared that we’re going to break so yeah it was a lot of work but it feels really good to have succeeded and I hope my friend likes her necklace it is now a combined Christmas gift and birthday gift so she better like it let me know if you’ve done a project that took multiple attempts to get right and how good it felt when you finally did in the comments below and I’ll talk to you next time

18 thoughts on “How To Carve Links Out of Wood!

  1. Ooooo I feel like I learned something! This is really neat 😀 printing the cover of my zines always takes multiple attempts – I can never align things correctly the first time, haha!

  2. This was so interesting to watch! I'd definitely be curious to give something like this a try now. Thanks!

  3. I went to college for woodworking, so as you were showing how you did this I was thinking through how I'd do it. I think I'd need some sharp chisels, a good set of files, and an ungodly amount of time! 🙂

    When it comes to multiple attempts at projects I'm a fan of making sample pieces to figure out a process or technique and then starting on the actual piece so that limits the number of do-overs I need. I think it helps take the pressure off because I'm not worried about messing up the "sample" piece… Of course if the sample turns out good it gets promoted 🙂

  4. Wow they look amazing. I have been known to throw bears across the room in frustration especially when their very expensive mohair frays as you're stuffing them or closing seems. best feeling in the world when you master a new skill Or complete a difficult project!!

  5. I have just today put on you tube a pair of interlocking rings which have been turned on the wood lathe outside diameter 150 mm. Frankie McGuigan. Please comment.

  6. if you want to know how to make it yourself, just go to woodprix webpage. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  7. Omg this idea came into my minde and i was looking for ideas and thechnique and im giving it as a gift too

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