How to change Profile Icon

as you see some of my friends has icon change Here how to do it click Blizzard on top left Click Setting Click “Bete” –>”Switch to Beta” Click “Yes” The file is starting download it But won’t take long After Update Blizzard App request restart Click “Restart Now” After Restart you Blizzard App is not look much different Click your profile icon Then Click “View Profile” Click Pencil Icon Ta~~Da~ Pick what you WANT!!! Take your time….even you can change it later again After you choose what you want , close the window you will see another optional “About” which game you want to show the icon Link to another Media But No yet And the last one i did’t show you is another optional for your profile If you want show on Public/Friends/Only Me Here after you change , Your profile icon will change Ta~~Da~~ Enjoy~

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