How to change language in Battlefield 4 without re-installation!

1. Go to your Battlefield 4 Installation folder [e.g C:Program Files(x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 4] 2. Follow the path to “…DataWin32Loc” (Optional) Copy all the language files to a backup folder of your choice – you never know ๐Ÿ˜‰ 3. Delete the unwanted language files in “Battlefield 4DataWin32Loc” [e.g the files starting with “de…”] – leaving behind 8 english files in the folder Done – you are ready to play Battlefield 4 in english!

98 thoughts on “How to change language in Battlefield 4 without re-installation!

  1. i got battleflied 4 russian and today i buy battflied 4 premium i need re-download the game to version english ?… please help me

  2. after i changed all the registry files this seems like the way to go….thanks for this video mate! it works. cheerz!

  3. Hab bf4 nach ein paar Monaten wieder installiert und dann war es auf einmal auf Deutsch -.- Danke mann. Nie wieder "reanimieren".

  4. hey guys i was facing the same problem of russian language …i corrected it by just changing language to english us(en_us)from russian in the regedit …i didn't do any other remedy.

  5. I checked just now, and if you rightclick > Game Properties on the game in BF4, it allows you to change the language. As far as I can recall, this wasn't the case earlier. Just something to try for people:

    1. Open Origin
    2. Go to "My Games" (default is usually "Store")
    3. Rightclick on "Battlefield 4"
    4. Click "Game Properties" (might be something different, based on your language)
    5. Select your language in the dropdown menu next to "Language".

  6. ive only ru_RU and pl_PL this looks easy if you have worldwide language files , really we need a download for all the en_US files within the loc file ..if anyone can help it'd really simplify lots of peoples problems, all because ea origin want to mess with cheap copies rather than be happy we aren't on steam for a change! with only 100 friends in friendslist itas hard the more origin games i buy to delete actual people i like so now i buy multiple games on multiple origin accounts which bulk out their servers data a different way! add 100+ friends origin! wake up n listen to us gamers.

  7. i downloaded this in two languages ( english,russian ) i found only 14files instead 16…8 is russian and 6 is english..where can i find remaining and how to fix it ..plz help me with this

  8. NOT WORKING!!!!!! i donwloaded english files and changed registry files but game is not openning its stuck on black loading screen and game is not openning

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