How to choose profile pic in Battle.Net Beta

okay hello guys it’s Nikolai here now
here to teach you how to make your profile icon on battlenet or Blizzard I
don’t know what you call let’s just start to get this icon or any others
you need to go to blizzard settings first going to settings after you need
to go at the Beta one and the switch to Beta yes and you need to wait until
it’s downloaded you know it will be downloading like beta version and
after that what do you see its downloading right now yeah so I just wait for a little. okay now my
downloading is like finished so I need to restart now or exit blizzard so you
just press restart and you need to wait until it
will be open okay now you can see there’s a beta icon okay now we’re
done with better after it going at your profile and going view your profile
like a sorry my bad English but anyway let’s just go to your profile and here
you can select your avatar and choose whatever you want it’s only on Blizzard
games you know what game do you have you its doesnt matters if you have you have any games
of from it you can place any icon if you want this is what you want just randomly
choose whatever so I guess it was my tutorial how to get the icon battle net
I hope you have I hope you liked it and good luck in games and in life. cya guys

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