How to Earn Charlemagne Cross – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some
Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today we’re earning a medal called Charlemagne
Cross, with a focus on Rush. The first objective is to play 1 round. Rush is a great game mode and if you haven’t
tried it out, I HIGHLY recommend it. Up until Operations came along, it was the
BEST game mode for experiencing all out war! If you want to experience two armies clashing
into each other head to head, Rush is the game mode for you. It’s a linear game mode where one team pushes
forward to plant bombs on the objectives while the other team defends. Rush is a staple in the Battlefield franchise
and has been the only game mode that delivers a true battle experience, until Operations
came along. Operations was done so well in this game,
I think it could’ve replaced Rush. They are practically the same thing as far
as pushing forward and gaining territory, but either way, they are both a blast and
a must try for Battlefielders. We were defending this round and lost the
first game, but that’s okay, because we’re just getting warmed up to the game mode. Here’s where it counts, because the second
objective is to win 1 round. This game was awesome. It was well-fought from both sides, and I
even won it for us at the end. I decided to try something challenging, so
I’m running the Scout class with the SMLE MKIII Infantry. It’s a bolt-action rifle with no optics,
so this is probably the most common World War I like weapon that there was. Without a scope, it’s difficult to judge
distance and get that headshot. Aiming above the enemy’s head and factoring
in that bullet drop is so much more of a challenge because your iron sights are now covering
up the target and you can’t even see what your shooting at! With that being said, I love the feeling of
the kick and the overall vibe of this thing. Combined with this game mode, it feels super
realistic and that’s hard to accomplish in a video game. I’m also using the Frommer Stop, which I
used almost exclusively to earn Lightning Cross Order. It’s a good sidearm, but I’m gonna switch
back to a more powerful handgun like a revolver once I get 100 kills with it. So here’s the end. They have 0 soldiers left, but the telegraph
is armed, so I swoop in there and get the disarm for the win. I took a grenade at the end, but that’s
part of it, and it was well worth it to move on to the next objective, which is to arm
5 Telegraphs. For this, you just need to make sure you’re
on the attacking team. I switched back to Assault for some more firepower,
and it served me pretty well. One thing to note about this objective is
that it IS individually awarded, unlike the third objective for Avian Cross. This means YOU need to be the one to arm the
telegraph, so rush in, get up close and personal, and arm it yourself. This is why I went with the Assault class. You could also try Medic if you think you’d
be better served with med bags. I preferred to clear out the area with my
AT Grenades so I could rush on in. Another strategy is to charge in as soon as
possible before the enemy even has time to get there. This is risky because you’re potentially
a lone soldier on the front lines, but it can be very rewarding since they may not expect
it. You don’t have to actually protect it and
get the destroy, although it’s worth 750 points if you do. We steamrolled ‘em these two games. My guys were doing a fantastic job of pushing
and defending the telegraph once we got there, and it earned me Charlemagne Cross. I had a blast with this medal, and I’m sure
you guys will, too. Let me know your thoughts. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like. I hope you guys enjoy the tactics and tips,
and I hope to see you on the Battlefield.

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