How to Earn Service Medal, First Class – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some
Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today, we’re earning a medal called Service
Medal, First Class, with an emphasis on infantry classes. The first objective is to get 20 kills as
Assault. It doesn’t matter what gun you run with
or how you kill the enemy. Any 20 kills will suffice. I’m using the Hellriegel, again, because
I’m earning 300 kills with it to unlock the Hellreigel Defensive. I’m also using the Rocket Gun, as usual,
and anti-tank mines to earn my Service Star with them. This objective is pretty straightforward. The Hellriegel will mow down the enemy with
its accuracy, low recoil, and HUGE magazine. Don’t forget to snipe with the rocket gun
and lay down mines in high traffic areas. I’ll even rush a tank with mines and sometimes
get a nice multikill. The second objective is to perform 20 revives. This is probably the longest objective for
this medal. I love reviving, and I think I do my part,
but it’s not my absolute priority. Sometimes I hear people complaining about
medics and while some are just in it for themselves, I can’t blame them for wanting to get kills,
too. They are not here just to follow you around
and keep you at the top of the scoreboard. If you want to contribute to the squad then
put on your headset and communicate. Tell them when and where it’s safe to revive
and help them help you. You can’t just play solo all game and then
get mad at others when they’re soloing, too. Now to some tactics, as you see here, this
is one heck of a firefight, and I’m doing everything I can for the good of my squad. Sometimes that means reviving and sometimes
it means staying alive. Both are valid options and you need to let
your squad mates know what your doing and if they need to spawn on you. If a teammate dies, find out why before you
run out in the open to revive them. Also, I LOVE the new Medic call-out feature. If you see a man down, you can use the spot
button to let them know you’re on your way. If you’re the one that’s down and see
this happening, please, please, let the Medic revive you. He’s going out of his way to heal you so
the least you can do is not smack him in the face for it. That’s the quickest way to get booted by
your squad leader. The third objective is to perform 20 resupplies. This was by far the fastest objective and
took me less than 3 minutes. Just keep an eye out for the guys actually
calling out for ammo, but also just drop a bag next to anyone that’s not on the move. If you really want to help out your team,
keep an eye out for the Assault guys that are taking down enemy armor. They’re the ones taking a risk and can really
use the help. The last objective is to get 10 kills with
single-action rifles. This is pretty easy and straightforward. I didn’t think I played this class that
much, but it’s actually the first class I reached level 50 with. My favorite weapons are the Gewehr M.95 and
the SMLE. The Gewehr M.95 doesn’t have a sweet spot
like all the others, but it has the fastest RPM’s. The SMLE has a pretty common sweet spot range
and 10 rounds in the mag. I actually like the Infantry variants better
than the scoped versions. I guess aiming down the scope and looking
into the soul of my enemy is just not for me. Well there it is guys, Service Medal, First
Class. This is one of the more easy medals as long
as you’re decent at switching classes and playing their roles. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like. Have a good one, and I’ll see you on the

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