How to fix Heroes of the Storm memory/lag issues

Hi guys crazi asian here with quick
tutorial on how to stop your heroes of the storm from lagging and crashing out. A lot of people have
noticed that this game takes up a lot of memory and its slowing the machine is down to the point where they just cannot play so one of the first things you can do is
quickly go into the game options and here you’ll notice your
graphic settings and you can actually turn down your graphic settings to high or medium and accepted it to adjust for your machine the second option which is probably whats gonna fix it is exit the game and bring up your account now under the options, select game
settings and scroll down and find your heroes of the storm you’ll notice that it default launches
in the 64-bit client which seems to be causing a lot of the
lagging and slow issues for most people so just check that box to launch the
32-bit client click done and just launched the game as
normal hopefully that should fix a lot of the
lagging and crashes that people have been experiencing and improve your game play
overall hope this advice has helped you guys and see you next time

7 thoughts on “How to fix Heroes of the Storm memory/lag issues

  1. first of all battle net it self use so much of my cpu got pc running bf4 almost full setting battle net make my computer sound like an old vacum cleaner

  2. I cant believe they havent fixed this yet. Ive turned down all my settings to the minimum with no sound and its taking almost 2 gigs. fking crazy. I cant figure it out

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