How To Get To Champions Division In Fortnite Chapter 2! (Fortnite Arena Mode Tips)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over the fastest ways to gain points in arena mode, and eventually
get all the way up to champions division. As competitive Fortnite becomes more and more
popular over time, I’ve seen a lot of requests for me to make a video like this. And with arena points resetting back to 0
at the beginning of chapter 2, I think now is the perfect time to make this video. Plus with the recent addition of skill based
matchmaking into the game, a lot of people feel that arena is basically just public matches
with health and mats per kill, so they see that as the much more inviting option. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright, so since the 2 arena modes in the
game right now are arena solos and arena squads, those are going to be the 2 specific modes
that we talk about. Even though your arena points are going to
be the same no matter which mode you play, solos and squads have different strategies
to maximize your points gained. But first, you should understand how many
points you need to reach certain divisions in arena mode. I’ll put an image on the screen right now
that shows the entire breakdown, and as you can see, it starts off relatively easy to
move up in divisions, and then overtime as you get towards the end of contender and beginning
of champions, you’re gonna need 2-3+ thousand points. So now that you have a feel for that, let’s
start this off by talking about arena solos, which is definitely the more popular arena
mode. So one of the things that’s really important
to look at when it comes to increasing your arena points as fast as possible, is how important
kill points are vs. how important placement points are. And in arena solos, the amount of points you
get per kill and for certain placements stay the same no matter which division you’re actually
in. Each elimination is worth 20 points, placing
in the top 25 is worth 60 points, placing inside the top 15 is an additional 30 points,
placing inside the top 5 is another 30 points, and then getting a victory royale is 60 more
points. The only thing that changes scoring wise is
the bus fare, which is the amount of points you lose at the beginning of each games, starts
to slowly increase as you get higher in divisions. For example in divisions 1 and 2 the bus fare
is 0 which means it’s literally impossible to lose points in those divisions, but in
division 10 the bus fare is all the way up at 80 80, which is actually a very considerably
amount. So when I take a look at those point values
for solos one of the things that I notice right away, is the fact that kills actually
have have a pretty high value compared to placement. For example, going from 15th place to 5th
place which in a lot of lobbies will be very difficult to do, is only worth 30 points,
which is the equivalent of 1.5 kills and that’s obviously not a lot. So that’s actually really important, because
it means that for solo arena, there are basically 2 different ways to be successful, and gain
points very quickly. The first method is what I would advise for
players that are more average, and less confident in their general skill. In the first 5 or 6 skill divisions, so all
of the open divisions and the first 1 or 2 contender divisions, players are going to
be playing incredibly aggressively, basically treating arena games like regular old public
matches. So what you can do as a more average skilled
player, is take advantage of this by mainly playing for placement points, and only going
for kills that you’re very confident you can get. If you can get even just 1 or 2 kills but
consistently place in the top 15, that’s a total of roughly 110-130 points per game,
which is really solid. And I know that may sound somewhat difficult
if you aren’t a great player, but trust me it really isn’t at all. If you just land at a nice uncontested spot
towards the edge of the map, loot up, get max/near max mats, maybe fish a little, and
then smartly rotate throughout the game and try to play near the edge of the zone, you’ll
be shocked at how fast the lobbies die out in the majority of the divisions under champions. I mean seriously, there will be times where
you’ll get your 60 points for placing in the top 25 before you’ve even seen a single enemy. Plus any kills you can get on the way to your
placement points are just a nice bonus. And with so many players treating arena like
public matches and playing like psychopaths, since you took your time to fully loot and
farm at the beginning of the game, you’re likely going to have a huge health and loot
advantage over these players who maybe looted 1-2 houses then just started pushing everybody,
so most middle game fights should be very winnable even if the players are more skilled
than you. But on the flip side, if you’re a player that
feels very confident in your own ability, playing aggressive and pushing everybody you
see is a viable option as well, especially in lower divisions. If you can get consistently have games where
you get 5-6+ kills, you’re going to gain points very quickly, especially if you can at least
get the 60 point top 25 placement bonus as well. However be warned that even though this definitely
is a viable strategy in the lower divisions, once you get around maybe the the 3-5 thousand
point mark, the bus fare and the skill of the players in the lobby is pretty much going
to kill the viability of this strategy. I’m not saying to just never go for kills
and play totally passive, but you should definitely be much more selective of the fights you take
as you get close and closer to champions, because the placement bonuses are going to
be a much more consistent and easier way to earn points in those higher skill lobbies. So I think that covers most of the stuff that
you need to know about gaining points in solo arena, now let’s talk about squads arena. Let’s start off by again quickly going over
the point break down for this specific game mode: Each elimination gives each player 5
points, placing in the top 8 gives each player 60 points, placing inside the top 4 gives
each player 30 points, placing inside the top 2 is another 30 points, and then getting
a victory royale is 60 more points. So the biggest difference between arena squads
and arena solos, is that in squads, kills are significantly less valuable since they’re
only worth 5 points each, but the placement values are exactly the same. Now there’s 2 things about this that are important
to understand. First is that the positions for placement
bonuses are higher in squads, but this is a little misleading. Instead of being top 25, top 15, and top 5
they’re now top 8, top 4, and top 2. But also you need to remember that since this
is squads, your team could technically get the 60 points for a top 8 finish, when there
are still 32 players alive. Now that’s obviously fairly unlikely since
not every team will still have 4 players left, but just know that finishing top 8 or top
4 in squads is definitely a little less intimidating than it may seem. Second is that it’s obviously going to be
easier to get more kills with 3 teammates than you would playing solo, but I still think
kills are significantly less valuable here. It’s going to be a pretty difficult and time
consuming task to eliminate full squads in arena mode, so at least in my opinion, it’s
wayyy easier to get something like 5 kills in solos, than 20 kills combined in squads. Because of this, placement is absolutely the
way to go in arena squads. I guess in maybe the first 2 or 3 open divisions,
if you’re really confident in your squad, you can play aggressive, get a bunch of kills,
and still likely reach the placement bonuses in every game. But you need to realize that since there’s
no arena fill, you’re going to be running into coordinated squads every time you fights,
and it’s just insanely difficult to constantly win those engagements. So much like what I suggested for certain
players in arena solos, find a landing spot with a good amount of loot that will be uncontested
the majority of the time, make sure everybody farms up max mats, and then make smart rotations,
only taking fights that you’re confident your squad will be able to win. Your goal every game should be to get at least
the points from top 8 placement, and then if you get a lot of kills, or place even higher,
you could potentially be looking at a 200+ points game which is huge. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Let me know how many points you have so far
in arena mode in Fortnite chapter 2 season 1. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

75 thoughts on “How To Get To Champions Division In Fortnite Chapter 2! (Fortnite Arena Mode Tips)

  1. I’m at arena 6 as an Xbox player, I can say that the enemies I play against are not the best players but still are good at the game

  2. I’ve got about 700 points. But I’ve only played a few solo games of arena. I’m gonna start playing it more though

  3. I’m so glad he didn’t expose my personal secret of playing at like 5am in your local time on your local server, most people playing with you will have a higher ping than you

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  5. 0 points. My playtime of this game went from 10-15 hours a week down to maybe 1-2 matches a week. Season x ruined this game for me. And chapter 2 isn’t doing anything to bring me back. Still filled with annoying bugs and glitches. Is the only game o ever get lag in.

  6. Damn I just lagged with 300 ping when I had a shot on gronky then died to him and he wiped my whole squad 😭😭😭

  7. I can place in top 5 in every match with 1-5 kills and I place second always I do silly mistakes I could have won multiples game if I was more careful.

  8. Watched entire vid and did whatever the heck I want and I play arena for 10 straight and I got 3300 points and I started 2 months ago and I got 150 wins

  9. People don't get this
    İf you can't get to champleague that means you are not good enough that's what they want
    That means your skill level is contented league

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