How to make a paper assault rifle that shoots 11 shots

in a previous video i showed you how to make a paper revolver that shoots 6 rubber bands today based on the same idea i’m gonna be showing you how to make a paper revolving rifle that shoots 11 rubber bands before we start you need to make 14 paper rolls , 12 of them are the same size and the other two are a bit bigger to make the smaller size one get a sheet of paper and put a strip of tape at the edge then flip the sheet over and using a drinking straw roll the paper up like that and with a small stick get the straw out to make the bigger roll get a sheet of paper and roll it up with a tube of paper glue and take it out once you’re done after you make all the rolls take 11 small size rolls and a big one to make the revolving cylinder starting by gluing each pair of rolls together after that use the bigger roll as an axis and start gluing them all together around it make sure you keep the axis roll free at the center now take a strip of tape and gently put it around the other end just to make sure that every thing is fixed in place next.. take the bigger piece of roll and use it to roll up another one that we’re gonna use later then cut it into three pieces two 9 cm pieces and a 7cm piece take 9 cm pieces and fold there tips like that after that glue them both together then stick them to the axis roll this way take the other piece and glue it to the back now take the other roll you just made and cut it into three pieces slide one onto the back of the axis roll and take another piece and tuck one side of it then glue it at the bottom fold the last piece progressively like that then tuck the other side and glue it to the back the next step is to take the remaining paper roll and cut a 5 cm piece then take the straw we used to roll the paper and cut of the side with the sharpened tip then glue it into the roll after that take it and glue it at the top of the axis roll and make sure that the sharpened tip is pointed to the bottom of each hole in the cylinder and i’ll tell you why in a moment now let’s start loading the rubber bands but before that you should tuck the tips of the barrels so the rubber bands hang on tightly first .. take of the cylinder and stretch the rubber bands a long the barrels after loading the rubber bands insert the cylinder back and once you push the rubber band the sharpened tip will jam it up until you pull back and the rubber band released now let’s make the scope by cutting a sheet of paper in half and with a tube of paper glue roll one piece up like that fix it with tape and don’t forget to get the tube out then take it and roll the othe piece as well and after fixing it you can adjust the size of the scope as you want finally , glue a small piece of roll to the scope then glue the scope at the top

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