How To Play Destiny 2 with Steam Input

Soooo, this is easily the most requested game
to get a Steam Input tutorial. And unfortunately, my reply has always been
something like “I would love to cover this topic, but I don’t own Destiny 2.” Well, thanks to Bungie hosting a free weekend,
I was finally afforded the opportunity to take a shot at this and find a definitive
way to get Destiny 2 playing nicely with Steam Input. As usual, timestamps and a link to the script
can be found in the description as well as links to all of the software required for
this method. So let’s get to it. First, let’s look at why Destiny 2 doesn’t
work well. Luckily, this bit deson’t even require research
since Bungie already said that Destiny 2 on PC was going to actively refuse to work with
overlays and application hooks, the exact two methods that Steam Input interacts with
games. There was a bit of eventual clarification
(or backpedaling, depending on your perspective) as Bungie said it would allow some popular
overlays and hooks to work, but Steam Input was sadly not one of them. So for anyone who has kept up with my videos,
the answer to this is obviously GloSC. If you’d like to learn more about the program,
head on over to this video that explains everything about it. What we need to do is display the overlay
outside of the game window and send emulated inputs without hooking into the game, which
is exactly what GloSC does. However, I will be altering the goal a bit
and taking one extra step here as I want to make this a one click solution. I don’t want to run a Steam Shortcut, then
click another button, etc. So I’ll be using BnetLauncher to launch the
game. And be sure to grab the latest version of
BnetLauncher since I tried this with version 1.18 and ran into issues. Extract the zip and put this folder anywhere
you like. Be sure to remember where you put it though
since we will need it for the next step. Next, fire up GloSC and click Create New. Make sure Enable Overlay and Enable Virtual
Controllers are both checked and make sure that Use Desktop Config is not checked. Check Launch Game and point this toward wherever
you saved bnetlauncher.exe and put “dst2” in the Arguments box. Then give the shortcut a name — I like Destiny
2 for this example — click Save and then Add All to Steam. Two more prompts will appear, press Yes then
OK. This will restart Steam and now you can launch
the new shortcut that was added. Though I’ll add a nice banner to it so it
blends in nicer with the rest of my games. When you get into Destiny 2, the first thing
you’ll want to change is the window mode in the Video section of the Settings. Change this to Windowed Fullscreen so that
GloSC can easily grab focus away when you want to display the overlay. And that’s it. I have full XInput support on my Steam Controller
and I can easily switch to my personal config (that uses keyboard and mouse) and even use
the Radial Menus. So there ya go. While it sounds like a simple solution, I
actually had to try four or five different approaches to get it all working consistently
and without any extra interaction outside of running the shortcut in Steam. So I certainly understand why I received so
many requests to look into this. If you run into any other troublesome games,
please leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do to get it to work with Steam

35 thoughts on “How To Play Destiny 2 with Steam Input

  1. I literally just got destiny 2 and stumbled on this same exact method after tons of trial and error just this morning lol

  2. Thank you so much for this. I was literally trying to get this set up today and just found the vid after looking through your channel earlier.

  3. me again, finally thanks to you i can use my switch pro controller in destiny so you are a master

  4. when I launch the shortcut with steam it doesn't work but if I create a shortcut for bnetlauncher with -dst2 arg the shortcut works.

  5. So thank you for the guide, I managed to get the game running and detecting my Xbox controller through steam link, BUT it looks god awful and runs like complete turd at below 30 fps. My computer is more than capable of running the game at Max 1440p or beyond, and I hard wired both the link and my PC but when I specifically try this game it runs like ass. Am I missing something?

  6. Hi I had super high hopes for this guide but unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried step by step what you said but when I start Destiny 2 trough the shortcut I can't open the steam overlay ingame. Controller doesn't work either. don't understand why

  7. Hey Critical, thank you for the video! Any idea why gloSC will only stay as a blank screen when launched using the above steps through steam? Its not frozen, it will maximize and minimize just fine but the window itself has nothing on it. It seems like the shell is launching but not starting the game itself. I have tried both with Destiny and Diablo III using their respective codes and no luck.. 🙁

  8. Hey the game wont launch for me. it launches through bnetlauncher but when i try to launch through glosc it doesnt launch. just the glosc window shows up

  9. I have been wanting to play D2 through my steam link and am afraid of a ban for using overlays. Any advice? Is it safe?

  10. in the page of bnetlauncher, says that dst2: Destiny 2 (Bungie have purposely disabled overlay), what this means? and what should I do?, thanks a lot

  11. I tried to use the hybrid config, with mouse and 360controller, but i cant use both at the same time TnT, I dont know what I should do

  12. dont work gamepad and trackpad as mouse togheter. some type of lock. i had to use the mouse joystick mode. it's horrible.

  13. As a filthy console gamer since 94 I really appreciate you going out and doing work like this. Seeing you do a video for this (a game I loved on PS3 with a proper PC sequel) and the recent Apex Legends video (I'm always down to support old school infinity Ward) has been a huge boost. Thanks for doing the work for folks like us!

  14. I keep getting a Vigem Error. I have repeated your process about 20 times AMD watched the video over and over. Not sure what I'm missing.

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