How to Play Games on Mac

– Hello, today we’re going to talk about the basics of how
to game on a Mac computer. There are a few basic
things you should know when it comes to gaming on a Mac computer. You should have a Mac that was
released from 2012 and above, as these support the graphics API Metal which actually improves
performance when you play games. You should have a suitable
Mac when it comes to gaming. For instance, the iMac series, great when it comes to gaming. Even better, 5K iMacs are great. 4K iMacs are also pretty good. And then another great Mac for gaming is the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro and the
iMac have dedicated graphics which is really good
when it comes to gaming. The worst Macs for
gaming because they have integrated graphics are standard MacBooks, MacBook Airs, 13-inch
MacBook Pros are not great, the older Mac minis, the newer Mac minis are
actually fairly decent. Aim for 15-inch MacBook
Pros and an iMac, 4K or 5K. Alright, so we’re now on my
Mac and I want to show you the best places where
you can find Mac games. So, the most obvious is the Mac App Store, which is usually found in
your dock, or you can find it by going to the search icon
and typing in app store. So, if you’re in the
Mac App Store you can go to the play page, the
way it organizes itself is a little bit different
but it usually does it in some categories like games we love, we have Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Rise of the Tomb Raider,
and Old Man’s Journey. Those are some new ones. But then we do have some classics
like Medieval 2: Total War and then usually we have
some other panels with games. You can also go into
categories, you go to games, and you can see the best
top-paid ones that people think and free. I don’t know why everyone
keeps saying that this game is amazing because it’s
not that good. (laughs) There’s the Sims 2 which
is an amazing game. And then, yeah, it shows
you some really popular ones right now like Otto’s Adventure, Civ 6, The Witness, the best
place is obviously Steam, now Steam does not come on
your Mac, it is something that you have to download
from the internet. Now Steam is, without
a doubt, the best place to find Mac games. It has heaps of them. In fact, it has about
seven thousand Mac games on this platform. So, in order to find them,
the first and most simplest way to go is to go up to games tab, go into MacOS 10, and
it will show you heaps of them here. So at the top, we have, it’s highlighting someone of the popular ones right now, and those ones really
aren’t that good. (chuckles) But if we go down to here
and we go to top-selling you can see the best ones
that people have been playing like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Ark: Survival Evolved,
Football Manger 2019, Rocket League, Civ 5, some
other really good ones are Rise of the Tomb
Raider, Hitman, Arma 3, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel,
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. To find your games library
you just go up here and you can find all your games here and I have a heap of them. is one of the
next most popular platforms to find games, you can play ones like World of Warcraft,
Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of
the Storm, and Starcraft. Overwatch is not supported on Macs so you cannot play that one. And you also have Epic Games. Epic Games offer, obviously, Fortnite and Unreal Tournament and Shadow Complex. It only has three games but
that is where you can find Fortnite which everyone damn well loves. And then you’ve got others like Origin, Origin offers The Sims
4 and 3, you can find The Sims 2 on the Mac App Store, it isn’t on Origin, but yeah,
Origin is the best place to find the sims. Alright, so the last
platform that I’m showing is GOG which is the best
place to find classic games that are still supported on modern Macs. So type GOG, google, go to the website, and from here you don’t
really have to download the actual GOG platform
or client, you can just search for a game you want. So you go to the store,
go to browse all games at the bottom and go to all games for Mac. You can find some new games
but also some older ones like The Witcher 2,
you can also find stuff like Syndicate Plus from the early 90s, the original Shadow
Warrior, Crusader Games, some more modern ones like Layers of Fear. Alright, so I actually
wanna show you in-game how to somewhat play a game. I can’t give it an
example of every Mac model but here we go. So, this is Rise of the Tomb Raider, a new game for MacOS, and
for instance what I mean by how to play I mean what
settings you should be running your game at. So for most games you
can change the display resolution. Now for older Macs or
Mac minis, MacBook Airs, or 13-inch MacBook Pros,
you should be playing at a resolution of 1280×800 or 1280×720. If your Mac doesn’t
support those resolutions try going for 1600×900
or 1400×900 or 1344×756. If you have a more high-end
Mac like the iMac Series or a 15-inch MacBook Pro you can go for a resolution of 1920×1080 and sometimes you can even go up to 2048×1152 but that depends on how good your Mac is. But 1920×1080 is usually the best one. Basically, the lower the resolution you go the more FPS you’ll get
but the lower you go the worse the game will look. That rhymed. (chuckles) For advanced settings, for instance Vsync, Vsync locks your frame rate at 60 or basically the refresh rates of your Mac which for pretty much all Macs is 60 hertz unless you have an external monitor. At older Macs, you should have Vsync off. This is because Vsync
will strain the computer and it might even
struggle to get even close to 60 fps at all. So, having it off, it
may have a better chance of reaching a more suitable frame rate. For newer Macs I like to keep it on unless you want to get above 60 frames. And for advanced settings like shadows, textures, its best to, for low end Macs, to go for a preset of low. If you have a more high-end Mac you can try medium or high. Basically, what you want to do is try to aim for a frame rate of 60 fps or just something smooth. You may have noticed that
there aren’t many games on MacOS. So, to avoid this, you an
easily install Windows 10 via Boot Camp Assistant
which comes on every Mac. Windows 10 Is free, by
the way, all you need is a 2012 and above Mac. To find Boot Camp Assistant, just go up to the search icon, type
Boot Camp Assistant. And go into that and
follow through the steps. Now, I suggest having
at least 150 gigabytes of storage for the
Windows partition so you can install a few games. If you can go above that, great. If you can’t, that sucks. I have a full guide of how
you can install Windows on your Mac in the description,
I made it last year, it still applies to today so check it out if you wanna install
Windows on your machine but Windows will give you access to a heap of more Windows-based
games and also give you somewhat better performance. You can also try using GeForce NOW, a cloud streaming service,
to basically stream games to your Mac. There are a few other streaming services like Vortex, LiquidSky, Parsec, but GeForce NOW is the best. So you can install GeForce NOW by simply searching on the interwebs, GeForce NOW however you will have to sign up, request beta access, and it will take a very long time. I have it here, you can simply search for GeForce NOW, it will
launch and as you can see we have heaps of games that we can stream in the cloud like Fortnite,
Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, League of Legends, Warframe, lots of games that aren’t
supported on the Mac platform. Now, I’ve tested GeForce here a few times and it works wonderfully. So, if you have access to
it definitely give it a go because it really is just amazing. Okay, you need a great
internet connection. Alright, and lastly, if you are using an Apple Magic Mouse to
play games, ditch it. Get rid of it and invest in some sort of gaming mouse. Now, most are compatible with Mac, this is the Razer Mamba,
wireless gaming mouse, and it has two buttons instead of one so it is so much better
when it comes to gaming. So yeah, ditch the Magic Mouse, it’s great for other things but
not for gaming at all. Get a two button mouse, you will have your life changed. You don’t really need to
change the Apple keyboard, if you can deal with it it’s fine. I actually think it’s perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. You an also use a wealth
of controllers on Mac, I love using PlayStation
controllers, PlayStation 4 is good, PlayStation 3
is good, and you can also use a few others like Xbox,
Horipad Ultimate controller. If you have any questions
about what you’ve seen here today or what you can do
in your Mac don’t hesitate to ask me any questions
in the comments below or if you want you can join
our Apple Discord gaming server with over 3000 members, it’s a great place to ask other people questions or myself and learn about Mac gaming. Thank you for watching. If you learned something,
definitely leave a like and if you wanna see more
content about Mac gaming then you know, you should
subscribe because that’s pretty much what this channel is about. Anyways, thank you for watching. Bye-bye.

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