How to Use Draught of Souls as a Fury Warrior

Hi Guys! Kelade here! You guys have been asking for it, and I finally
got it. Let’s talk about draught of souls and how
to incorporate this trinket into our opener and burst windows. While we’re at it, lets throw in convergence
of fates too! Since there can be so many different ways
of doing our opener, the best way for you to make a decision on what to use at all times
is just based on a priority of what does the most damage. So now, with draught of souls and convergence
of fates, and then you throw in odyn’s champion and whether or not you just got enraged before
you hit a battle cry? There are just so many different variations
of the opener that you can pull off. For example, you’ve got the dream opener
that is only attainable with Lust and Troll racial (or if you somehow managed to get that
high haste, but i wouldn’t recommend aiming for that now because you would be sacrificing
way too much of your other stats for it). This opener that requires both lust and troll
racial is: You pop your cooldowns+rampage, draught of souls, raging blow, bloodthirst,
odyn’s fury, and lastly raging blow. If you can get all of that into your battle
cry window, you will do the absolute most burst damage your warrior can do in those
7 seconds. Of course, not everyone is a troll or is lusting
on pull, but, if you’re doing one or the other, you can just shave that last raging
blow out of your BC window and you will still be doing really great burst. So, those 2 openers are what you want to aim
for, but of course, you won’t always have draught of souls for every battle cry, hell,
you might not even have odyn’s fury for every battle cry and that’s fine. The most important thing is to maintain enrage
during battle cry and follow the priority here. If you’re enraged for 3 or more seconds,
then you hit that draught of souls. That’s priority number one. If you’ll be enraged for your next GCD,
then your priority is: raging blow, odyn’s fury, 100 raged rampage, blood thirst, and
lastly furious slash. If you’re not enraged, the priority to get
enraged is 100 raged rampage, and then bloodthirst. As you can see, there are many similarities
between this priority and what’s in my 7.1.5 guide for single target. Now, what
do you do for AOE. This requires slightly more instant calculation. You’ve got legendary belt coming in, and
you also have the biggest variable of them all, how many targets are you going to be
able to hit? Now there are way too many circumstances to
cover them all, but let me throw some numbers at you. I’m going to give these numbers out assuming
you don’t have a whirlwind belt legendary, if you do, just take the number of targets
and take out a fourth. At just 4 targets or more, odyn’s fury becomes
stronger than draught of souls if we look at it from a dps perspective. Meaning if you pressed Odyn’s Fury and then
2 whirlwinds instead of channeling a draught of souls, you would actually have done more dps just
doing odyn’s fury and the 2 whirlwinds. But of course, you also want to compare the
damage between draught of souls and whirlwind. The point at which just pressing whirlwind
is stronger than draught of souls is at around 8 to 9 targets. So, think about the single priority
we have, if there’s 4 or more targets, odyn’s fury moves ahead of draught of souls, and
at the same time with 4 or more targets, whirlwind moves ahead of raging blow in priority (unless
of course you have the raging blow relics or the whirlwind belt, in which case your target
number at which whirlwind is stronger than raging blow will vary from 3-5). Then if there are 8 or 9 targets, you want
to even place whirlwind above draught of souls in priority. I didn’t specifically touch on convergence
too much in this video, but you essentially follow the same priorities in your burst window. And as I mentioned at the beginning of this
video, there will be some Battle cry windows that do not have a draught of souls or odyn’s
fury available to be used. In those cases, just keep following the priority,
it will help you get as many raging blows out as possible. And lastly, with draught of souls, battle cry relics
become even stronger, and mastery gains a bit more in value. For all of you that have draught of souls
already, I hope this video has helped you get a better understand of where this trinket
fits into your rotation and what it even pushes out of the rotation. And for those of you that have not attainted
this trinket yet, I will pray to the warrior gods for you. And that’s it for my daught of souls and
convergence guide. Let me know down in the comments below if
you guys have any additional questions. As always, feel free to drop by my stream
to ask any questions or even tweet your questions at me. Be sure to like and subscribe to the channel. Thank you guys for watching and see ya in
the next one.

99 thoughts on “How to Use Draught of Souls as a Fury Warrior

  1. I have been waiting for a good fury warrior guide on their opinion on when and how to properly use DoS… I have been testing and therory-crafting myself on my best openers and mid fight use of the DoS, So this guide was extremely helpful to hear from a great top tier fury warrior! Thanks for the great video.

  2. i got drought and a 4 set but i have a ugly amount of haste because of my teirsets (gloves from raidfinder fml)…21% haste and 25% crit

  3. If we engage without any haste buffs like heroism and 4set, is it still better to go rampage dos or would we be better off with bloodthirst dos to get the full 3 enrage seconds into dos? I am using the prio you have listed here atm.

  4. hey got a question. So about enrage, when i currently have enrage up, should i wait for it to run out before I press rampage at 100 rage or should I press rampage instantly when I am at 100 rage?

  5. Hey Klade what addons do you use? How important is it not to overlap enrages I often times get myself into a situation where I Bloodthirst just before hitting 100 rage and my raging blow is on CD so I don't know if thats where I should do Rampage or wait out the few secs.

  6. thanks a lot i just got the trinket a few days ago and was a little confused.

    I've got a question concerning mythic chronomatic anamoly because my guild is kinda struggling with it.. We always let the boss cast like 2-3 power overwhelming and then just break it and lust in a slow phase with adds. Imo thats pretty stupid and the logs confirm that. We are ALL below 15% dmg in comparison to people on our item lvl in the logs. I've seen some videos and they all chain heal cd's during the first power overwhelming and lust at the start of the fight. That is the best tactic right?
    Got any tips for that fight?

  7. I got a 880 Draught of Souls on thursday and I gotta say. I am so happy to have it. My DPS goes up. Shit dies faster. Can't wait to raid with it.

  8. How important is it to have the first hits from odyn's fury be in the Battle Cry window? Sometimes I prefer to use Odyn's Fury right before my Battle Cry burst in order to free up that global for a second bloodthirst

  9. hey Kelade! thank you so much for this guide but i have a question for you and its not about the video content xD up of the Details metter there's a channeler who tells you the "rotation"…. that's a config on weakauras?

  10. Kelade, Just to clarify, in the middle of the fight you wanna use DoS if you have enrage even if you don't have BC up to line up with DoS?

  11. Your guides are actually the greatest. They've really helped me become a much more knowledgeable player and its improved my performance in game by a lot

  12. how important is the 4 piece on fury warriors? it doesn't seem to be that amazing since the other fury warrior who has it doesn't do a ton more damage than I do.

  13. mmm ok so Avatar/BC > Rampage > DoS > RB > BT > OF?

    question, your DoS is going to be 1min 20s, do you then still BC on CD or is it worth it to Not use BC and wait till avatar comes back up as well? cos then you can basically repeat the same opening rotation again right? so far i've been holding back my BC's instead of using BC on cooldown

  14. Thank you for praying for me, I got both trinkets today one was titanforged and had a Socket so once again Thank you for your Support 😀

  15. But… Kelade!!! you are race:troll we can't do this rotation!!! we only can use 5 spell while u can 6 in Battlecry….fuck i'm alliance it's imposible for me and i have 32% haste
    -another queston is…if u only have 5 spells u would use odyns fury for DoT critical?
    PD: you are the best continue PLS!!!!!

  16. I got it on normal, titanforged to 900… it's godly for burst. Using a very similar opener to you and when it all goes off I'm hitting over 2million DPS (889 ilevel). I'm hoping to replace my legendary belt with the legendary helm and replace the last 3-4 865 bits. Loving that I stuck with fury warrior, currently sitting at weapon level 41 so hoping at 54 I'll start to really melt faces off! –

  17. Kelade, watching your vids has really helped me up my game and help my guild as we push through heroic, keep it up! Just a question on relics. I have 2 RB relics giving me 25% total increased RB damage. one of those is 870 iron. I have 2 880 irons that could replace it but one is fury on charge, and the other is FS dmg. is it worth it to swap up to either of these?

  18. I think there needs to be more discussion about holding DoS in AoE (especially with CoF). Even if DoS technically does more damage than 5 target WWs, there are situations where the mobs will die and you'll be back into single target before BC comes back up. DoS (and probably OF) won't be up yet, so you'll be hitting FS during that BC. Saving DoS would cost a bit of damage during the AoE, but would provide a lot more for the single target.

  19. I tend to find…. that Using Charge > BC/Avatar > BT >>> Odyn's Fury >> DoS >>> Raging Blow >>> Rampage >>>> Works out for higher burst for me. My issue right now is…. using RB on CD. What seems to be the issue you think for stopping you from min maxing?

  20. Do you have any recommendations for talents and gear-wise (like crafted stuff) for a fresh 110 fury warrior until you eventually get legendaries and so on? Thanks 🙂

  21. Hey thanks for the video! Maybe I'm a bit to dumb to understand should i ever DoS without BC? I don't have CoF yet so I always wait like 20-25 secs with the DoS.

  22. Now most the guides I read say to use bc avatar rampage draught RB BT RB obviously you won't fit all that in battle cry unless lust and prepot but with the 4 pc increasing your enrage I found this rotation to do the most damage BC avatar rampage odyns fury draught RB and I'm able to fit all this in the BC and enrage window the reason I have odyns as 2nd is so the dot can crit as your draught is going off….

  23. Hello Kelade, quick question. When the Draught of Souls available but Battle Cry on CD, should I use it anyway or hold until Battle Cry available? Thank you so much

  24. hi kelade!just want to ask what is more useful*i already have draught* should i replace my angerboda 880 with claw of scorpid 870?

  25. The best opener assuming you have 4pc is

    Charge/BC,Ava macro/rampage/odyns fury/draught of souls/raging blow/bloodthrist

    You're draught is still under frothing/enrage and BC Ofcourse but your odyns fury DOT gets to tick for the almost full duration of your other damage buffs. I've tested this multiple times in raid and on dummies and it's very significant it almost doubles the odyns fury damage of your opener vs using it after raging blow way down the line.

  26. Hi Kelade, thanks a lot for great video guides!
    I get CoF and DoS trinkets only yesterday and it is not clear how to manage BC with CoF on the AoE boss fights. For example – on the Guldan fight – Without CoF I hold my BC and OF for the eyes spawn to deal huge AoE damage. Now with CoF my BC cd have been greatly reduced but it is also adds randomness to the burst availability. It is looks like if I going to use BC on cd it won't always recover for each eyes spawn. Can you provide some best practices about BC usage with CoF on the AoE boss fights and where it will be better to hold burst?

  27. Hey Kelade, I'm a little confused on legendaries. With recent nerfs to the ring, what are the two BIS legendaries for fury warriors? Right now I have the helm, the ring, and mannoroth's wristband or whatever it's called.

  28. Just got DoS 905 from Gul'dan HC, long time waiting… I feel myself incredibly powerful right now, but I wonder if trinket is still BiS on AoE fights as Skorpyron is. I think there are others (chronoshard, Ursoc's rending paw, etc) that you can do more dps with in that kind of fights.

  29. Does Convergence of Fate sim correctly with default settings (5mins patchwork)? Because the heroic version sims ~20k dps worse than my Chaos Talisman 885? Can that be the case?

  30. Thanks for a good guide about Draugth of Souls, seems like i'm doing it the same way as you before i checked this video, but looks like I'll share this with other friends who has it as Warrior 🙂 outside of that, could you tell me what addon you use for the buffs you have to keep track of Enrage, Execute buff etc? It's rly annyoing to look up in the right corner and then locate it.. i tried to google but cant find it anywhere :/ thanks!

  31. First off I have to say thank you so much for taking time to share your knowledge and experience with everyone. in my opinion you are doing this spec coverage better than anyone online. I hope you keep it going 😀 That being said i think you have covered amazing burst dps for us, the explanations have been great, clear and concise. I have found though that Im having a problem with my upkeep between the burst windows and as a result my dps falls off. i know you covered the basic rotation but there are so many variables that are affecting things with these new trinkets, frothing buff and others. What Im asking is, would you mind going into some more detail about upkeep/maximizing dps between burst phases please? Again youre the best m8, keep up the great work,

  32. As weird as it sounds, I still prefer arms for it's playstyle even though Fury is doing better. Just missing this DoS.

  33. Great video! Have a question: You said popping cd's – rampage – draught of souls – rampaging blow – bloodthirst – odyn's fury – rampaging blow and goes like that. Why dont we change odyn's fury and first rampaging blow positions? Just correct me if im wrong but as i understand if you blow and bloodthirst first, then you will not able to crit all odyn's fury ticks because battle cry will not last long enough. But if you Odyn's fury and blow – thirst, then you will able to crit all of them. Thank you.

  34. Hi Kylade, does Bloodlust/timewarp/drums influence in the frequency in which DoS ticks? Finally I just got my own one(895) and my opener in dummy test do like 1.6-1.7M not the 2M+ you are doing. I have checked your wow progress and you just have 1 more weapon ilvl.
    And another question… is it worth using this trinket in aoe situations? Like in skorpyron or in guldan when eyes pop out.

    Thanks you so much, and appreciate the work you are doing here.

  35. Finally got a normal version of DoS (better normal than none til I get lucky in guild raids right? lol.) But if I understand correctly, you should always pair a DoS with a BC no? Would it be worth delaying your DoS 20secs to use it with BC?

  36. after a long patient wait I managed to drop burning fire and draught of souls in the same day, I still can't believe my luck

  37. bro so if u dont use Drought of souls on 5+ targets.. should you replace with with might of krosus? in fights like skorpyron?

  38. #1 Question rn is, where does it fit into the execute rotation? having trouble trying to figure that out, I've just been hitting BC and bloodthirst once then one execute to refresh my jug and then immediately draught and keep executing

  39. How does the opener change if you got the Legendary ring, and you get a procc right after you use draught in opener?

  40. First of all thanks for your videos, they've REALLY helped me up my dps. I however have a question since I finally got Convergence of Fates. Do you just pop BC when ever it's off CD? I guess what I'm after is if there is a limit where it would be beneficial to delay the BC so you could weave in OF or DoS.

  41. I found that even though I am a troll warrior, it's still hard to hit two ranging blow with the build with draught of souls.

  42. Yo Kelade, I have here a simply question: In fight where we can get lot of stacks from our artifact execute abilities (like Star Augur Etraeus) how we have to manage the trinket if both battlecry and draught of souls come avaiable? I mean if I already have like 30+ stacks (150% more damage from execute) is it better to continue execute pahse or interrupt stacks due to use trinket? Thx, great video

  43. Nice Videos can you post a new video with wich relics/items/trinkets and stats you prefer ? And changes on 7.2 for fury ? Would be nice ! thx

  44. I have been looking for a fury warrior since this expansion and none of them had my rotation or better rotations they had a terrible understanding of playing the spec but after seeing this video I'm amazed thanks 1+ sub

  45. what is the name of the addon that shows when enrage,frothing berserker and battlecry is on in the middle of his screen?

  46. So your goal is to get enrange and battlecry before using DoS? should you wait for avatar if its up soon or up

  47. Hi kelade..thanks for your vids..great help..i have a would the rotation be if you have legendary trinket and dos In opening rotation?

  48. Thanks a lot man, it's always all clear in your vids. But I have one question tho : When we have less than 4 targets, do we just use WW before every BT and RP ? For example on Botanist with WB talent, when do u use WW in the rotation ? and during the busrt ?

  49. Hello Kelade, you should put out a written down rotation variations. Really helps to see it written down instead of just being told through a video IMO.

  50. i did an opener of my own today which was weird battle cry odyns fury and dos , had like 6 targets and the combat text showed me multiple hits is it possible that dos can be treated like rampage and hit more than one target ?

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