– Hey you guys, it is me,
Kaelyn is not here today, (upbeat thudding music) it is just me by myself. I hope that’s is okay. I have something really really exciting to tell you guys and I mean
like very very excited. I’m just realizing how American
I’m sounding when I speak. Are you excited? He’s like, put me down now. So if you have been
following me on social media for a while, you may have
noticed that I have been hinting at something for a very
long time, like two years. (laughs) But I am finally been given the okay to tell you guys what
this exciting thing is. I can’t believe I’m actually
saying this out loud and I feel like I’m gonna
really annoy by like dragging this out as long as possible. (laughs) (shouting) A kid just like fell
into the swimming pool, like head first. It’s time, it’s time, I
can tell you, it’s time. For the last two and a half years, (thudding) Isaac, you’re kind of
stealing the moment right now. Can’t keep stealing my thunder this isn’t about you today, okay? It’s about me, it’s about me. (lip smacking) I love you. (thudding upbeat music) For the last two and a half years, I have been working on a book. (sighs) I’ve written a book, you guys. I have written like a book,
like an actual real life book with pages and a front cover
and it has my name on it. I started writing this book
while I was still at university that’s how long ago this
book has been in the process. But it took time because I make it perfect and it finally is. I don’t actually have
the physical book yet to hold up, so I’m gonna
put a little thing, just here, of the front cover. Tadada, this is so weird because
I can’t see it in real life but like in the future,
it’s gonna be here. Th book is called Girl Hearts Girl, it is a memoir and I am
so proud of it you guys and I honestly think
you’re going to love it. It’s about me and it’s about my life but it’s also about you guys, I talked about my relationships and coming out and coming
to terms with who I am in sexuality and confidence and all the struggles that I
went through in meeting Kaelyn, you guys will get to see our
e-mails that we exchanged, by when we first started talking. When I was younger and
when I was growing up, I needed a book like this
and there just wasn’t one and I was so lost and confused and lonely. This is the book that I needed, I needed this book when I was younger and I hope that by writing it, I’m providing that for you guys. Given the horrendous event
thats happened in this last week in Orlando, I feel like as a community, we more than ever need to be listened to and we more than ever need to come together to help each other. And so I really hope that
this book helps do that. The book comes out August fourth, 2016, so not long but it is already
available for pre-order so I will put the links
in the description. If you pre-order it, let me know, tweet me, send me pictures, there will be opportunities to meet me and hang out with me and I
would love to sign your book and give you a huge hug that information will be on its way, I will let you know as I get
the information fed to me. Keep an eye on my Twitter, I think where I will announce it. Maybe post a photo and a video too, we’ll see, so just, I’ll put
everything the description so you can just stalk
to your heart’s content, this is me stalking. I am so excited you guys, let me know if you’re gonna buy it, let me know if you’re gonna pre-order it. I cannot wait to meet you all and hug you all in real life because this is gonna happen and it’s gonna be amazing. (sneezing) Bless you. Are you gonna buy it? Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you are as excited
as I am, I’m sure you are. Keep an eye on my Twitter, keep an eye on our YouTube channel because there will be
more information to come, more exciting information. I will talk to you guys
really really soon. I love you so much. (lip smacking)

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