I Heart Asian Art: Making Memories at the Asian Art Museum | Reopen Feb 8 2020

[EMILY] The first time I visited
the Asian Art Museum I was very young, maybe
like eight or nine years old, and I was really excited to
try on the kimonos that were available in the kid’s area ’cause I’d never worn one before
and it was really exciting (laughs). [BILL] Well the thing that stuck–stuck
out for me was just the beautiful art deco architecture; how well it was framed. I loved the “Black Sun” sculpture, kind of framing
the Space Needle. And it helped tie the building
together with the city. [AUDREY] I know there was
some digital art stuff that I really liked, and
it was really like– it was interesting to like, see the meanings behind
the art, like instead of just looking at
the art itself. [XAIXIN] There are so many
wonderful pieces here, when I have friends from
Japan and China, I always escort them
to this museum to see your collection. And now with this
renovated, you know, plan, the role of the museum
will be even greater! [TAMMY] The more history
we can bring here to Seattle the better it is for
everyone that lives here. [EMILY] The thing I like most about
the Asian Art Museum is that that it’s solely
about Asian art which is pretty exciting
for me to see my heritage and where I’ve come from,
it’s just– it’s unique than going to a different
art museum that just has like any art, you know,
it’s pretty specialized so I can see what I’m interested
in and it’s great (laughs). [XAIXIN] This museum will play an even more
important a role in the Pacific Northwest. [EMILY] More space for more art. I mean, that’s super
exciting (laughs). [TAMMY] I think it’s great. I love it. [EMILY] I love the Asian Art Museum. It’s really exciting to see
something that’s so modern yet traditional
all at the same time.

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