If Muggings Were Treated Like Sexual Assault

– Mr. Williams, you
reportedly came in last night ’cause your– – My watch was stolen. – Your watch was stolen while on you. So you were mugged? – Yes. – Can you tell us, take us
through again what happened? – Yeah, basically I
was just on my way home from work last night. And I was waiting for the train. And this guy came up. I think he had a weapon,
I think he had a gun, and he just, he took my watch. – And I just, I need to–
– [Lady] Yeah, yeah. – When you put a watch on
like that, a flashy watch, who are you really wearing it for? (saxophone music) (logo whooshes)
(hinge squeaks) Look, I hate to say it but you just need to be more self-aware that when you wear a watch out like that, you’re really just taunting people. – It’s in our human nature to want to grab after wealth. And so a man strutting
around with expensive things, it’s taunting. Men just can’t dress nice
when the sun goes down. – Men generally shouldn’t
wear a major brand label after dusk, really. I have two sons of my own at home. And I would never let them
out of the house after 7pm in anything other than sweatpants. – Yeah. You need to dress down. – Mr. Williams, were you drinking the night that this happened? – No, I just got off work. – Do you like to drink? Couple after work? Couple on weekend? – Did you try to disguise it? Is there a chance that
perhaps you gave the man an idea that maybe you wanted him to come look at the watch? – Maybe you’re putting
off a vibe that said, “Hey, look at this watch.” (saxophone music) The manner in which you were walking, would you say that you
were flashing the watch? – I wouldn’t say that. – Maybe one could even say that you were advertising the watch. – Wait, can we just focus more
on the guy that mugged me? – Advertising the watch. – Listen, man, I wasn’t
doing anything illegal. I was walking down the street. The guy that mugged me, that’s illegal. – My sons are in sweatpants every day. (saxophone music)

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