If you have Windows 10 blank white icon issue? Then watch this video

if you were facing windows blank icon
problem then watch this video till the end
hi guys and welcome to the Web Tech Talkies so so let’s get started open your file explorer
then click on View tab and here you can see a checkbox labeled hidden item click
on that box if this box is already checked then close the file explorer now
press windows + R keys together and here type %local app data % and
then hit enter now as you can see a new file explorer has been opened now here
is why to find out Iconcache.db and delete that file permanently by
using shift and delete keys after that close the file explorer
and just try to restart your PC or you can signout after restarting your
PC the problem of blank and broken icon will be resolved and if not then here is
another way open the taskbar by pressing ctrl shift
and escape keys together and here try to find out Windows Explorer click on that
before that go to file run a new task and here type %local app data % and then hit enter and in this file explorer try to find
out Icon cache.db if it exists then
delete that file if it isn’t exists then just use the file explorer
and now go to Windows Explorer and just restart it after restarting it your
problem of blank or broken items will be resolved and if your problem isn’t
resolved then here is another way just go to bottom left corner of your
screen and right click there and click on run and here type ie4uinit dot exe space – show and then hit enter
after doing this your problem of blank or broken icon will be resolved and if
not then here is another way if all of your screen icons are not displaying and
you are facing problem with that just like this then just right-click go to
view and click on show desktop icon and if your particular and System icons
are not displaying then right-click go to personalize and go to theme after
that click on desktop icon settings some of you will have it at the bottom side of
your screen just click at desktop icon settings and then here click those icon
whose icons you want on your desktop for instance click on computer to get
computer icon on your desktop just like this I hope this fixes your problem if
this fixes your problem then hit that big thumbs up button do comment on this
video and share this video among others so that they can solve their problem
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signing off this time good bye and take care

100 thoughts on “If you have Windows 10 blank white icon issue? Then watch this video

  1. you are GREAT .. the best way >> open run > %localappdata% , delete "IconCache.db" after that press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC , Click on Windows Explorer and Click Restart .. your problem is solved .

  2. None of these work for me. My icons show as they should in the desktop, but when I open spotify and Battle.net, in the task bar the white pages are still showing there..

  3. Sorry bro none of the trick can't work. I type %localappdata% but it ask how to open your file instead of opening a appedata folder and same as 2nd method is not worling.3rd command ie4uuinit.exe -show is also not working. Message shown is window can't find ie4u……. file.
    Help bro

  4. None of these worked for me?! What I had to end up doing is right click on the game's missing icon on the desktop, go to properties, find the folder your game is located in and change it manually. I'm really not sure why I had to do it this way, or at all. Seems like corrupted file issue I'm not sure. The game works with or without the icon but still, shouldn't randomly disappear in the first place.

  5. Help! i dont have the "IconCache.db" even when i put the view hidden items checkbox on 🙁 … anybody knows why?

  6. What if I don't have IconCache.db file on the first place????? I bet no one has the solution to this problem. 🙁

  7. Thanks man this was a real pain for me open run > %localappdata% , delete "IconCache.db" worked. had to restart the explorer then it was perfect! .

  8. This didn't work for me, but I found out "winaero tweaker", installed it in portable mode, it has hundreds of tweaking options, almost at the end of the tree in Tool>Reset Icon Cache did the job and saved mi NB gone reset again (after 2 days). Very recommendable.

  9. At 0:55 I'd say instead of logging off and on again in Windows 10 instead do this:
    Start Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
    Locate Windows Explorer in Processes under Windows Processes
    Right click it and select Restart, this will end and start explorer.exe without you manually ending it and then running explorer.exe

    I'm glad they built that shortcut in 😀

  10. after pressing temp% all my icons are missing from desktop to task bar to view and press show desktop icons its buffing the icons wont come back on desktop what i do ?

  11. Can you help me. My Word document,PPT Presentation and XLS Worksheet be blank white icon,it doesn't show their icon.. Please help me please..

  12. I googled searched, Windows 10 desktop icons all white.  In our enterprise, we had all the icons on desktops go white, inclduing on start menus and task bar.  NOT one fix we could google fixed this issue.  .dbcache rebuilds, thumbnail rebuilds, powershell fixes, reupdating all programs.  The only fix most people settled on was a PC reset or reinstall.  Note this is on Enterprise WIN10 1709 the 30month supported version, so NO at this time updating to another version isn't an acceptable option (even though thats what MS will tell you if you go that route). We finally figured out the solution though.  If you are having the same issue then try this.  I had go to spiceworkds via this thread 

    https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/1973227-windows-10-desktop-icons-white and none of those worked for me either. Open regedit, and go to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTlnkfileshellexIconHandler]If your only thing in iconhandler folder is (defualt) and the value is set to : {86073620-2903-4112-8B55-6FCFCD1A8A4B} That is your problem.   It is a known issue with 1709 but interestingly we couldn't find it online.  Change the value to   {00021401-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} and reboot.

  13. You don't need to restart windows or logoff in the first example. Just open task manager , go to the Details tab, select the explorer.exe process and then click on End task .

    After that, the Windows explorer will close, so still on Task Manager, click on File -> Run new task and type: explorer.exe . Thanks for the video though, you helped me.

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