Impressions from the documenta 14 exhibition in Athens

The proposal to displace document 14 to
Athens is really intended to situate… …documenta at the very epicenter of European, … …but also global politics. But also to ask one important question: who does documenta 14 belong. The documenta, it is all around the city. We have exhibitions located in certain institutions. But we also have many other performances: Movie, music performances, everything. It’s all about art! It attracts people from around the world basically. And we experience something that we have… …never experienced you in Athens, anyways. So altogether it’s an amazing experience, I think. I’m in Athens for the first time. And it’s fun to get to know the different locations,… …to learn about the different stories behind those locations,… …in this way also to get to know the people and the streets… …and of course see a lot of great art. Art is not like furniture, so it
shouldn’t be placed just in one place. It would be better if it could be searched all over the world.

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