Increase FPS on the Battlefield V beta using some simple commands (i5 750 + GT 640)

Battlefield 5 beta is out! Time is now! Your computer sucks and you want to try the
beta no matter what, or you are curious type and you want to see how the game looks on the absolutely lowest settings. Or alternatively, you are watching this far
into the future while trying to increase your performance on this already released game, somehow. All valid! Let’s get to it quickly, before the beta ends. Assuming you start from the lowest settings
you can navigate to the main configuration file located in your documents folder, called
PROFSAVE_profile. A full copy of my file is in the description
but you can quickly disable some small effects like Vignette and more importantly… Weapon Depth of Field. By default, it seems depth of field blurs
parts of your gun as you aim but setting it to 0 gets rid of that. This is good because this thing looks much
worse in low resolution. Yeah, that is better. Then we have the ingame console, reachable usually with the button under your
escape key and where you can experiment with several
commands while the game is running, such as lowering the internal resolution which is
often quicker than going to the settings screen and can save you on a pinch. One note though, things are going to look
way blurrier on very low internal resolutions in the beta than in the final game due to
the fact that you can not disable Anti Aliasing. Apparently, the final game will fix that so
you can expect better performance in the full release. You can also set the number of cores in your
cpu and more importantly use WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0 to disable some of the lights in the environment,
which you would likely notice mainly indoors. Do not underestimate how much of a change
this can cause on GPU usage for certain environments. This can be a lifesaver. And you thought the RTX demo was impressive… HA Also, Frostbite engine can be a notorious
heavy on CPU use and if you are using a CPU that is a tad old, like mine, you can have
some issues. Setting an FPS limit of 30 fps can help stability
a great deal which the game usually does not allow but it can be forced using GameTime.MaxVariable
30. Writing the commands in the console can be
a big chore but thankfully you can write them as launch commands for the advanced options
of the game in origin and the will be loaded every time. You will find the commands I use in the description
and I suggest you always finish them with the command used to show fps, that way if
you see the counter you know they were loaded correctly. Then with a resolution of 1080p
so my capture card stops bugging out and 35% internal resolution I decided to stream on twitch
short test on a gt 640, a far cry from the gtx 660 the game asks for along with a first
generation i5 750. While not perfect the results were unexpectedly
stable for such outdated hardware. Wish I could say the same for my own playing
skills. We are doing fine. We are doing fine fine fine. S***. GET HIM. Just like real war. I am the last surviving squad member. Well… The hopes of everyone are set on me. Maybe I should not disappoint them. Hey, I got him! AHAHAHAHAHA *Noob noises* Who are we fighting? I don’t see a darn thing. Well, I hope I could at least help you in
some way. Thank you for watching and happy gaming.

100 thoughts on “Increase FPS on the Battlefield V beta using some simple commands (i5 750 + GT 640)

  1. I have a policy against making videos for betas because my videos take a ton of time to make, so even if I rush them when I publish the beta is nearly over.

    I decided to make an exception because this game uses the same tweaks as Battlefront 2 (which reduces my research time) and because I had 2 days of early access to the Beta. Let's see how it goes.

    Both I and the channel's video Editor (Joe) had to miss a significant amount of sleep to get this done in time for the open beta. If you enjoyed the video and have twitter account consider sending Joe a tweet in thanks.

  2. Can you fix battlefield 1 becouse it has huge fps drops and is unplayable. I have graphic set on ultra low and fps is not what is should be. Please help

  3. hi LowSpecGamer!. Can you configure spider-man web of shadows? Its an old game and I'm running it at above the recommended requirements but there are lots of frame drops(from 15-24 fps).
    I'm on i5 4288u 2.6ghz
    4gb ddr3 ram
    Intel iris 5100 128mb dedicated vram.

  4. so do you actually only use a low spec computer or is it for curiosity/desire/nostalgia/humbleness? id assume you have a better computer for uploading content

  5. I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, Intel Core i5-6400 2.7ghz, 32 GB DDR4 RAM and my game barely hits 30 FPS on the lowest settings. I have heard other people with far better computers than me have the same problem, so I think that the beta is just not optimised.

  6. I was surprised my laptop runned it pretty ok on lowest latency settings and half the resolution (1504×1000)

    I have i7 8550u and MX150 and 16 GB ram

  7. Yeah I was playing the beta on a Mac and it actually ran better than a lot of the footage you showed which I don’t understand how that’s physically possible

  8. It's kind of sad how I own a pc with a Gtx 1060 6gb Gpu 12 gb's ddr 4 ram, but I have a i5 750 2.70 ,2.80 Ghz I play the game at 34 fps in ultra, I need a new Processor XD

  9. Ill stop complaining i don't have money to buy a desktop PC but instead enjoy the quality tips from channel and make my laptop "fly"

  10. Wait there was a video tab my game was prop mid to high cuz i have 16 higs of ram intel i7 gtx 1050 ti forgot how much gigs

  11. Hey do you pretend to make a vid for Insurgency Sandstorm since you have already made one for Insurgency? Sandstorm is being developed at Unreal instead of Source (thx God).


  13. game is released an still no option to turn off anti aliasing wtf can you actually turn it off through the nvidia control panel?

  14. I like how they think FX 6350 is as good as a f-ing i5 6600k and how is the i5 6600k again, a minimal…you can play the game max settings without maxing the CPU at all…

  15. This video could use an update my laptop is not handling this well.
    Also this command "-WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0" now after release makes all textures to have a seizure.
    By all i mean mostly map.

  16. weardly your settings rly fixed somefing idk what tested other youtubers configs and settings and got better fps but huge performance dumps and lags but whit this it made my day finaly can shoot people (and no it wasnt the resolution settings )

  17. I used to watch you back when i was in 10th grade and had intel HD graphics, today i have a cool rig with rtx 2060 but i still watch you just to support your work. 🤘🏼

  18. I used to be a lowspecgamer, amd sempron 2gb ram and gt 9400. Now I'm gonna buy Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1070 Ti 16GB DDR4 3000 in May. But still gonna watch your videos to support you.

  19. I run Battlefield V on a i5 2500k + GTX970…. okay since the last patch I have a hard time reaching 50fps… looks like they broke something for lowspec-CPUs.

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