Ingraham: America’s identity under assault

100 thoughts on “Ingraham: America’s identity under assault

  1. the four horsewomen of the apocalypse: alexandria ocasio, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, ayanna pressley.
    the four horsewomen of the justice democrats.

  2. I'm getting tired of being disrespected simply for my. 1) skin color. (White)
    2) sexual orientation
    ( I'm straight)
    3) age. (Over 21)
    What happened to the America that cared about the mainstream and let the queer ones do their own thing. Now we seem to cater to the freaks, queers, social outcasts, extremist of all sorts, the more bizarre they are the more space they demand.
    So to all of the above,.
    I salute you,,. With a single finger.

  3. NWO wants every country and every nation to lose their identity so they can EASILY control the entire world with very few unelected bureaucrats , far away from the simple person that thrives for the basics of life … there will be LONG distance to communicate anything at this point and nobody to listen to you ! The total dictatorship will be finally completed by the shadow NWO government… there you have it

  4. Soccer and the whole team should maybe try living in Venezuela or Russia and then they can shut the f÷=k up.

  5. The left hates Americat that's a fact i say get the [email protected] out before karma and American patriots show you what we do with antiAmerican communist scum!!!!! History will repeat it self and America always wins [email protected] em all let god sort them out! God bless America

  6. It is DISGUSTING what is happening to this country! Everything good and decent is going down the toliet!

  7. This has been going on since 1980 !! I wish you could capitalize numbers. This is nothing new. Going through middle school I remember this garbage being discussed and acted upon in our small town in PA. The education system is the root cause of ALL of this but no one wants to tackle that subject.

  8. Knocking out the American Paradime, This here needs to be preserved, It's the one thing that powers it's ecosystem.

  9. The dems pure 100% hate for our country and values they hate everything about freedom and being free to take a walk around the block..they want everyone of us to give up everything you own .TRUMP 2020 five more fantastic years if non-stop WINNING 🌟🇺🇸Keep American Great🌟🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸

  10. The only thing being drained from the swamp is the sewage criminal trump has dumped and smeared on America and criminal trump just keeps dumping more sewage in.

  11. 2nd Amendment will keep me free ang God gave it me. put treasonous laws in or try abolish 2A. wont take it from me

  12. Coming from people who advocate "America first" and then you show people yelling the pledge of allegiance at a city council meeting, not to mention your racist remarks and xenophobia. Get over yourself.

  13. I'm sorry folks…I'm the most Conservative person you will ever meet but…Hannity, Ingraham, Gowdy and Chafits give me the creeps. You know it, as much as I do. Why is it those people really creep me out?

  14. We are being led by a pedophile. Trump been down with Epstein for years. He only cut him off because he didn’t want to get thrown under the bus when Epstein first got charge years ago. But Trump’s man Acosta let him go

  15. Wow,, Laura called AOC a chair Woman. Now don't you know that is supposed to be chairperson since woMAN has that detested word,MAN. Oh good God,that will make a snowflake melt. Lol how rediculous is that?!!

  16. Ya cause in the real world we all know white privilege is not real and only real rasist use that as part of their raise card .

  17. What happened to America banning Communist from our country? These people are criminals. They are everywhere and they have infiltrated our government. They are getting away with outright threats against our president as well as american citizens without recourse. How can this be allowed?

  18. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN, Laura! Love your message and hope that millions of people get to hear it. Don't give up, Laura! Keep talking about this for as long as "they" will allow it.

  19. Every time the stupid “racist” card is used, I want to puke because, when a person calls someone a racist, such person is being a racist as well. The morons on the left are so deplorable!

  20. When you no longer stand for something; you fall for anything. Look to Europe to see what's coming to you. The USA is a great country because you learned from us (UK) now learn from us again and protect your sovereignty and culture, it's the most important thing you have and without it you will end up as an homogenous people exactly how the globalists planned it. Learn about the Kalergi plan, it was meant for Europe originally but always with global intentions.

  21. A few illegal immigrants die on the boarder and thosands of Americans die, murdered by illegal immigrants and we are suppose to cry ? F-them ! We are murdered by the thousands and a few we can't save although we try and we are to open our borders, AOC,PELOSI, OMAR RASHID MUST BE IMPEACHED ENOUGH OF THEIR BULL SHYTE #!!!!!

  22. It is time for all Americans to wake up and see what is really happening. Our country ,our beliefs, our traditions, and our culture is all under assault by a communist/globalist coalition that has entrenched itself in our government, our school systems and universities to change the country from within. They have people at all levels of the infrastructure that are working to undermine and take the country down. They knew it would never happen by force. They are doing it the through the back door …slowly and deliberately over time. They are indoctrinating our young people in the school systems to think differently and are slowly turning them against their own country. They have infiltrated the highest positions in our government and business structure. Decisions are being made by these people that is affecting this country on a massive scale. They have infiltrated our politics and political parties and are pushing for a globalist system. They have sold this lie to our young people to believe that this is the future of the world and it will be better for all. We can't sit back and allow this to happen….wake up people. Our president and his people are trying to fight these people as we speak and it is happening behind the scenes. The fake news is trying hard to distract us from this…..wake up.

  23. This is what America has come to finger pointing at each other for thinking differently. Number 1 reason I don’t watch anything political all it does is create hate. If you don’t agree start reading below.

  24. This country needs more legal immigrants and people of color proud to be American to join ICE.

    Why should white agents have all the fun?

  25. Just have a war and get it over with. It would last about 2 days. One side doesn't own or know how to shoot guns and the other side has enough ammo to invade japan.. I wonder who would win.

  26. The neo Marxism is the root of all this. It's the very origin of anti-American and anti-Chistian ideas around the world. Unfortunately here in Brazil we are suffering the same evil in our universities. We have to join all conservatives throughout the world, as was during the Cold War, to save the Western civilization. I ask God to strengthen and bless President Bolsonaro and President Trump in that regard.

  27. Who said you weren’t allowed to believe what you want in America? If you’re goal is to shame anyone with an opinion that doesn’t match yours than it sounds like you’re the one promoting fascist socialism💁🏼‍♂️

  28. Dear AOC….asylum seekers only become "asylees" AFTER their claims for asylum have been ratified and asylum granted, NOT when they enter the USA illegally.

  29. Insane days ahead. What is happening is mindboggling.
    Your American President is amazing, truly amazing!
    He is a powerhouse but America is going to be swept away the minute he steps down. Our poor little ones. Very sad.

  30. To be honest they may get a few of your states but I severely doubt this will maul over well in the south or mid west for that matter which where there are a LOT of guns and a Lot of people who identify with America and your ways. Long story short, even if you did lose your country, it'd be taken back in a very unfortunate civil war.

  31. There’s a little more important things to deal with and that is actually that Social Media has stated that they are more important than the president

  32. They are actress's , NOT sports ppl , WAKE UP , there is NO SPORT and these actor's only do what they are told , by the bookmaker's , if you dont believe it , then why didnt the U.S team want to score a 3rd goal , because they were only allowed to score 2goal's , no more and no less , WAKE UP !!!

  33. Many of the migrants seeking to access rule of law democratic countries such as the US, Australia and regions like Europe and then seek to break down the laws that created the society to which they were drawn to in the first place.

  34. They are shouting all about how it is that womens soccer doesnt pay like mens soccer… as they make certain it gets worse by showing their complete, absolute and total despise for the nation which supported them. Yep… Ya gotta be a moron to go left. A totally isolated, delusional and ignorant moron. Baizuo. Being an American leftist has even become an international insult… and thats from the worlds most extreme leftists!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Let me get this straight: some talking-head sorta black dude(Charlemagne) NAMES HIMSELF AFTER THE WHITE EUROPEAN "King Of The Franks"? Self-aware, much? Black, Lefty DemonRat- oh wait, never mind…

  36. Ingraham makes it sound like everybody in the Democratic Party is part of this imaginary "left" she describes. I guess anybody who does not support Trump is a traitor to this Trump apologist.

  37. Don't class the Yellow Vests with Antifa. The Yellow Vests are fighting against the "progressive" politicians who support and are supported by Antifa. You had better get used to the idea that the only thing that will stop these "progressive" lunatics (whether in Europe or the US) is 10x the violence they are prepared to commit on us. "Progressives" have prospered for years on the back of our apathy.

  38. they seem self destructive…..hellbent on destroying their homeland to accommodate those who won't accept them anyway…convenient fools to be used and tossed aside.

  39. Why did Laura lie about how many times slick willy went to Lolita island too Horowitz . She said Slick Willy went 6 times instead of 26 times and a few other lies thrown in to , A real sweetheart deal , She pushed a little bit but still cover up another Megan Kelly here .

  40. Why does no one ask the simple question: why should we make it more welcoming by eliminating the pledge to those who hate the pledge? Do we really want to encourage this kind of human refuse? This is no longer an issue of the right to protest. Now, we are all expected to accept the whims of those who would see us all dead, in order not to hurt their "feelings"!?!? This country is already lost.

  41. We are all to blame, for it is we, who allowed the left to inch their way to this point. Each time there was an issue of spitting on the flag, or burning the flag or kneeling for the anthem, or eliminating the pledge from schools, from government meetings, eliminating the anthem from sports events, and on, and on, and on, we all bought into the crap about a free society and allowing free speech and, of course, diversity is our strength! We all agreed that these "inalienable" rights to free speech were the founding principles of our nation. But we allowed not free speech, but seditious speech, treasonous expressions of hate for what we are, and incitement to overthrow our established civil and political order. Well, how do we like our free speech now?

    Where is the freedom in what we are forced to endure currently? We cannot express our thoughts, our ideals; we are forced to accept absurdities such as multiple genders, fluidity of gender; identity politics is our new religion, with cults of climate alarmists, and open borders fanatics; our founding fathers were all racist, our nation was founded on evil; pride in our nation and respect for our president are now proof of racist-misogynistic-homophobic tendencies. We should have listened to the voices of reason and rationality when they warned us of these slippery slopes on which we are currently sliding to hell.

    Far from having ever denied these types of treasonous and seditious miscreants their voices, we systematically adopted their agenda and will henceforth have to live with it, for this country will NEVER be what our founding fathers intended, and did so much to help protect from ourselves. Nevertheless, we managed to ignore the wisdom of people, far wiser than the imbeciles on the punditry circuits and lefist media talk shows, both in and out of government. We managed to effectively spit in the face of those who sacrificed so much and, in some cases all, to protect our freedoms. We have allowed liars and traitors to manipulate us into destroying ourselves and eagerly allowing our enemies to expedite that destruction.

    I am angry with the left and their lying tactics. But I am disgusted and disappointed with the rest of us who allowed this to happen: those who were too stupid to see it; those who saw the future but were too timid to speak up and allowed the illusion of greater support for this idiocy than was truly there: and finally, those who refused to enter the fray for reasons of "philosophical purity". Those last, who fancy themselves intellectuals above the fray, and required an "all or nothing" adherence to their world views, are the most despicable for they have the intelligence to understand the outcome of allowing the left their victories, but chose to let others fight their fight so that they could always later find fault and then claim they were not in support.

    We have a great majority of fools and cowards in this nation and it is time to choose whether you wish to be one of the three possible types of citizen: 1) a fool, who believes or allows him/herself to be used to promote a destructive leftist agenda, 2) a coward, who is too meek or allows others to fight for him/her, or 3) an American, who believes that we have severely strayed form our path and that this country was destined to be more than we have allowed it to devolve into, and are willing to stand up and fight for what this country should be: The shining beacon on the hill for all humanity.

  42. no one is saying we should have open borders, another fox news lie, baiting the territorial impulses in some fox news viewers, shame on rupert murdoch for funding this rage based mania, america spends unbelievable amounts of money not to mention lives to guard the dog bowl, it's with in reason to believe this obsession will back fire on americans, I would be shocked if this behavior does not come back to roost, mark my words

  43. I don't get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I see them as symbols, and I leave them to the symbol-minded. ~Carlin

  44. "annnd, in San Francisco — the public-defecation capital of the world". What a sad testament to a former great city.

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