Inside Audi’s Secret Storage Facility: Scotto Loses His Mind! Racecars Everywhere

– Commence full nerd
freak-out in five, four– – Just turn around, just turn around. Just turn around. – Wow. What are we looking at first? – Why were we downstairs looking at cars that Brian could own? (laughs) – Dude– – [Cameraman] Look at this. All right– – [Off Screen Male 1] Where do you start? – [Off Screen Male 2]
Yeah, let’s just start from one end to the other, you can’t– – [Cameraman] Wow. – What are the symptoms of cardiac arrest? I think I’m having them. (laughs) – [Cameraman] Yeah, this is– – [Off Screen Male 3] Holy shit. – [Cameraman] Wow. – I wonder like what level car guy we are that we get way more excited over things that look like they
originated from street cars over like, I mean, just look to the left. – [Cameraman] I know. – [Off Camera Male 2]
Brian is pointing at things that look like streetcars. – [Brian] No, these things are amazing but like it’s just too far away. – It’s the rally in us. – [Brian] Yeah. (suspenseful music) – We come all the way to Germany– – [Cameraman] All that driving– How many hours of driving have we done? – [Brian] All of the hours. – We were just talking about that, we did 10 hours of driving
in less than 24 hours. (laughter) Over 1000 kilometers. – [Cameraman] Because of this guy. – I wanna go to Ingolstadt,
I wanna go to Berlin. Come on, you’re in Germany, we don’t come here all the time. – I agree. Are we getting a running CQ here? (laughter) – I was hoping someone here
could tell me how to finish it. – [Cameraman] Oh, oh my god. – So, you guys might remember him. He was the one who came by the shop, what did you bring over last time? – It was a TT. (car engine revving) – Since we’re out here in
Germany, gave him a ring and he gave us the keys to this. – It’s also not so bad. – Yeah, not bad, not bad. – It’s not a five cylinder,
so not bad at all. – Yeah, you know, no
electric turbo but yeah. – [Cameraman] We’ve been
here for like a total of fifteen minutes and– Oh. – Not too shabby, huh? – [Cameraman] That’s how they care of– – I was hoping for an RS3
but this will work fine. I haven’t been in one of these since the first generation. – [Vinny] It’s actually
a pretty trippy color– – [Cameraman] It really is, yeah. – [Vinny] A flat gray but it’s got a– – [Cameraman] It’s got a sparkle to it. It’s got the B10. (car engine revs) – Sounds like a straight up race car. – [Cameraman] Scotto’s
being a little conservative right now, it’s like he’s at mom’s house. (laughter) I said you’re being a little
conservative, right now, it’s like you’re at mom’s house. – Peasants. (laughter) – [Cameraman] We’ll get an
RS6, we’re good, we’re good. This thing too. God, we’re just surrounded
by greatness right now. – It’s so like low key. It’s got to 85 squared. Like massive tires. Look at the front arches, they’re so big and aggressive. – Two 85s, twin turbo VA, it
goes 305 kilometers an hour with this package, that converts to exactly
a lot of miles per hour. – Fast as shit. – [Cameraman] 605
horsepower in a wagon, dude, why can’t we get these in the States? – Yeah, there’s just something really cool about a fast wagon. – [Cameraman] Yeah, yeah. – Like you can’t explain it, some people don’t get it, but it’s sick. (upbeat music) [Cameraman] We’re here
with Timo, from Audi here. How’s it going Timo? – Good, fine. – [Cameraman] Great to meet you. Timo just drove us over
in this beautiful machine to the Audi Tradition center, this is kind of the secret vault? – Yes. The official part of the
Audi Tradition collection. – [Cameraman] Okay. Oh look- You know what? I don’t even know, whatever,
you stay with that thing. – Who knew two bronies
Like us would get such a red carpet treatment
when we just show up– – [Cameraman] Seriously. The transportation game alone. – I wanna take that one apart. (laughter) – Doing the tire runs on it, that’s gonna take you six months. (laughter) We’re here with basically
like the secret stash of vintage Audi stuff, right? You have a secret stash, so there’s the huge museum over there where they have a ton of amazing stuff and this is the stuff everyone can’t see. – [Cameraman] So many doors,
so you know it’s protected. Boom. (upbeat music) – [Brian] Are you kidding me? – [Timo] I explained this, this is not– – [Cameraman] Scotto, do you
have a picture of your car? – What? – [Vinny] Can you pull up a picture of your CT real quick? I just wanna ask these guys something. I wanna solve, once and
for good, what color it is. – You’re asking me, I’m really
excited about all this– – Okay, fine, we’ll do it later. – You’re asking me to look
at my car that doesn’t run, that’s just mean. – [Vinny] What color is this car? What color? – What color? Oh bloody hell. – [Cameraman] What does it look like? – It looks like a blue color. – Blue. Blue green, no? Blue green? – It’s blue. (laughter) They both said blue,
edit the other part out, it’s blue. It’s called lago blue, the
actual color code is blue. – In conclusion, still blueish green. (laughter) – You heard it from the man himself. – Everyone thinks it’s green. Greenish, right? – Blue, blue green. (laughter) – [Cameraman] We can
move on, we can move on. – We store our cars
which we use more often for events, press, PR stuff, marketing, so whatever it is, or exhibitions. You see it looks like a little bit kind of messy because there’s some cars staying around. – This isn’t messy, you
haven’t seen our place. – This would be a
pristine show room for us. – This would be the cleanest
our building ever was. – [Cameraman] Let’s
take a look around, man. I mean, right off the bat– – The second you come through
the door, the Quattro. – This is actual street dreams right here. – [Cameraman] Street
dreams are made of these? – Street dreams are made of these, these and the green one. – [Cameraman] Oh my lord. – [Timo] Now we have just three colors, like the blue one, the
red one and the green one and the white one is just, this is still in transport
coming back here. – [Cameraman] So can we pop the hood up on any of these things? Can we look under the hood or anything? – [Timo] Of course. – I never knew they made it in blue. – [Cameraman] What, this? This is green. (laughter) – Okay, this is the best
example of being green or blue. This is green, this is blue. – [Cameraman] That’s black. – It’s blue actually. (laughter) – [Cameraman] Oh man, yes. I love that this is factory, you have a massive external waste gate, dude, that’s massive factory turbo. – [Brian] That’s from the factory. – Basically, as you know, the Sport Quattro has been produced just in a very limited number of cars. It was produced for one reason and this was to homologate
the Sport Quattro in group B rally. So there was a limited number of cars being 200 cars. And they produced a little bit more, like 214 cars. And some of them were
used to prepare rally cars out of these chassis numbers. And the other cars were
open for customer to sell. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] In an attempt
to reign in automakers in production based racing, many sanctioning bodies
require that the car on track somewhat matches the car
on the showroom floor. To meet these regulations, power hungry manufacturers
will often produce very limited runs of
heavily modified versions of a production car, to satisfy the homologation
approval process in the loosest terms. These road going race cars are known as homologation specials, some of the greatest production cars ever built were born of this process. A few stand out examples
of iconic homologation cars include the Plymouth
Superbird built for NASCAR. The BMW E30 built for Group A and Nissan’s mighty R32 GT R destined for the Japanese and
Australian touring car series. But without question, rally’s spectacular and tragic Group B era birthed the wildest ones, including the Ford RS200, Metro MG 6R4, Porsche 959, and of course, the Audi Sport Quattro. – You can’t speak about
like a special history of these cars because
they are all very special because so limited. For example, the red one was car which was like a regular
company car, an Audi, running here before in the factory. It was always in the factory and it stayed here and it was
the Audi motorsport division, back in the days it was like a career car, driving from this place to the other place for a business trip or whatever, it was used like a daily driver. So it’s very special. – Just picture this. It’s 1987, you work for Audi Motorsport, they’re like, you know what, why don’t you take the
company car out for lunch. (laughter) – This is the most Sport Quattros I think any of us have seen in one place. I don’t even know what to say. I’m not leaving. This is sick to see an S2. – [Cameraman] So this is what came, in Europe you could actually
get the Audi Quattro and the performance model which had a 20 valve turbo engine in it. Unlike my car, which
came with just a 20 valve non turbo engine. Which is exciting. This one also came stock five lug, the ones in the US came four lug. Which would be probably the same as what that one is. Came with a different front bumper, came with a different hood, which is what they changed
everything over to. And I’m sure this one runs. – I would say that it probably does. – It’s also immaculately clean. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – Like it looks like it just
rolled out the showroom. – [Cameraman] If that’s
like my absolute dream car, that’s like the actual
affordable dream car. I can’t afford one of those anymore but like I may be able to
pull one of these off one day and maybe I shouldn’t tell Darren this, but as of last year you
can now import these. – Cut that part out. Don’t let him know. (laughter) – [Cameraman] If that’s
like my absolute dream car, that’s like the actual
affordable dream car. I can’t afford one of those any more but like I may be able to
pull one of these off one day. This car was built in conjunction with Porsche. – Oh, okay. – [Cameraman] So you have five by 130, five by 130 hubs, Porsche brakes and obviously Porsche wheels. And then the manifold and
I think the management was also done by Porsche. So if we popped the hood up on this, it actually says Porsche under the hood. – [Vinny] Oh sick, I didn’t know that. – [Cameraman] See. See I wasn’t expecting– – [Vinny] That’s when all
my loves come together with this car. – [Cameraman] I wasn’t
expecting the intake manifold to have anything to do with Porsche. – You know the one thing
I noticed from your car, this is the radiator that
they blocked off, right? – [Cameraman] Yeah, that’s
the auxiliary radiator. Lotta guys don’t run them because they run bigger inter coolers. But that is how it was factory. So factory you had the aux radiator and then you had the main radiator, but a lot of guys will
run bigger inter coolers. So like my inter cooler
comes up to like there, so you just pop it out. Well, I don’t know what
you guys are doing, but I’m just gonna stare at this and that for like the next five hours. (upbeat music) – The is a Wanderer. Wanderer was one of the brands before Audi was joined to Audi. – [Cameraman] Wow, okay. – Wandering off the name, basically. – [Cameraman] Cool, nice. I love this color combo, it’s beautiful. It’s got the black with the– – Yes, it’s very very
nice in a very sporty car. – [Cameraman] Dark red wheels that matches the interior. And also has a ton of
trim that matches it all. It’s a really well thought out, like nice looking car. Oh man. It’s part of the carcaine rehab reduction, this was stage one of your recovery, was getting rid of– – I know, if I would’ve seen
it with the euro bumpers I probably wouldn’t have kept it. – It looks like a totally different car. (upbeat music) – These are re-manufactured cars, these are not original cars. We have some original cars
or partly original cars in our museum but these
cars are re-manufactured– – [Cameraman] But you’ll
actually drive these cars? – And these are able to drive. These are driveable cars, yes. – [Cameraman] Can you
imagine running Nurburgring in one of those? – [Vinny] No, no. – [Cameraman] And how fast would these go? – They go up to 330 kilometers an hour. – Absolutely not. Okay, just take a look at the safety. – [Cameraman] This is pre-seatbelt, so you just would get thrown out. – [Vinny] There is no seatbelt– – [Cameraman] Your safety would be that you would be thrown out. – [Vinny] Further enough
away from the car. – [Cameraman] The minute it hits something it explodes into a ball of fire. – Basically, this was one way of thinking back in the days. It’s like, if you separate
the driver from the car, it’s safer than staying in the car. But from our point of view today, no seatbelt, small steering wheel, fuel cell around the driver– – [Cameraman] The fuel, it’s right there. That’s the bladder. – [Vinny] This was like
when men were really men. – [Cameraman] This is amazing. – This is one of the nicest cars we have, I think, personally. – [Vinny] I love this. – It’s an Audi 50. – [Cameraman] 50, yeah. – 1.3 liter SP rated engine, mechanical injection, 130 horsepower. – [Cameraman] Wow. – [Vinny] I bet a 130
horsepower rips in this thing. – Yes, it does. Like 700 something, even if 700 kilos, a little bit less. – [Cameraman] Is it funny seeing this with like Trick and Fell, like all the brands we grew up with. The Volkswagens. – [Justin] What does it rev to? – Eight, eight and a half. – [Cameraman] Good question, great answer. (laughter) – Hey, this is seriously
one of the happiest days. (laughter) I like started to be
like man, my cheeks hurt because I’ve just been
smiling and laughing, it’s so good. (upbeat music) – [Vinny] These are some of
the best sounding vehicles in motorsports ever, so can we– – [Cameraman] Period. – [Vinny] Possibly pop the
hood and take a look at this? – [Cameraman] Can we possibly start it up and drive it around? (laughter) I’m waiting for a no, we’ve just been getting only yeses. – You just get a laugh. (laughter) – [Justin] Before we get into it, give them one second to
insert a ten second clip of this thing just shredding. – [Vinny] Just throwing it
sideways through stages. (car engine revs) – [Cameraman] So good. I really love 80s like
function first motorsport, ’cause like, you start
to see the newer cars with like a little bit more worried about like, you know, all this would match. But this is like no, no,
we need that for that, we need that for that,
and that’s what works. – [Vinny] It’s the
brutalism of motorsports. – [Cameraman] It is brutalism. That’s so nuts. – [Timo] So there is no anti lag. This is removed from that car here. You see it’s blocked here. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – And it’s blocked here. – [Cameraman] Fresh air
valve taken off, yeah. This is the one I wanna talk about. Because I’ve never seen
this one in person, I’ve only seen it in magazines. – [Vinny] I’ve only seen
this is really fuzzy black and white photos. – I don’t know if you
know the story about it? – [Cameraman] A little
bit but give us the run. – Basically, for the group B there was a successor group being targeted from the officials. And it should be a group S. Basically, the group S
I think the target was to have 1.5 liter turbo engines but for packaging such a car and just building one of those cars, as a mock up car, more or less, they put a group B engine inside, like a regular S2 engine. And this is just a one off which was done in the
technical development at Audi on the hidden place, somewhere with only few people. – [Cameraman] Skunkworks, yeah. – Yeah. Just putting the car together and see how it could look like. And we got the car with like
18 kilometers on the speedo and then we decided to put it out and to see what we can do and we just, more or less, modified some hoses to get fresh hoses, fresh fuel lines, everything fresh. We didn’t even open the engine. We just made a big oil change and set it right. – [Cameraman] That’s awesome. – Was a nice nice project we did. And now the car did
already like 400 kilometers or something. Far more than it ever did before. – [Cameraman] Wow. Oh, man. You know us well. (laughter) You know us well. Oh, turbo fans. – [Brian] Oh gee, turbo fans. – Can make nice pictures of it. (laughter) – Can we see the bottom side. – [Cameraman] Yeah. Look at that. So sick. Man. – [Timo] I think these
ones are the original ones. – [Justin] This is a good carry on size. – [Timo] This is original pieces, I think. – [Cameraman] Wow. (upbeat music) – It was mandatory to have door panels and the dashboard has to be original, the original shape and everything. – [Cameraman] Wow, this is so cool. – [Vinny] I love this, it has the intrusion bars on the cave, they still made it, so it’s like finished. – [Cameraman] So it worked around it. – [Vinny] Converted to manual windows. – [Cameraman] What is this for? – [Timo] Computer, if you read
data reading or programming. – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. This car, right here, this
is it, this is the car. – [Vinny] Oh man. – [Timo] It was just a
development car, right? It has never been raced. But all people I spoke to at Audi Sport who were being in that
project back in the days, they said okay, leave the fingers off, because the car was far away from a stage. We can try to start it and to run it but I don’t want to do it because it’s all original that car and then immediately– – [Cameraman] It changes the value. – [Brian] It’s very hard to change. – And then there is nothing there. One more engine and no more component. And once the original pieces are gone, the originality is gone, so we keep it like this
and we don’t run it. Unfortunately. – [Cameraman] So this
was an inline five turbo? Oh, this was the V6. – V6. – [Brian] But that was
literally like the prototype car over there. It was just for packaging and development. – [Cameraman] Wow. Can I 3D scan this? (laughter) So confusing. – [Timo] It’s an air feeding for inside. – [Brian] So Emmanuel drove this car too? – [Vinny] Emmanuel Pera? – [Brian] Yeah. – [Vinny] Oh nice. – [Brian] I’m good friends
with his son, Chris. – [Timo] And the other cars
were from 2000 to 2001, up until 2002. With the original cars,
original components, you still see bodywork repaired with tape and things like this. – [Cameraman] How they came off the track. – [Timo] How the bodywork came off and it’s still dirty and we keep it like this. – [Cameraman] That’s how it should be. These things sounded so crazy. Because they were quiet but they have like a whistle to them. Remember it was like– (car engine revs) Yeah, it sounded so incredible. – You hear more drive
train gear box differential and not the engine. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – And this very complicated
for the drivers as well because the driver on racecar, you’re used to engine noise in terms of resting and
shifting and downshifting, you know, you drive more by noise than by anything else. And you don’t hear the engine anymore. This was, for them, very strange to drive. So you have get used to it. The yellow one here is
called Audi Alpensieger. It’s a type C version but this car’s from 1919 and was basically the first motorsport car if you see it like this. – [Cameraman] Wow. That’s cool. [Vinny] So is this like a
gas or kerosene headlight? – [Timo] Yeah. – [Vinny] That’s insane. – [Justin] What is going on in the middle of that steering wheel? – [Vinny] I don’t know. – [Timo] Fuel adjustment
and ignition adjustment. – [Vinny] Oh, wow, really? – [Timo] You have to
adjust it for starting, if you go up the hill. – [Cameraman] It’s like a choke in a way. – Yeah, you don’t feel
the car pulling anymore, you have to adjust it a little bit. – [Vinny] Dude, that’s sick. – Tune in those AFRs. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – [Vinny] By ear. – [Timo] It’s really driving, you have to listen to the engine, you have to feel if it’s
pulling a little bit better, you get a little bit more angle. If it’s not enough, you
add more or too much. – [Vinny] That’s awesome. That’s the coolest thing
I’ve heard all day. – [Timo] You have the external shifting. The problem on this one
is that the throttle is in the middle. The brake is on the right. – [Cameraman] Oh, that’s confusing. – [Timo] So you’re messed up completely. Sitting on the right side, shifting outside and
having the throttle pedal and brake pedal on the wrong position. – [Vinny] Sounds like a scumbag– – [Cameraman] Yeah, seriously. – [Vinny] We did something like that. – [Cameraman] Yeah and in
the end we rolled the car. – So we have a little
bit of our motorcycles, like the NSU, dolphin, whale,
like a blue whale coat, this one. And this is one of our famous bikes, we run it in Coburg this year as well, this is a DKW UL500. It’s the only existing model motorcycle in the world. We re-designed the 500 at the run before and this is a completely
re-manufactured motorcycle. From nothing. Like every single piece
you see on this one is re-done. Is new, re-manufactured. – [Cameraman] Wow. – Engine, everything. – [Vinny] In original style though? – In original style,
as good as we know it. – [Cameraman] So DKW was
a motorcycle company first and then they started building cars? – Yes. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – It was, like one of
the four rings was DKW, they were one of the
biggest motorcycle factories in the world. – [Cameraman] So it’s
Horch, DKW, NSU, Audi, and that becomes Auto Union. (upbeat music) – In 1932, Audi, Horch,
DKW and Wanderer merged to create Auto Union. The four interlocking rings
symbolized their unity, while retaining their individuality. Each one of the German automotive brands were assigned a specific market segment: DKW built motorcycles and small cars; Wanderer made midsize cars; Audi focused on deluxe midsized cars and Horch was tapped to produce high end luxury vehicles. After being virtually
decimated by World War Two, Auto Union was resurrected
as a new company in 1949. Labor and financial
troubles plagued the group until Volkswagen took over in 1964. The following year, the Audi
nameplate was relaunched. In 1985, the company was
officially renamed Audi AG. – Timo just told us this
top floor isn’t that cool. This is just overflow, don’t worry guys. – They have so much cool,
they have extra spare cool. – So if you saw upstairs, the panels for this were sitting there. Wow. – [Cameraman] Oh, man. – [Timo] 1988 Transam. – [Cameraman] Just look
at that lineup of names. Hurley Haywood, Walter Rohel, Hans Stuck. Man. – [Brian] This is my jam right here. – [Vinny] Oh man. (upbeat music) – All right, so today
was unexpectedly insane. Like, top ten days. – I mean, first off, we’re driving an R8 and we didn’t know we were
gonna drive one of those. Like we showed up to Audi
to visit our friend Rouven. We said hey, we wanna stop by, say hello, we’re gonna swing through Ingolstadt and maybe see the museum. Instead, like I said, they
handed us the keys to an R8, so we should have fun with it tonight. But then they showed us
like the secret stash of car collection. Like, they’ve got the museum and they have all those cars, but then they have a ton
of other special cars that they keep stashed away in a nondescript building,
about like a mile away. And yeah, like it’s just
like all my dream cars. And apparently they all run, which is kinda surprising. (laughter) – So, it’s the next morning, Audi said they had
another surprise for us. So, eat breakfast and head
over there real quick. (upbeat music) (car engine revs) Okay, this seriously keeps getting better. So we came to Audi to return the R8 that we had for the night. And they pulled this
out of the vault for us to drive today. Yeah, good times. Really really good times. You could say I’m pretty pretty stoked. Thanks guys. – You’re welcome. – All right, let’s go drive it. – I didn’t even know this thing came out of a garage, let
alone you could drive it. – [Cameraman] Well yesterday we were like, can we drive it? They were like, no. – One of one. (laughter) – [Cameraman] One of one color. – Man, it’s like even Audi
wants you to finish your Audi. (laughter) – I like that the disses come even this early in the morning. (laughter) – I don’t wanna start the
color discussion again. (laughter) – It’s not blue, do you think? – [Cameraman] No, this is not blue. I love that that joke is all the way to Audi in Ingolstadt. Like that joke is here. (upbeat music) – This is pretty awesome. Absolute dream car, getting to drive it. In a one on one color. It’s not bad. (upbeat music) (car engine revs) – [Cameraman] How was it? Instantly ‘gramming it. (laughter) – It was awesome. It’s like a dream car. And the good thing is,
you know the whole like, meet your heroes, it feels like the Coupe, just a bit faster and looks cooler. It feels like a brand new car. Like if today was 1993, everything works the way it’s supposed to. The seats still feel new, the steering’s all super tight. – [Cameraman] How many miles are on it? Or kilometers? – 28 K on kilometers. – [Cameraman] Wow. – So yeah, it’s pretty low. I used to have an Audi 200, which came with pretty
much a similar engine. – [Cameraman] Oh, okay. – But this has a bit more power. So that one had like 220
horse and this is 315. We didn’t really get to like open it up just on kinda the streets we’re on, but you can feel it. It feels super tight. So we’re at yet another
special Audi facility. One that we’re apparently
not gonna be able to film all of, so I’ll just have to
draw you a little diagram of what it looked like. (suspenseful music) – Insane. – Some of the best content
we ever shot with our eyes. – [Cameraman] That we can never show you. – Had to stop middle of the road because that’s my people. (laughter) That’s on a barn, that’s so big. – [Vinny] That’s totally my people. Barn life, front of the
house, letting ’em know. – [Cameraman] There’s not enough
cars in front of it though. – Look at that pool situation he made out of hay bales. – [Cameraman] Wow. – Ingenuity of Germans, amazing. Did you see that? (car engine revs)

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  1. Fun fact: one of the prewar auto union racecars was found in soviet union and brought to Riga motor muesum. When audi got knowlage of that they took it to germany and gave the museum a factory approved replica.

  2. I really enjoy this channel and seeing the Hoonigades stretching cloth in Ingolstadt confirms the status of paid up, card carrying, fully qualified petrol headonists. Standing shivering, in a frozen, snowy European forest at midnight waiting for the group B cars to come through was amazing. Hearing the Quattro start to howl through the forest and then come past in a crescendo of flame, gravel and bellowing combustion was like a glimpse into hell. Unforgettable. Great video, thank you.

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