Inside Overwatch | The Sound of Busan (EU)

Hi I am Paul Lackey, sound design supervisor
for the Overwatch team. I want to share
with you today the authentic sounds
that were recorded in Busan to bring this map to life. Now we knew this was going to be
a very challenging map. One because Busan is such a beautiful,
colorful and different city and one that’s unique even to Korea. We knew we couldn’t find
the sounds that we needed through any sort of library. We asked for markets and outdoor cafés. To visit the subways
and get the announcements. To record things like their crosswalks
which are so unique. So in addition to capturing
amazing collections of ambiences, we needed to get the sounds
of some very unique instruments that could only be obtained in Korea. Our Korean office did a fantastic job
of finding a contact of the Korean national University of Arts where they were able to find
not only the authentic instruments but some performers to demonstrate the instruments for us. The Busan map is one
of the most visually beautiful that we’ve created for Overwatch and we think it’s now one of the best
sounding that’s we’ve created. I really hope you enjoy playing the map and you spend time listening.

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