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  1. As a former Scout/Tanker (19D & 19K) anyone know why all Soviet era tanks were kept at 2.3 meters in height?

  2. Great,innovative. Hard as nails.
    Until a YPG fighter gets lucky with a kornet or HEAT missile. Then you have a heavy flamethrower

  3. Absolete ?? it's still in service with many countries. India uses upgraded version and we have deployed them at one of the highest places on earth where it's possible to deploy tanks.

  4. I did not understand and in the tank you need to fight? maybe entertain girls? maybe a tank is a limousine? Oh I forgot! Chelenzherera has not yet removed the device for brewing tea! That's really cool !!

  5. I know as someone who spent 11 yrs in the US army with 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, It's always good news to know that the enemy is using T-72's because they are nothing more than easy target practice. Just like the MIg 29, the T-72 has a horrible combat record and isn't a threat to any US or other modern western MBT. I almost feel bad for the crews of Russian tanks, especially the T-72, because not only is it horribly cramped and uncomfortable, it's knowing that you don't have a chance at defeating any MBT from the US or western designed tank. Thankfully Russia made a lot of them for US tank crews to get to use for target practice.

  6. Русские танки так красивы. В то же время, они очень сильные. Молодцы! )

  7. музей просто супер такая отреставрированная техника не то что на нашей Кубинке.И Почему без перевода если это Wargaming

  8. The definition of a good tank, as explained by Heinz Guderian, is that it should be relatively inexpensive, have good armour, a good gun, good mobility and it should be simple and easy to maintain and repair. Now I would say the T72 pretty much ticks all the boxes. It has a nice balance of all those qualities – not too much of the one, but not to little either. And if it can be upgraded again and again for decades on end, even better.

  9. Of course it's not comfortable, it's a mbt, it's for fighting not for drinking tea.The tank is not obsolete at all and the smoothbore cannon is much better than the rifled one.

  10. With a badass name like Cutland, and as a veteran of the british tank regiment, and the british known for naming their tank starting mostly from C, there’s atleast 5% chance that a tank would be named after him. A Cutland MBT or something.

  11. Am i the only one that sometimes confuses the t 62, the t 72, the t 80 and the t 90? Espetially with the upgrades allready done…

  12. Terminator Best of de Best T-72!Abrams And an iron is nothing more! A Musile the older version of Soviet RPG in Irac made them become like an accordion! And we're not talking about T-90 or even Armata 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺💪💪💪👊👊👊☝️☝️☝️

  13. Smoothbore vs rifled gun? – it's not a matter of debate. It's a matter of knowledge. Smoothbore is cheaper in production and wores less. If you use fin stabilized ammo – you don't need rifled gun – simple.

  14. An interesting and detailed analysis of Soviet armor. As an 11H o tel in the US army we were gold that the maximum height if a T72 crew member was 5 ft 6 in and the gunner reloader often lost their arms and hands from the close proximity of the recoil mechanism also I do not think the cannon was gun satbilized

  15. The explanation given about the T-72 tank each and every part, why the the music sound his given at the time ?

  16. Русские танки лучшие в мире!!!!!!❤️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 можем доказать на деле !!!!! Слава России 🌾🍀💐🌺

  17. The T-72 has it's share of problems but it's far from being an absolete tank. There still being used by Russia, Ukraine, Chech Republic, Somalia , Pakistan, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Chad, Mongolia, Gorgia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Serbia, Bosnia , Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Maldova, Maraco, China, Maldives , Cambodia, Palistine, Chlli, Cuba, Brazil , Hunduras, Panama, Angola, Persia, North Korea. Some other countries i can't even think of.

  18. I don’t really get the complaints about it being cramped, it’s not like you have to move around massive tank shells to load the tank, a robot does it for you and the gunner and commander should need to move much.

  19. Stop using the qualifier "very". None of the terms used with this qualifier need it. It also acts as a tautology. Not everything can be "very"!

  20. Listen to Victoria Cross Podcast at:

  21. Well actually no piece of war equipment is absolete, if you were to be a rebel fighter most thinks will come in very handy

  22. In the world there are many People Who don t speak English very well…… So, can you (australian, american, English man…) speak slow…… Thanks……

  23. always was amazed that any large man could squeeze into a russian tank. have heard some limit their crews to 5'5" , 5'6" max.

  24. T72 is extremely unsafe tank
    It's like a moving Coffin
    Almost all countries who used these tanks in war know exactly how bad it's.
    You better buy expensive ones and win battles with less deaths.

  25. Well, smoothbore cannon is clearly superior to rifled cannon, except of course for british people. Because british solutions are always the best even though they are the only country that uses it.

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