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  1. Not shrapnel damage David Willey, splinter damage, from HE rounds. Shrapnel consists of lead balls that explode downwards from a falling shrapnel shell. They are used against infantry.

  2. More were assembled under British Army supervision after VE day and dumped on the Swiss, French and whatnot. Then the cry went up that Tigers went through spares fast except for one thing. Most of the final spares available had been used to build all the tanks, so nothing left to keep all of them running. Classic.

  3. Yes, Tank You David (sorry, couldn't resist).  I read on a site some years ago that the bearings or a bearing for the Tiger 1 was made so well that it was estimated that it would last 100 years (you know, German engineering) when the tank was realistically going to last 25 to 50 hours in combat.  Good thing the Germans made such high standard parts because it meant there would be less time spent on mass production.  For qualification, see the production numbers for the T-34 and how often it broke down.

  4. Tigers were the real mcoy but slow build–in contrast-T34's were built so fast that sometimes they left tankwerks with no engine installed,and the crew had to "FRED Flintstone" the tank through the battle field .It worked but was hard on the boots. True story.

  5. The 76mm the fury had should've been able to pen the front armor of the the tank under 400m so the movie was way off and could've easily destroyed the tank with 1 or 2 shots

  6. Thank God they didn't completely restore the tank and repair the battle damage. So many artifacts like aircraft are restored to new condition thus losing the historical significance of the item like the Memphis Belle and other military aircraft. Gotta keep the battle damage.

  7. Im making a model of this tank and had to go through endless rounds of research

    I discovered that the british did paint over this tank at least once

    It looks more glossy and brighter than the original

    Also the markings are Different

  8. The Krauts were definitely in it to win it. They had lots of secret weapons including devaluation of US currency. And we still beat them senseless.

  9. Не продумали наклоны брони.и хвастают своей хуергой.

  10. During the beginning of the battle damage shots, they're describing the turret ring shot but showing a close up of the lifting stud. It was a little confusing until they later explain that it was a separate shot.

  11. Can someone with knowledge answer a question for me? Why is it, when an inferior 'bunch' of tanks were attacked by a greater tank (and they were outgunned) didn't they simply fire their shells at the tracks? I've heard lots of stories of British and US tanks coming up against Panthers and being outclassed and not being able to penetrate the steel, but I've never understood why they simply didn't just aim at the tracks. Obviously there is a reason! Thanks.

  12. Apparently the Tiger tank you see in the film 'Kelly's Heroes' was actually a T34 with a false body on top. Another sign is the wheels which don't overlap as would a Tiger. It just shows how hard it was in 1970 to find an actual working Tiger.

  13. Before D day the allies knew the Sherman and British takes were out classed by the tiger.. Plenty of time to mount a high velocity gun an more inches of frontal steel on the Sherman. Inexcusable wastage of men In iron gas coffins.

  14. In 1977/9,while posted over the road from the tank museum, I spent most of my free time over there making friends with the staff and curator. I was allowed to climb on and in tiger 131and had access inside. Never to be forgotten experience.

  15. Expensive tank to mfg.
    The cost at the time (1944) was $300,000 USD.
    Quality control was over the top, engineering the best in the world, slowly built to achieve perfection. As a consequence of the preceding it was doomed.

  16. To all those who know their Tanks !! How would have the Tiger have coped with todays Tanks . Granted Tank Shells are more powerful today But ??

  17. All that horrible loss of life! . . . And all the Germans wanted to do, was teach the British how to drive down the right side of the road!

  18. Tiger and Panzer are the best.Sad that the countries in control cut off fuel supply to Germany intending to starve civilians.

  19. The problem with an entire series based on revisionism ('everything YOU know is wrong') means one has to keep finding things to argue about….I guess after a while one runs out of steam, but there are still shows to produce. Sort of like any television series; hang around long enough and you die due to exhaustion of material. This episode is a good example. A) Germany's population was about half of the Soviet Union. Everything else being equal, it would seem the Soviet armies would inevitably be more numerous. B) Russia fought on one front; Germany, on at least two at all times and later, three. So, only 75% of the German army was allocated to the Eastern Front-another plus for the Soviets the producer neglects to mention. As for production, the Soviets produced about twice as many armored vehicles as the Germans, not counting Lend Lease and again, the fact that German tanks, etc., had to serve in North Africa, then Italy, and finally in France. There's more that can be said but time is a fleeing.

  20. Every time I see a Tiger i feel sorry for the allied tankers that had to face it knowing it could utterly destroy their tank with one shot long before they could get within range.

  21. Give it back to the Germans immediately. God Bless Germany. Hopefully we all will be speaking German instead of that stinking English language.

  22. there s still some remainings in a mountain in Tunis of destroyed tanks from WWII and i think this was one of them at the time

  23. Absolutely fascinating video .ps what a great shot .Bang in the middle and a lucky ricochet jamming g the turret.

  24. Hey Fritz, this weffon vill destroy every tank ons zer battle field unt ven vee run out of shells unt gas vee go home. Zer goot Helmut. Heil.

  25. There is a great read about this Tiger tank; "Catch That Tiger: Churchill's Secret Order That Launched the Most Astounding and Dangerous Mission of World War II." However, after further research, it is likely the book is not based in fact. It's still an entertaining read and could be the basis for a great movie.

  26. Why world of tanks are all German tanks rubbish,pointless world of tanks sponsored video.but I got some historical facts about this beast of a tank.if I was a British tank operator I would be sh%%tin my pants if I came into contact with the tiger

  27. This shows the tremendous forces involved in war and how people that survive are really lucky. Those massively thick plates of steel damaged like a piece of plastic by a hot iron.

  28. Boches' Tigers were junk and made it lose the war…T-34 never break and 60,000 were built…but only 6,000 Tiger were made and broke all the time. The Tigers transmission keep breaking and it took a week to dis-assemble everything(turret, instrument, EVERYTHING!) to fix it! Germany was bombed so much, they were unable to build the proper transmission.

  29. If the Tiger I had sloping armor, especially on the turret, it would have been that much more formidable. Of course that's the opinion of this arm chair engineer who knows nothing about horsepower to weight ratios, manufacturing constraints or interior ergonomics. Also, none of those things mattered if the Tiger simply remained out of range of allied tanks guns and targeted them with that excellent 88 mm cannon and superior optics.

  30. they are vaunted because they have a bigger gun,(all the big phallic symbolic stuff in the world with that) thicker armour, and are WW2 German cool…they usually take out allied tanks like clay pigeons with one shot, whilst tank return fire and a lot of the allied AT mostly bounces off their front and turret armour…but of course they are mainly defence tanks…slow and gas-guzzling in an army short of gas, and too heavy for their own drive-train parts. .As far as I know, even with the Tiger /Panther available, the Germans themselves , in attack, mostly relied on their III/IV tanks..

  31. Imagin if they could pull the tank apart and figure out how to make new and more modernized ones for our current wars.

  32. The idiocy of the over manufacturing on this vehicle. For every Tiger the Germans wasted time making the allies built forty perfectly serviceable tanks. They deserved to lose.

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