Intermat 2018 Exhibition by Cranes Etc TV

The Eiffel Tower. Charles DeGaulle. Train
strikes. This is Paris and it’s Intermat 2018. Lily, what are you hoping to do here
today? I’d like to buy a crawler crane! Well there’s not too many models of
crawler cranes made. No! A real one! You’ll never get it on the plane. You’re so negative! The Intermat show is smaller than Bauma, it’s smaller than ConExpo, but it is bigger than nothing. It’s held every three years and in this
report we’ll take a quick look around and see what’s what. One of the bigger
exhibitors at the show was Liebherr and they had a painted up version of the
Liebherr LTM 1450 mobile crane on show. This is proving to be a popular crane
and hopefully a model will follow, but if one does come we’ll have high
expectations because we’ll expect to see Liebherr even on the wheel nuts. Also on
display was this giant concrete mixer but Cranes Etc is also thinking of
buying one of these and using it as a test for robustness of scale models.
Shows like this are all about making sales and it was sad to see some of the
exhibitors so frustrated at the lack of sales that they were smashing up their
own exhibits. Volvo had an outdoor demonstration area and they had various
trucks going round and round in circles, and in fact that’s how you often feel
when you walk around these big exhibitions. You’re going round and round
in circles. Like many others, Volvo were also demonstrating an all-electric
machine but maybe its capacity is limited because it only seems to be able
to excavate air. Back to Liebherr and they were showing
the massive 1000 EC-H tower crane, and this is a heavy lifter as you can see
from the size of the hook, and if you’re really really tough you can spin that
hook around. This is a big crane but there was a taller one on display at the
Liebherr stand and somehow I don’t know if this 1000 E-CH will ever catch on.
It’s just too low. It needs to be much higher. Anybody can see that! Among the
models on display was this Lego-type truck mixer and I guess that’s supposed
to be a batching plant above it. There was also a tower crane model undergoing
some maintenance, but it might have been better off going to the scrapyard. There
were not many really new and interesting models on show but Kobelco had the big
SK500 excavator on show and the newly released model of it was also on display.
This model is made by Conrad and it looks to be typical high quality. In fact
Conrad had the best of the new releases at the show. They had three new Mecalac models and so if you like these machines it’s now possible to have quite
a collection of them. Moving on one thing that Intermat does have is some
demonstration areas where machines are working, and you can stand around
watching concrete being crushed and then sprayed with water. And if it wasn’t
crushing concrete this machine was another one that was also showing off
working with air. But some machines were being used to actually build things and
here we see an operator carefully placing logs. Now no one’s quite sure
what he’s building or why, but at least what we are seeing is some pretty
skilled operating of the machine and just to demonstrate that here’s the
entirely pointless activity of putting a steel pipe on top of a log. You can
certainly go home knowing you’ve done a good job if you can do something like
this. Or perhaps you’d prefer to use a loader crane for something even more
pointless. You can use it to swing a load about
wildly, and then show your absolute skill at sticking it into an oil drum. This
is demonstrating all the essential skills that a loader crane operator
needs and it also shows you’re not gonna be messed around with. In another part of
Intermat was a sealed enclosure enclosing Bobcats. It was disgraceful to
see them kept like this, unable to enjoy their normal freedom. It’s just so sad to
see them frustrated. In fact so frustrated that they were being driven
to seek freedom by trying to tunnel out underneath the fence.
It can only be hoped that the abuse of Bobcats in this way will not be
tolerated at future exhibitions. Getting back to models and here is a
professional display inside a merchandise shop, and here we see a new
model being tested by a member of the Cranes Etc team. Yes, that shows all the
professional skill we’ve come to expect from Cranes Etc. Elsewhere there was a
demonstration of a new range of 1 to 1 micro excavators. This is a new
innovation and the idea is that you can have up to a hundred of them working in
a place with very low headroom. After going around in more circles we find
ourselves back at the Liebherr stand and here’s the new 509 wheel loader on
display. Once again we find that this is translated in another new model by
Conrad, and they certainly had a good Intermat exhibition. Over at the Tadano
stand there was this large scale model of a crane but they’re using plastic
pulleys which seems very unrealistic, but if you want really high quality you’ve
got to go for a model like this. Just look at how the crawler tracks are
modelled with caster wheels on the bottom. It looks like plonker models have
made a comeback. Some of the machines you see are just weird, and you wonder well
why have they made that, and this rotating concrete mixer with a blade at
the front falls into that category. Probably the CAD files got corrupted on
the computer and this is what came out the factory. It’s nice to have some soothing music to
help sell an earthmoving machine. Among the other things on display was this
survey instrument, but it seems totally impractical because you can never move
your head fast enough to be able to look through it. Back to scale models and one
a few new ones on display was this Bomag roller, and one of the things being
celebrated at the show was the 90th anniversary of Potain tower cranes, and
there was this spectacular cake. But the rendition of happy birthday to you,
seemed a little bit off-key. Overall Intermat 2018 seemed a little
bit quiet in terms of numbers of visitors and some of the big names such
as Caterpillar and Terex were not present. But next year is 2019 and
that’s a Bauma exhibition year and that promises to be much more interesting.

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  1. I play with real cranes everyday. I post the videos on my channel. And actually, the Tadano I operate does have plastic sheaves (pulleys). Most all newer cranes do.

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