Intrepid: Methods to detect and prevent sexual assault

Manisha: I consider sexual assault as a disease in our society which needs an immediate cure. So imagine a scenario where a person is intoxicated or not in a condition to respond, or in cases of college campus assault or date rape, a victim is unable to stand up for themselves and we want to cater to those kind of situations. [music] We are creating a project to detect, communicate, and prevent sexual assault in real time. There are two ways in which the technology works. One of them is active and the second is passive. In case of passive we assume the vicim is conscious and can actuate the button by themselves. In an active system, we receive the information from the external environment. If somebody’s trying to remove the clothing off of the person’s body, we first send a message to confirm if the act was done with consent or not. And the wearer gets 30 seconds to answer this. And if they do not answer within that time span, it start’s buzzing a loud noise. [alarm sound] And that is like an alert for the wearer. Once you do not even respond in those 20 seconds, it starts broadcasting your information to people who are in your predefined safety circle. So the safety circle receives information about the geolocation of the victim and also one member of that group receives a phone call and the call records all the noises, any kind of conversation which is happening. And you can use this information for legal proceedings. It clips onto any kind of clothing because it is an adhesive material so we are using hydrogel as an addition. So the best part about hydrogel is that it doesn’t leave any residues behind. It can be washed so all you need to do is take out that electronic part of it and it’s like a clip on so, it’s like you just stick it like a sticker on any kind of your clothing and you can put it anywhere, from your panties to shirts, pants, anywhere. So the first layer is the conductive layer which is trying to detect the stretch and the forceful removal of clothing. And the second layer we have is the nonconductive layer and it prevents from any short circuit, and below that we have a small thin patch which is conductive again. So it’s basically conductive, nonconductive, conductive, and the hydrogel, which is non conductive and and also adhesive in nature. I come from India. I was trained as an automobile engineer back in India, in the souther part. And that’s why Ieft home but unfortunately I became a liability to the institution. because women, especially female students on campus, were not allowed to work beyond certain hours. As a first year student you were expected to be in your dorm around 6:30 (pm). In the name of safety, many times women have been told to stop working or asked to be indoors and I think instead of asking them to be indoors, we should have more safety for them. We don’t need body guards. I think I should have ability to protect myself and should able to be standing alone for myself, and that’s what I would want this project to do.

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