Introducing Blizzard Streaming on Facebook!

Today, we’d like to show you a new
feature we’re introducing that allows players to quickly
and easily share Blizzard games live on Facebook
with the press of a button. Once you update your Blizzard client,
you’ll notice the new stream button in the upper-right corner. The first time
you press this button, you’ll be asked to allow Blizzard
permission to post to Facebook on your behalf. Once you agree,
you can access the control panel to adjust
your streaming settings and customize
your Facebook post. You can create a stream title
that will appear on your Facebook timeline then choose where to share it
and who can see it. You can also enable or disable
your microphone or webcam. For additional settings and helpful information,
click the gear icon. In the settings panel,
you can find detailed options for hotkeys, input devices
and customizable webcam options. That’s it! With the tap of a hotkey,
you’re live streaming to Facebook and sharing your epic gameplay
with the world in real-time! (D.Va): “One for my highlight reel!” As always, let us know what you think! Your feedback is important in helping
shape the future of Blizzard streaming.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Blizzard Streaming on Facebook!

  1. So live streaming to youtube or twitch never crossed your mind? I seriously hope this 'live streaming' is expanded to YT or twitch.

  2. why not Youtube Blizz??????? are u tarded or what? :v (and yup i think y wanna kill twich but nice try XD )

  3. I can immediately think of why this isn't going to work which boil down to the lack of anonymity on Facebook.

    1) Who uses Facebook and what is their relationship to the streamer? Does your average player really want their employer, Mom, grandma, or the wife to know how much StarCraft/Overwatch they're playing? Do they really want these FB "friends" to hear them cussing or making less than socially acceptable comments while having fun while playing?

    2) The viewers' live comments, which if made in Facebook, are not going to be anonymous. Does a viewer really want their current or prospective employers to have a record of them posting ":buttemote HYPEZ000RZ2Z fggat!!!" at 3am before the big sales presentation?

    I know I wouldn't be caught dead posting that kind of stuff on my FB, and streamers and viewers shouldn't either.

    So if this doesn't work for either non-pro streamers or viewers, who is this partnership supposed to work for?

  4. So people are getting pissed over this great publicity stunt? This way more non-players get to see the games and become potential customers, which translate into potential money Blizz can use to develop more amazing stuff. Not to mention that non-players don't even watch Twitch so how is this a loss for the streaming site?

  5. hey bliz this is me just wondering but i was looking at the requirements for warcraft 3 on battle net and it said battle net classic account required what does that mean?

  6. FEEDBACK you want? heres one, everytime i want to go streaming it brings me super lag and freeze and i want to kill myself 😛

  7. A lot of people will rant at me because its obvious, but if you add Twitch compatibility with this feature, that would be amazing.

  8. I just tried this. I set all settings to the highest streaming settings and after I logged out I watched the video and it was less than 640×480. Better to stream to twitch or Youtube rather than this crappy streaming thing.

  9. YO blizzard, plz this is cool and all, but the quality of video when you go back to watch it is terrible, need to be ways to upgrade that, also no sound other than game sound will come through while using the blizzard streamer, and no one wants to be sitting there playing a game without some music being able to be played in the background. just these 2 changes would make this app alot more audience friendly. and somehow i turned off all sound but what i was saying.. that shouldnt even be an option had to retore deafults

  10. HELP!! I can't connect with facebook by application. After loging in it shows me window with "Success. Warring about safty. Take this URL address as a password and do not share it with anybody" :<<

  11. Despite what ppl r sayin here, I am all on it. I truly see why n how that will work. Go, guys 😉 u always had the courage

  12. I think the facebook streaming is actually really awesome. I can stream to twitch with obs and my facebook page with the new blizzard streaming option. Helps reach even more of an audience. Thanks Blizzard!

  13. I got so excited when Blizzard announced you could stream at the click of a button because I thought it would be twitch.

    welp, apparently it's on a dead website.

  14. shift the streaming deal to twitch. Like for real! GOASH DANG IT BLIZZ! It could have been so cool – if it weren't on facebook. srsly.

  15. I am still here i am still waiting and i am still beliving in Warcraft 4 please i think a lot of guys want it and i want it so please giv us a Warcraft 4 i nie world of Warcraft is very good but how cool would it a Warcraft 4 with Nice Grafik more Volks and new Heros so giv us Warcraft 4 please i totaly Love Warcraft 3 ❤️ und i Love the Dream about Warcraft 4 ❤️ so please (sorry for my english i am German and the auto correction is… well i hope for a awnser bye)

  16. Hey Blizzard, in overwatch there is no current way to earn or buy special skins from summer games loot boxes. I think that there should be a way to earn or buy them. During the summer games event I leveled up about 50 times and upended about 50 summer games boxes and did not get the Japan genji skin that I really wanted. I think that once the player hits a certain level, such as 100 or 250 they should be able to choose any skin, or maybe all non legendaries. This would allow players who did not get lucky enough to get the skin they wanted from a loot box to earn a skin that they really want. This would make players want to play more and longer in order to level up.And possibly increase the lifespan of overwatch. Another possible way of doing this is spending money to buy the skin you want or completing a challenge that rewards you with a certain skin.

    I would also like to note that on the console version of overwatch I did not get any of the rewards for completing my placement matches in season two.

  17. Blizzard and overwalch suck and I hate them both because of there prides and overwalch is a copy of tf2!and il stay loyal to tf2 forever

  18. hey blizzard i am 11 years old and im playing overwatch in the summer games i tried to get the nihon skin for genji and i used my own money and i bought 74 loot boxes and i didnt get if you will be so kind and maybe you could sent me the nihon skin i will be very happy and sub to your channel my overwatch name is MarcusM2005 i hope you send it please genji is my favorite hero and i dont play him as much as i used to i will be very happy if you sent me the skin #iloveoverwatch

  19. Blizzard, how many more Expansions will it take to listen to pvp players how they just want to separate from pve? PVP players want their pvp gear back. They shouldn't have to raid just to do pvp.
    Blizzard , what you don't understand that once pvp players comes out of bgs or Arenas, than it becomes open game for pve players with better gear.
    Players like " Felcrusher" ( Burning Hearts) just want their pvp gear back .
    Most hard pvp players don't raid and they shouldn't have to raid.
    You think i want to subscribe to Legion, but i don't. Legion is garbage to most hard core pvp players. I'm not about to EVEN touch LEGION or any other Expansions that SCREWS over pvp players.

  20. wrong move blizzard, my friends and family will label me a nerd for streaming games in fb. leave gaming in twitch. there is a reason twitch is alive and well

  21. "blizzard client"… you idiots. Threw away a 20 year old powerhouse of a brand that was What happened to the blizzard I loved?

  22. I hated you Blizzard.Because of you Tf2 is ruined.You should know what you have done to that poor game.I hope your company will ruined like you ruined Tf2.

  23. plz blizzard I've been waiting for a new update on the Xbox one my brother as well both if us are waiting for sombra plz make sombra for abox one overwatch

  24. this is bs i linked my fb account but now my fb acount is disabled so now i cant even access my overwatch can anyone please help

  25. what if i want to stream without facebook ? i dont like any of these "social platforms"

  26. Is there a way to stream more than a minute? I keep on testing the stream thing but only shows up a 1 min video on Facebook….

  27. Great choice, Facebook, the place where you keep all the people you only want to contact on birthdays and holidays or if a common acquaintance dies.

  28. Hey!
    I have updated my blizzard acc and I have used it for several times on my fb acc, but the icon has disappeared. How can I fix it?

  29. how do i enable it again? the video icon is now gone and the gear icon on my friends list doesnt have a settings for the live video?

  30. Note: You cannot stream StarCraft: Remastered or Destiny 2 gameplay via Blizzard Streaming. Blizzard Streaming is not currently available for Mac® users.


  31. It is. Or working the live streaming is not working and the icon to go live is no longer there I regret buying call of duty over this fucky blizzard. I should have forget my pc and focus on my PlayStation this shot streaming is no longer working it is not even there anymore

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