Introducing Brutal Assault: philosophy of the festival

I gotta say that our main concept is still the same over all those years. We’ve just been able to invite and host the best bands the respective genres have to offer. This is a source of our pride and this makes the festival a special event. Truth to be told, we had to step up our game in-order-to be able to bring the best bands out there. And to ensure attractive standard of services available to the fans. And this sometimes attracts a specific type of criticism, which says we are no longer an underground festival. but this is not true we still have the same underground spirit We just need to uphold certain standards. There’s no blueprint for festival organization, most festivals just learn by trial and error. Maybe if you’re in a cultural environment where festivals are a tradition you can draw some inspiration from that or you can, take a look what’s going on abroad. When we first came to Josefov and saw the fortress we immediately knew this was THE PLACE. We’ve been here ever since, fallen in love with the place and as time passed we’ve started to think about the fortress in new ways. The longer we’ve been here the better idea we have about utilization of the space and of particular areas. We’ve been organizing the fest here since 2007 and over the time we’ve blended with the local community and took roots in the fortress which was giving us much. And we wanted to give something back and hence we came up with the ‘BA sobě’ campaign. Basically, we go to the fortress in our spare time and together with the festival fans whom we take with us we work on developing and cultivating of the fortress. Huge parts were damaged over time and millions of manhours would be required to fix the fortress entirely and obviously no-one has the funds to do it all and at once so we are least trying to put in some of our energy to help revitalize the fortress. For example the entire area of Octagon (Oriental stage and the enclosed galleries and spaces) could only be opened thanks to this campaign. It wouldn’t be possible without it. Genre-speaking BA was always about extreme music predominately about extreme metal and it will always be about extreme metal. But besides that the extreme also offers some other extreme attitudes and we wanna also showcase that to ensure stylistic diversity. However, the majority will always be extreme metal, this is the foundation of our festival. Same as some other types of festivals a metal festival is also a very culturally rich environment, quite possibly much more than some people would think. I think the society still lives in that kind of prejudice universe where metalheads are part of some greasy long-haired-beer-drinking-bratwurst-consuming monoculture. These times are a long gone if it ever was true. Quite on the contrary I think the metal subculture is one of the most thriving, most variable and deepest subcultures of them all. We can talk about vegans, we talk about strict adherents to black metal etc, there are people listening to very varied types of music and people who adhere to huge variety of principles in their lives and I think that our festival does a great job in bringing all these platforms together. Well in the beginning it really kinda was about the bratwurst and beer or lemonade but we’ve came a long way since those times and the fans have walked with us. And they’ve also walked long way in their lives and I’m quite sure they don’t wanna eat just the bratwurst and drink just the beer, they want a variety to choose from. We do think ecologically about our fest and it is also often said that BA is the biggest of the intimate shows. So yeah BA is a big fest, but we still do have the intimate contact with the bands and with each other. For example, the Oriental (Octagon) stage is the epitome of this; you can have club-like type of experience on a big open air, which is certainly not common. For example, when we first introduced ecological cups or deposit on cups, there was immediately huge drop in waste scattered around the festival area. Before that we were not able to keep the festival clean even when employing tens of workers for this sole purpose and the area kinda looked like a trash dump. There is more to come in the regard. We think about the festival as of an organic city with its own services, shops, obviously cultural activities or chillout zones. This is a different philosophy than what most other festivals exercise and we have the huge advantage of the local genius loci. When we take a look back to our first volume in Josefov, we’ve used one third of this year’s festival area. Every year we are thinking about new spaces and working hard to make them available to our fans. Every year we are thinking about new concepts, what kind of installations and stages and so forth we could have to make things more interesting and lively for the fancy. It may look to some that we’ve exhausted the potential already, but we are sure there are more new interesting spaces we will open for the fans in the future. I think that the fans do see this. The diversity and comfort our fortress has to offer is unique and unmistakable and the fans are happy to see new things and services every year and when they’re happy about the work we did it charges us with more energy. We’ve always wanted to make the festival in such a way we would appreciate and enjoy if we were the festivalgoers. Make it in such a way that would make us wanna come back again. This year we have Suicidal Tendencies headlining a warm-up party already on Tuesday and it will certainly be the biggest warm up of all times. So if you have the time make sure to come already on Tuesday, we will be very happy to welcome YOU! And the full festivities will commence on Wednesday…

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