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Why should I pay Rs. 500? Every day I go by majestic
to Aaraam Nagar. It just costs Rs. 150. You want Rs. 500. If I complaint against you then your
auto and license will be seized. I should never see you again. ‘Till three days ago
our hero was a superman.’ ‘What happened in three days
that he has become so sad?’ – Mother, give me towel.
– Why did you get wet again today? – Are you mad?
– What will you do if you become sick? Did I dream that it would rain? – Come on. Leave it.
– Okay, go and have a bath now. – Sheela.
– Yes. The rain has stopped.
So go and hang clothes for drying. Do that work later. – Will you eat omelet son?
– No, mother. Leave it. ‘Greetings.’ ‘You all are welcome
to the program Kitty with Kiran.’ ‘Today we have with us
Girinagar’s corporator..’ ‘..Mr. Murthy of ward number eight.
Welcome, sir.’ My son forgets everything
once his program starts. ‘Is it true that there
is no water in your ward?’ ‘You get Bisleri
in shop for drinking.’ ‘You get it but for
that you need to pay.’ ‘My serial is going to start.’ I will snatch the remote saying
that glass is broken in the house. Hopefully my son agrees
and gives me the remote. ‘Why have people chosen you?
To buy drinking water?’ ‘I cannot give water to everyone.’ ‘If you cannot give then
why are you a corporator?’ ‘This is basic right of public.’ ‘You do not teach me
the basic rights of people.’ ‘Public has elected me.’ ‘Forget about all this.
Is your area clean?’ ‘Till last month it was fine
but I have not checked this month.’ ‘You should check it then.’ Son, give me the remote. – I want to see as well.
– Can’t I see? I want to watch serial. Why do you want to watch serial?
Leave it. Today mother-in-law is
going to burn daughter-in-law. I want to see whether
she will die or survive. For last one week
even I am watching. The drama of mother-in-law
and daughter-in-law is not ending. Neither mother-in-law
nor daughter-in-law dies. That is not the case. It is a very nice serial. You will also like it if
you watch it. Please give me. You will not benefit
in any way by watching serial. Watch news channel, mother. If you do so then you will come to
know what is happening in the world. You will get more knowledge, mother. ‘Okay forget about this as well.’ ‘Will you tell us how much property you
had before you became a corporator?’ Son, if you give me remote
then I shall give you Rs. 20. I will give you Rs. 10
more but watch this. ‘Why? Why is it
taking so much time?’ Look at her. News reporter should be such. Her eyes, her talks.. Her style! Isn’t it superb? She is superb. Do one thing,
marry her if you find her. If I find her then I will
elope with her and marry her. Hey! Give me. Come on. – Give me the remote.
– Now it is my turn. – Why did the electricity conk off?
– Now you can watch. I curse the person who has
disconnected the electricity. Hey, whom are you cursing so much? Who else but the one who has
disconnected the electricity? I have removed the fuse. Why did you do this? I will slap and then
you will be fine. Stupid. You both will suffer. You both do not do any work. Just eat and watch
TV the entire day. Look at him. He eats the whole day and
then runs 20kms without any reason. – He has become obese.
– What has happened to you today? What has happened? Your son is 26 years old. Our son has grown up. – Shall we get him married?
– Do you want to get her married? Who will their daughter
to this useless fellow? No one gives daughter
to a useless fellow.. ..who just sits home and watches TV. The girl’s family would not
like to even see him. Understood. Listen to what I am saying, son. Go to Bangalore for a month
and start doing some work. And set your life. Why don’t you understand? Are you going to get some
kind of wealth after I die.. ..if you keep enjoying like this? I am just a manager
in a small company. If tomorrow my boss asks me.. ..to leave the job as he
does not need my services then.. ..I will have to stay
on road with both of you. Everyone will keep
calling me Govinda.. – Where will we get money for eating?
– I will get the money. Where will you get money from? Nowadays I am doing
part time AC work. That I will do full time. Did you study M.Sc
to do such kind of work? Oh God, I am very unfortunate. I cannot explain him. You do something about him. This is visiting card. This company is in Bangalore. He is friend of my boss. I have talked about him with my boss.
He has said that work will be done. Running in the ground the whole day,
making videos.. ..and sleeping the entire day
and watching TV. Ask him to leave all this
and go to Bangalore immediately. I will not go.
I will not go, mother. He is saying that he will not go.
Forget it. Don’t irritate me. He is a fool and you
are also supporting him. Can’t you explain to him? I earn and make you eat so that is
why you talk to me with so much pride. You will understand when I die. I am saying the truth.
You will understand then. I will kill myself. – What is this!
– Oh, God! Listen, why did you close the door? – Hey..
– She started it again? – Open the door. Open the door. – Now
the drama of the drama queen starts. I will convince him. Open the door. He listens to me.
I will convince him. Come here, son. For God’s sake go to Bangalore.
For the sake of my husband. Okay, I will go.
But I have a condition. Tell him. I am listening.
Tell me what the condition is. After giving interview
I will roam in Bangalore once. Only if I like it 1%
I will stay there.. ..otherwise I will
come back to my village. Tell your husband about this. They want me to go to Banglore. – Has he gone? – They have
lived all their life in village.. – ..and now they are sending me to
Bangalore. – Tell him that I have agreed. Why are you worrying? Everyone’s dreams
get fulfilled in Bangalore. That is colorful world. Let him go once. Then he will not come
even if you call him back. He will spend his entire life there. Take this and give it
to him for spending. Go quickly. – Go.
– Okay, okay.. – Hello.
– Hello. – Where are you now?
– I am near the dam. Near the dam? – Yes.
– What are you doing there? I was thinking that
how Ramayan’s Raavan.. ..would have been delivered
normal delivery or caesarean. Stupid, if you would have thought
intelligently on proper matters.. ..then you would
have been set by now. Forget about that.
Meet me at the tea stall. Why? I am going to Bangalore
so drop me on the way. Oh! So my brother is going to Bangalore.
I will be there. My brother knows how
to pay money as well. Shubhu, drop me and then come back. Hold this. – Why are giving me this?
– Hold it and sit at the back. It is too heavy.
Have you filled stones in this? – Write it in the account.
– Okay fine. Why are you suddenly
going to Bangalore? I don’t know.
My father has gone crazy. He is telling me that what will
I do in village after doing M. Sc. Go and do work in Bangalore. What can I do? He is my father
so will have to listen to him. I am not interested
in going to Bangalore. I will go once and then come back. Why are you going to Bangalore?
This is such a big lake. Catch fish and your life
will run smoothly. This is for people like you. I am going to Bangalore but
nothing should happen to my bike. Understood. – Leave me. Leave me..
– Here. Take this. – Leave him. Leave him.
– Beat him. Beat him. – What kind of children are they?
– Leave him. Leave him. Give it to me. Leave it.
Come on, leave it. What are you all doing? – Leave him.
– Run quickly. Hurry up. Are you in pain?
Who are those children? – Are they your friends?
– Yes. What were they stealing from you? Do you have chocolates
in your pocket? – Is there money in it?
– No. – Show me what is it that you have?
– No. – Hey, you are a sweet child so
show me what you have. – No, no.. – I will not tell.
– Show it to me. Leave it, sir. Why are you getting
involved with that mad boy? Such children should be given
food when they are hungry. You all give money. If you wish to give
then give bread or biscuit. With the money you
give he will buy drugs.. ..and they all were
fighting for those drugs. – I see this every day.
– Leave me. Did you see?
Whatever I was saying was right. Auto. – Where? – Will you take me
to Raja Rajeshwar Nagar? – Do you know the way?
– No, I do not. – I am new to the city.
– It will cost 300 rupees. – 300 rupees.
– Yes. By adding 10 rupees more
I shall go back to my village. Go then. What are you doing here? As it is Bangalore
is full of fools now. Get lost. He is driving an auto with father’s
money and is trying to dominate me. Why do you want 500 rupees? I go to Aaram Nagar every day
by majestic and it costs 150 rupees. You want 500 rupees. If I complaint against you.. ..then your auto and
license will be seized. – Go and do it.
– Hey! ‘Hey, she is Kiran.’ ‘Shall I talk to her?’ Stop. Will you eat groundnut?
Eat it my friend. – Thank you.
– Only 5 rupees. Go and buy it from there. Oh God, she is so beautiful. Idiot, he calls groundnut a pizza. – Stupid, idiot!
– I shall go and meet her. Is anybody watching? No one is watching. Hey.. – Hello.
– Hello. – What is your name?
– Shah Rukh Khan. Oh! – How will you enjoy if you touch me
so softly? – What do you mean? Stop being Shah Rukh Khan
and touch like Kareem Khan. Oh, is that the case? Listen to me.
If you touch so lightly.. ..then neither you nor I will enjoy. Hug me tightly. Hug me till you wish
to and then you can leave me. – Come. I am ready.
– Come on, let’s go in a corner. – Why are you taking tension? Come on.
– You don’t understand. There are many people around.
Let’s go in a corner. – Let’s go in a corner.
– Come on. This is a public place.
I will get thrashed. Hey, didn’t you understand when you
were touching me in public place? Now come and hug me. – Hey, you are misunderstanding me.
– Come on. – I am not that kind of a person.
– Hey! – I am going madam.
– Where are you running, fatty? – Come on. I will kill you.
– Hey, are you Shah Rukh Khan? Go now otherwise you
will be in pain. Get lost. Meet me later and
then I will tell you. What is it? Can’t you see and walk? What should I do? She will feel bad if I talk to her. It is not good to
mess up unnecessarily. Let me forget it for time being.
Will think about it later. Auto, auto.. Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. I shall go only till Maleshwaram. Put up a board of Majestic
to Maleshwaram. Go away from here. – Do one thing. You put up a board.
– Get lost from here. I don’t know whom
did I see before leaving. Darn it! Excuse me. – Yes. you.
– Me? Yes. Are you going to Raja
Rajeshwari Nagar as well? Yes. – Where in Rajeshwari Nagar?
– That.. If you don’t mind.. To this address. Even I am going to the same place. – Your name?
– Kiran. This is my name. You tell me yours. Even my name is Kiran. Wow! What a co-incidence? Let’s do one thing.
We shall share the auto. And share the cost equally. Commercial thinking. Okay. Let’s go. What kind of auto did I catch? – What happened?
– There is no gas, madam. Oh no.. Hello! Hello! The gas has got over. Ask from father, mother.
Why are you disturbing me? He seems to be a fool. Get up. You are in Bangalore
and not at your mother’s place. The gas of this auto is over.
Come on. How much is the cost? Take the money Give me 40 rupees. 40 rupees. – Thank you, madam.
– What kind of a man he is? Hey, let’s go from this side. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Walk quickly. Auto, auto.. – What is the cost for this?
– 2 for 20 rupees. – It is very expensive.
– 2 for 20 rupees. – Reduce the price.
– Why did you stop? – For how much do you want?
– Give me 2 for 10 rupees. What will I get? Okay, take. Who are you all?
Where are you taking me? Help! – Sit inside. Come on.
– Help! Help! Leave me. Leave me. Come on, sit. Help. Help. I am asking you to leave me. – Leave me. Help.
– Shut up. – Keep your mouth shut.
– Leave me. – Drive fast.
– Help.. Help.. – Drive fast.
– Please save me. – Hold her.
– Help. Leave me. Kiran, please help me. Kiran! Please hurry up. Help me. Please help. Leave me. Help! Please help. Help! Please help. Kiran. How dare you? Get up. Hey! Sir, what are you doing? Hey.. Come on, get up. Get up. Sir, this is Bakra prank.
We are doing shooting. In our bakra prank today
Kiran is the participant. And host is Kiran too. And this gift is being
given by Shrikant. Kiran please.. – Thank you.
– Thank you. He came behind me
for such a petty thing. He took such a big risk. By fighting for me you won my heart. I hope you are not hurt. Hurt? And that too this body.
No, never. Okay. Where do you
stay in Bangalore? I do not know about
any area in Bangalore. You are taking me and
I am following you. That’s it. Hello, I want to know that
where do you stay in Bangalore? – Area?
– Yes. Actually I am not from
Bangalore but from Mudukkari. What? – From Mudukkari?
– Yes. I had thought that you would.. ..have come to Bangalore
from Nepal to sell sweaters. You stay in a village
and yet you are so stylish. What is this madam?
What are you talking? Do you know Mr. Upendra had
come to our village for shooting? He took all costumes
for his film from there. Oh! There is a lot of difference
between your village and our city. What is it? – Trees are more there and less houses.
– Correct. Here houses are more and less trees. So bad. – What have you come to Bangalore for?
– Yes. My father was being very stubborn.. ..and asked me to come
to Bangalore to give interview. I will attend the interview and
then I will roam once in Bangalore. If I like it even 1%
only then I will stay back. Otherwise I will go back. Do you know anyone in Bangalore? I have come here for
the first time in life. I do not know anyone here. Then how will you roam
around alone in Bangalore? I do not understand. He wants to roam around in
Bangalore and does not know anyone. Oh my God. No problem.
Don’t worry. I will do something. Just wait for two hours.
I will do something. – Okay.
– Okay. Thank you. It’s okay. For the first time in life.. I am feeling so safe
in moving around with a boy. ‘Very good, brother.
She is feeling the magic.’ I want to tell you a truth. There are many people
who say lies in this world. But if you want to tell
me the truth then go on. Tell me, I want to hear. You run the program very
well and you are nice too. By saying that you wanted to say
the truth you started speaking lies. “From the time I have met you
I have got trapped in your smile.” “I like your talks
and want to get lost in you.” “I talk to myself about you.” “For you I live and die.” “Do something dear.
Give me punishment.” “I have started
living in your light.” “I have started getting
lost in your lane.” “I have started
living in your light.” “I have started getting
lost in your lane.” “Time will pass by moving along
with you. The weather looks lovely.” “You had faith in me and it feels
as if I have achieved something.” “My heart wants this moment to stop.
And I just want to get lost in you.” “Just give me permission
to roam around with you.” “I have started
living in your light.” “I have started getting
lost in your lane.” “I have started
living in your light.” “I have started getting
lost in your lane.” “I have started living,
I have started getting lost.” “I have started living,
I have started getting lost.” “In your lane..” “I feel scared that I might lose
you. Come quickly and sing with me.” “You have injured me
with your killing looks.” “My world was empty
and you came and filled it.” “I feel like staying
with you all the time.” “I have started
living in your light.” “I have started getting
lost in your lane.” “I have started
living in your light.” “I have started getting
lost in your lane.” “In your lane..” “I have started living..” “I have started living..” “I have started getting lost.” “I have started living..” Stop here. – Shall I give 100 rupees.
– Okay give. – Take it.
– Hold this change. – Thank you.
– Okay, madam. Look that is the place where
you have to go for interview. Okay. This is my college. I have to talk something
to the principal. If I come first then
I will wait for you.. ..and if you come first
then you wait for me. – Okay. – Bye.
– Bye. Veena, come quickly.
I am waiting for you. Please! Okay, bye. Hey, are you waiting since long? No, I came here just sometime back. – How was the interview?
– It was very nice. – Okay.
– Now I just have to see Bangalore. Give me two hours of time.
I have to go to channel. Then.. Don’t take tension.
My friend Veena is coming. She is always free. I have called her.
She will reach here anytime. Oh! Okay. Hey, there is my friend. [English rap song] – Hi Kiran.
– Hi. Why did you ask me to come
here soon? Who is your friend? He is Kiran. What is this?
You have named him Kiran as well. Not she but my parents
have named me. He looks to be average
but seems to show a lot of style. – Are you having an affair?
– Hey, don’t misunderstand anything. He has come from village today.. ..and I have got acquainted
with him today itself. Hi, Veena. He wants to see Bangalore.
Please do that. Please. You are free today. There is no place for people
to stand in Bangalore.. ..and he has come to see it. If you say then I will
take him to Carbon Park.. – ..Vidhan Sabha and Lal Baug.
– Is this much fine? Please agree dear.
Only you can safeguard my dignity. Only for two hours.
I will be back by then. Make him understand not to comment
on me thinking that I am a girl. I know that my eyes
and figure is good. It will cost him a great deal.. ..if he thinks of me as an
ordinary girl on seeing my looks. Leave it. Kiran, he is Veena. She is a girl but her
behavior is like that of boys. [English rap song] [English rap song] What are you doing? Drive slowly. There is no seat belt in this.
Amazing. – Why? Are you scared of death?
– It is not about being scared. We drive safely but
what is the guarantee.. ..that the other person
is driving safely. What if we get handicapped after
getting banged against the car? You should not think
about negative things in life. Sometimes a person
should think positive. Really? I am HIV positive.
Is that okay? That is why I am saying that sometimes
in life negative is beneficial. One minute. Keep sitting in the car.
I will get something. Be careful. Excuse me. Hey, I am talking to you. Excuse me. Can’t you hear? How dare you push me? What did you think? That you
will push me and I will spare you. – What do you think of yourself?
– Madam! Madam! From today you will
not push any girl. Take this. Miss Veena, leave him. – You do not know him.
– Why are you thrashing him? Everyone is watching.
Come on let’s go. You do not interfere.
Get lost from here. Come here, blacky. – You enjoy a lot in pushing girls. Fine.
– What kind of a girl is she? This is not the way you push.
I will teach you. Stay in your limits. – Oh, God!
– What are you doing? Aren’t you ashamed of the fact that
you easily got thrashed by that girl? You are a stigma
to manliness, blacky. We boys should always
be like batsman and bowlers.. ..and not like keepers. Understood. Hey, do not go on my black color. I am also a super
batsman like Gayle. Damn it. You.. Listen, thinking he is a man
you should have thought twice. Should I have thought? – He must have banged
against you by mistake. – Listen! He did not bang against me
by mistake but he did it purposely. If h would have banged
against me by mistake. Then he would have stopped
and apologized when I stopped him. But instead he started running. That means he is a cheater. That is why I taught him a lesson. Oh God. Such girls will
not be found in our village. What kind of girls is found there? Come over sometime.. ..and you will come to know what types
of girls are there on seeing them? Is that so? Have you ever
fallen in love with someone? Yes I did. Not here but there. – When was this?
– In 2nd class. – Love in 2nd class?
– My love story is superb. A girl was going in front of me.. ..and I went ahead and stood
in front of her and stared at her. – So? In one month my love story
was over. – How did that happen? – Do you know what she told my mother?
– What did she say? She went and said
that his son teases me. After that not only have
I stopped teasing girls.. ..but even stopped looking at them. Who wants to get
unnecessarily thrashed? I understood it that very moment
that it is not easy to woo a girl. Don’t you have a simple love story? For five years,
I loved him whole heartedly. Even he loved me a lot. He always said that he
would always stay with me. He will always support me
in pain as well as in happiness. Poor fellow,
he was unfortunate like me. A girl called him
when I was with him. He forgot that I was with him
and he started talking to that girl. I got upset and left in anger. I thought he would call me
and apologize to me. And tell me who that girl is. Who was she? That he was talking
to her inspite of my presence. But he did not call. Not just 2-3 days
but months passed away. His new girl friend
must have stopped him.. ..so that is why he did not call me. Ms Veena, what if he is waiting
for your call just as you are waiting. There is no chance.
Boys can never think in this way. Ms Veena, all boys are not the same. When boys like us love someone.. ..then maybe we lose our
lives but will not forget our love. This is what you are saying If he truly loved me then
he should have called me once. If you really love him
then why don’t you call him? I had thought of calling him
but could not. I became egoistic.
He should be calling. You can sacrifice your life for love
but cannot leave your ego. Stop the car somewhere.
We will have juice. Okay, I will stop the car here.
You go and drink. Hold this Hanumant. – Take this, madam.
– Thank you. Sir, give me two orange juice, parcel. – Do you want parcel?
– Yes, sir. It will take some time.
There are other orders as well. Okay. Brother, give me a cigarette. Thank you, brother. Work faster.
How much time will you take? – Is it ready, sir?
– Just wait for two minutes. Sir, you cannot smoke
in public place. Leave it.
In foreign people kiss in public. In India people pee anywhere.
Will you do it too? – Sorry.
– Yes. No one understands when
someone explains lovingly. ‘Veena!’ ‘So he is the one..okay. Okay.’ Brother, we have got acquainted
through a small match stick. I hope you will not mind
if I ask you a small question. Ask. Who is this girl? She is my life. You are calling her
your life and still weeping. Our relationship
went on for five years. Two months ago we broke up. A small misunderstanding
took place between us. We started fighting every day. Then she left me angrily. Whether it was my mistake or her
it was only me who apologized. Everything was fine after that. But this time misunderstanding
became too much. After that she started
avoiding me continuously. I thought if we do not talk
for 3-4 days then she will value me. I thought wrong.
Two days have changed into 2 months. And in these two months.. ..forget about calling me
she did not even give me a miss call. If she really loved me sir.. ..then she should have
given me one call in two months. You both thought that
the other one will call.. ..and in this way
you both did not call. A person can tolerate any pain.. ..but I pray that not even an enemy.. ..has to suffer pain
of separation of love. Okay, fine. If she comes in front
of you and apologizes.. ..and says that there is
no one in her life except you. What will you do then? The thing is sir that
all this is not required. I will be happy if
she comes and talks to me. I will treat her like a queen. Okay, then come with me. Ms Veena, have this strawberry juice. I got it because you like it. Who told you that
I like strawberry juice? – Your heart said so.
– Did my heart tell you? Your lover’s heart told me. I have only loved him
and will always love him. Now I am not going to get him. Oh no. Ms Veena,
this world is like a balloon.. ..and people usually
bang against each other. Who knows who will meet us when? Just as I met you some time back. No one can predict anything. No one knows whom
we may meet and when? By chance I met your lover. “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” How dare you leave me and go? I don’t want anything
else in this world. I love you. – I accept my mistake.
– I missed you so much. I love you. I love you.. Don’t ever think of leaving me.
Promise me. – Brother!
– Yes? Where are you going? Yu both have met after a long time
so I don’t want to disturb you. Listen Veena,
at least remain happy now. All the best. Don’t worry Veena,
I will call up Kiran. Oh, God!
I hope you will not leave him now. Will you eat biscuit? Eat this. Now you are fine. Will you have tea, madam? – Yes, give me.
– Okay. – Do you want?
– No, thanks. Hey! – Hello.
– Can you hear? – Yes, tell me.
– What should I tell? Why? What happened? – Punit sir.
– Punit sir? Okay, thank you. Hello. – Kiran, you have live program
with law minister at 9 pm. – Okay. – Is it okay?
– Okay. Hello! Hello, hello.. Hello. After calling me whom
were you talking to? I was talking to power
star Punit Rajkumar, madam. – With Punit Rajkumar?
– Yes, with him. – Okay. Where are you now?
– Where am I? Doctor Raj Kumar. I am standing
near the tomb of Dr. Raj Kumar. Okay, pay homage
from my side as well. Anyone will pay homage
to such a great man. Sir, I want
your blessings all the time. Now tell me. Okay. Where is Veena? – She has gone?
– Gone? – She went with her boyfriend.
– But she had a break up. I got their patch up done
in my own way. How did you meet her boyfriend? The world is very small madam.
Anyone can meet anyone anywhere. Forget it.
She met him and went away with him. Let us talk about ourselves.
Is your work over? More work has come in.
Wait, I will talk to someone else. Okay, fine. But please don’t introduce me
to a girl this time. That is not the case.
My cousin brother Akshay is free. He will come. Okay. What will I do till that time? Hello. The phone got disconnected. Okay. “Hello..” He never picks up the phone. – Tell me, Kiran.
– How can I say? In which club are
you and with which girl? I just had a bath and
was going to offer prayers. Tell me why you called me. Keep quiet. You cannot fool me. Hello, if you talk nonsense
then I will disconnect the phone. Wait, I need your help. Do you need help? Will you get my setting done
with your friend Shonaya? Don’t talk nonsense?
Will you help me or not? When I am talking it is nonsense.
Okay tell me how can I help you? A friend of mine
has come from village. So at last you are trapped.
Is he your boyfriend? That is not the case.
He is just a friend. He has come today and
wants to see Bangalore. I want your help for him.
Tell me will you help me or not? Of course I will help you.
Tell me where he is. He is near the tomb
of Raj Kumar sir. So your work is done.
Just message me his phone number. I will pick him up. Hello. Hi, bro. I am Akshay speaking.
Kiran’s cousin brother. – Hi, Akshay.
– Where are you now? I am standing outside
Shree Krishna bakery.. ..next to bus stop opposite
to tombstone of Raj Kumar. Yes. – Green color t-shirt. Right.
– Yes. – Hello.
– Akshay. Yep. Come on. – Shall we go?
– Yes. Hey, I don’t like formalities.
Say whatever you wish to speak openly. I would like that.
Did you understand? Come on I shall show you
glamour of Bangalore today. I am asking you to go on quietly. You are very simple, buddy. – Do you go to pub?
– No. – Have you ever played snooker?
– Yes, I have played. Okay. – Hi, baby.
– Hi. He is my friend Kiran. – Hello.
– Hi. Wow! You are so handsome. Your body is so nice. Extremely hot. What a shot? – Move aside.
– Hey, what’s wrong? – What are you doing?
– I was just.. What is all this? You are an Indian girl.. ..and for us tradition,
thinking, rituals.. ..limits and society are everything.
Understood. There are certain rules for girls
so stay within them. One large, please. What kind of clothes have you worn? You entire body can
be seen in these clothes. You will look beautiful
if you cover it. You have so less clothes
when you are in.. ..but how many will
remain when you will go out. Enough, brother. I am sorry if I have said
something wrong. Bye. I did not know that girls
are such in Bangalore. Oh no.. What will you take, buddy? Rum, whisky, brandy,
gin, wine or beer. Water. Hey brother, didn’t you like it? No. What is your problem? – I have come to see Bangalore.
– Hey, this is Bangalore. Not the Bangalore made by you
but made by Kempe Gowda. – You are not going to find that.
– I will find it. Do you want to see? You will never be able
to see with open eyes. Be with me and I will show you. First Rajni sir came
and now everyone wants to be like him. First there were many trees here
and now there are only pillars. Under such situation where
will you find the old Bangalore? Come, I will take you to heaven. Look at this.
This is heaven made by me. This is my property, buddy. Hey dude, what’s up? Nothing special bro. – Hi, friends.
– Hi. Hi! Hi, bro. You will be able to see
real Bangalore from here. – Hey, baby.
– Hi. Hi, dude. What’s up? – I am RK.
– I am Kiran. Kiran, she is Ayesha. – Hi.
– Hello. – Vinod.
– Hi. – Yusuf.
– Hi. – And Arvind next to you.
– Hi. Hello, this way.
I am here and alive. Sorry boss. Kiran, Jogi Bhai. Hello, sir. Not hello but hall. Hall of heart. The condition of
my heart is like a hall. Girls use my heart.
They come, walk, enjoy and leave. My dear new friend,
I will give you knowledge for free. If girls try to woo you then
take care or otherwise don’t care. I am always alright. Don’t pay attention
to what he is saying. His girlfriend has just dumped him. Brahma, why did you
forget to put brains.. ..in their body while making girls? They break hearts of boys like us.
Life has become like a mystery. You born as a girl
and you will realize.. ..how it feels when
your life gets spoiled. Why are you dragging
Brahma in between? Because he has put a
mark of okay on every girl. But ob life of each of us boys
he has put a mark of learning. – Am I saying right, my dear old friend?
– You are saying right. I am always right. He is always like this.
Don’t take him seriously. Okay. Akshay, where is rest room here? Behind you. Yes. It is absolutely good.
Use as much as you want. Go quickly. – Hey, why have you touched me?
– What are you doing? Remove this hand first. Leave me.
Do you know whose son I am? Whose son are you?
Hey, come on arrest everyone. What are you doing? Get up. Come on I will take
you to police station. I do not have time.
I am not going to come to station. Your father will come too. – Do you know whose son I am?
– Sir, I have not done anything. – Leave me.
– Come on, let’s go. Come on. – Inspector! Inspector, this is going to
cost you dearly. – Leave me. Leave me. Quietly. Come on move quietly. – Come on.
– Let go of me. – No one should escape from here.
– Okay, sir. – Hello, father.
– Yes, son. An inspector has come here
and is troubling us. – Just talk to him.
– Okay, give the phone. – Talk to him.
– Who is it? Talk to him. – Hello.
– I am MLA speaking. – Yes, sir.
– Can you hear or not? – Yes sir, I can hear you.
– Did you arrest my son? – Yes, sir I have arrested him.
– And his friends as well. We have arrested his entire gang. Have you seen movie OM? Yes sir, I have seen it thrice. Do you remember how the culprits
were thrashed after making them naked? – Yes sir. – Similarly, thrash
my son after making him naked. His voice should reach Vidhan Sabha. Okay, sir. Listen, your mother is head
of animal welfare association. She raises voice when
a dog is dragged on road. Will she remain quiet
if her son is dragged? – Call her.
– Right. I will call her. – Hello, mother.
– Yes, tell me son. – This inspector is troubling me.
– Who? Make him understand. Yes. This man has irritated me a lot.
Talk to him. – Give him the phone.
– Okay, I will give. Talk to her. Come on. – Hurry up and talk.
– Inspector, did you arrest my son? Yes, madam. – Today he got arrested
with entire gang. – Very good. – Have you seen Tejaswini movie?
– I have seen it, madam. The way Vijyashanti drags Amrish
Puri’s son by putting handcuffs. Drag him in the same way. – Put all cases of drugs on him.
– Okay, madam. Take it. Is there still anyone left? Your parents’ did not support you
so call your uncle. Leave it. My father asked to thrash,
mother asked to put handcuffs.. ..and if I call uncle
he will ask them to hang me. Stay calm. Let me think something. – Let’s go, sir. let’s go.
– Come on. Hey, you got us trapped.
This is wrong. Don’t worry. I have a huge heart. Hey Kiran, shall we start? Wait for a minute. When will your one minute get over? Hold this. Keep the phone on silent mode. – Why silent? I shall switch it off.
– Yes, give it to me. – Okay, do it. Fine.
– Here. – Actually you are enemy of my phone.
– Okay, come on. Akshay.. Akshay.. – Who are you?
– I am with Akshay. Akshay? The police just arrested
Akshay and his gang. You are lucky that you escaped.
Come on hurry up and move from here. Police arrested him. Darn it!
I don’t know what is happening? Let me call Kiran. ‘The number you are trying
to reach is switched off.’ ‘It’s switch off.’ Oh, God! What should I do? Hello, boss.
Please buy it. It is very good. I don’t want it. He knows Marathi. Wait, boss. I am giving it to you
at a very cheap rate. These are smuggled goods and you
will not get such kind of thing again. Just see it for once. Brother,
I have goggles with me, brother What are you saying? I will not
ask for money if you just see it. Just take it in your hand and see. – Very nice. – That is why I was
asking you to take it in your hand. And now you are
giving it back to me. I do not take back the goods
once I sell it to customer. – Give me money.
– What? Money. 500 rupees. I am already in tension
so don’t irritate me. Now you don’t irritate me. – Tell me will you take back this or not?
– I will take it but only money. Come on, give me cash. Okay, let me go. Hey! – How dare you refuse me and leave?
– Take the goggles and leave my way. – What will you do otherwise?
– The result would be very bad. Will it bad? Let me see. Hey, how dare you mess up with us? Thrash him. Pierce it through. – Who thrashed me?
– He. [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] What? If you do business with love
then the business will prosper. Don’t you know this?
Will I have to teach you? Boss, sorry boss. Even I am your fan. I made a mistake. Just give me one chance. I will not repeat
this kind of mistake. I swear on my mother. [English rap song] [English rap song] – Hi.
– Thank you, brother. – Are you new in Bangalore?
– Yes, I am new. – Where do you stay?
– Chikmunglur. – Do you know Thalaiva?
– I know. I have stayed a lot in Mangalore. This is Bangalore. So stay alert. Today an honest officer left us.
No one knows how he died. Do you know about what I am saying? No, I don’t know. Our respected guest would
tell how to safeguard law. Come on let’s find out.
Tell us, sir. Sushil, take a little to the left. Zoom it. Fine. Okay. Listen, why aren’t you eating food?
What are you thinking? Nothing. Every time I scolded him
to earn money. I sent my only son to Bangalore. I don’t where he would
be and in what condition? What must he be doing?
Whether he would have eaten or not? I don’t feel like eating. ‘You kept on scolding him
when he was present..’ ‘..and now when he is not here
you are showing so much love.’ ‘I could not understand.’ – Tell me, mother.
– Where are you, son? – In London.
– London? You have sent me to Bangalore
so I will be in Bangalore. That is what I am asking.
How and where are you in Bangalore? Right now I cannot tell you anything. Once I come back, I will tell
everything. Keep the phone, please. Listen to me, son. A poet had rightly written.. ..that dust blown by a lorry
is same as something said by a girl. Listen, friend. Just be alert. Once a girl comes in your life
then everything changes. We see with two eyes, look here
and there and cry as well with them. But we wink with one eye
when a girl comes in front of us. You said it right, boss. But I could not understand all this. There is no need to understand.
Girls are such. We see them, like them
and then fall in love with them. We hug them and if a girl makes us
spend more, then we get irritated too. Once the girl leaves us then
we behave like Devdas as well. This is the story of girls.
Look there. The one who is standing like
an elephant wearing black goggles. This blacky. He is thinking whom to cheat.
Be alert here. This is Bangalore. Why are your eyes red?
Didn’t you sleep properly at night? The journey was long during night
so could not sleep. – So sleep here.
– What? Here, in park. Our leaders sleep in parliament
so can’t you sleep in park. – What are you saying?
– Okay. Will you take care of bag? What are you saying?
Am I sitting free here? Just 5 minutes ago we have got
acquainted and you are giving me work. I am not going to look after.
Understood. Place your bag under
your head and sleep. What nonsense are you talking? If you give advice to people
then they take advantage of you. Take care of my bag. My bag? Brother, please listen.. – Where is the one who was sitting here?
– He left with your bag. I don’t know.
He did not look to be a thief. Where did he go? All documents were in the bag. Brother, what has happened?
Have you lost something? What are you looking at? Can you see how many people
come and leave from here? Brother, I am feeling hungry. How will we eat?
My purse got stolen. Is that so? Wait for a minute. – What is this?
– This is money, brother. What will I do of this money? Look, there is food truck over there.
Eat properly with this money. Go and eat food.
I will stay back here. – Should I eat food with your money?
– Won’t they give food for my money? My mother has told me.. ..that you will be blessed
if you make a hungry person eat food. I am giving you money
thinking I will be blessed. – Don’t refuse, brother. Please.
– Give me. You talk so well.
Who has taught you all this? What happened? Tell me. Tell me. – Disappoint.
– Disappoint? Love, disappoint. Oh God. Love disappoint in this age. Hey, life has still not
started and from now on.. Maybe I am small
but I too have a heart. Can only elders fall in love?
Can’t small children do? If you do it is right
and if I do it is wrong. Even I have a love story.
Would you like to hear? I will tell you my story. I sell balloons here. Come and buy balloons.
10/- for one balloon. 10/- I sell 50-60 balloons in a day. In the evening I count
the money that I have earned.. ..by selling balloons the whole day. Then I enter into my area. No one can stand in
front of me in my area. I walk with pride. One day my heart asked me to stop. I saw towards me left. There
was a girl standing in the window. There was a beautiful
smile on her face. Like every day I went out
the next day to sell balloons. That day I did very less business. And when I entered my area.. ..that day I saw that same girl with
the same smile standing at the window. That smile made me happy
and I started walking with pride. Then I went home but could
not sleep the entire night. The entire night I
was dreaming about her. I got up early in the morning
and heated water to have a bath. It was one month and was Sankranti.
Next day was Shivratri. I got up quickly and
had a bath with hot water. I finished the entire soap.
In that happiness I left for my work. I did good business. The story has just started.
Do you know how I made an entry? With rose in my hand I
went near the window to find her. I got shocked. Why Chhotu? She did not
like your face so she dumped you. No brother, there was no girl staying
there but just a poster of a girl. My heart was broken.
That flower broke and fell down. So you loved a poster. You are amazing.. Brother, have you forgotten
that your bag has been stolen? Did I fall in love with a
girl in poster? I am a small boy. Won’t I understand
there is a girl in poster? I made a fake story to make
you laugh as you had lost your bag. – Really?
– One smile can do away with all sadness. Chhotu, come here quickly.
The material has come. Coming, one minute. Brother, my friends are calling.
I will leave. Bye-bye. Brother, don’t be sad.
Always keep smiling. I will come to meet you again. Mother has told me.. ..that I will be blessed
if I make a hungry person eat food. Excuse me. I am feeling very hungry.
Will you give me 20/- In Bangalore, people give
1/- with great difficulty.. ..and you are giving
me the entire money. Surely you must have
come from a village. – Tell me.
– Muddukari. – Brother, I lied to you.
– Lied? I asked money from
you to eat something.. ..but that was not for
eating but for drinking. Something starts happening
to me after drinking. I will not leave you on the road. I will take you to my
house and make you eat food. My wife cooks delicious food. She is Aishwarya Rai of our area. Come on follow me.
It will be fun. Come on. Sundari, listen to me. You are looking very beautiful today. Are you through? Go and do your work. I will do something
only if you let me do it. Look, this is my time for business.
Don’t waste my time. Get lost. Sundari, do you apply clarified
butter or oil on your body? I neither apply
clarified butter nor oil. I am sure you apply something
if not clarified butter or oil. I will slap you now. Don’t irritate
me so early in the morning. Get lost. I like you. I challenge you that
you apply clarified butter or oil. Where has this drunkard come from early
in the morning at the time of earning? What should I do? Forget about clarified butter and oil.
Tell me what is the challenge? Come closer, closer.. What are you doing? If I will not taste then how will
I come to know which oil you apply. You will not change this way.
Drunkard.. One cannot believe such people.
They take money and then change. How will I get peace of mind? That
can happen only after drinking 90ml. How can you get peace of mind? Look at this Bangalore.
It is so densely populated. So much pollution. Is this a life? Come to our village and see.
Everything is so neat and clean. Our life is colorful. Even our life is colorful. – How did color fall on me?
– It is Holi… It is Holi.. Brother, please let me go.
I just have one pair of clothes. I cannot play Holi. Look, Holi comes only once
in a year and that we will celebrate. Are you tensed about your clothes?
We will give you. Let’s go. “Look at him. He is looking hot.” “Look at his six packs.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “The girl chooses white color.” “I like your style.” “I am getting influenced by you.” “The color on you dear.. Love color,
lovely color and color of heart.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “Everyone is wet today
and no one will be spared.” “The sky seemed to be clear and now
it seems it has blue smiles on it.” “I am highly influenced by you.” “Come on take me somewhere far.” “Friends, look the world is colorful.” “The color on you dear.. Love color,
lovely color and color of heart.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “Everyone knows that the color
of your and my blood is the same.” “Come on friends let’s play Holi together
and religion does not stop anyone.” “Enjoy everyone and
do not waste time.” “You will not get this chance again.” “Dream colorful friends.” “The color on you dear.. Love color,
lovely color and color of heart.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” “What are you thinking staying away?
Come on let’s play Holi.” “Let’s make our life colorful.” Break. Still we not get any news about it. Now think that your
program is not going to start. Kiran has called so many times.
I switched it off because of you. I asked you to keep the phone
on silent but you switched it off. ‘The number you are trying
to call is not reachable.’ Now it is saying not reachable. If we are in basement
then our network will also go. You never know where he would be. Open the door. Your husband has come. Look, he is our guest. – Greetings.
– Greetings. He has not eaten anything since
morning so please go and cook for him. – Go.
– Just come in for a minute. Brother, sit down.
I cannot buy a sofa. What are you doing?
Leave her. What are you doing? – Why are you hitting her?
– I will not spare her. You stay away. – Wait, buddy.
– I will kill her. My friend has come from so far.. ..and she is saying that
there is no food in the house. Why haven’t you cooked food?
How dare you refuse? Tell me. I will kill you. – Go. Go away from my house.
– Buddy, this is not right. – Get lost.
– Where will she go? Hey, whom are you asking to go? – Are you asking me to leave?
– You get lost. – Sister, now you have started.
– What are you doing? I will kill you.
How dare you try to kill me? This is not going to work.
Today I will finish the matter. No. What were you going to do? Before getting married
to him and I had big dreams. I am not worried about
the fact that he troubles me. I had thought that I
would live my life somehow. On the first day of marriage
he stole my jewellery. Slowly, slowly he sold
the utensils of the house. That is not enough.
He went and sold my sacred thread. Even then he wasn’t ashamed. I go and to do household
chores for others.. ..and he steals the money I
earn for drinking. Brother, ask him. My life has become hell, brother. Even then I am happily
spending life with him. You tell me. Should I pay the
rent of the house or bring ration? Or go and buy alcohol for him. It is not manliness to
get married and have a child. Manliness is to take
care of your family properly. – Mother.
– Yes, dear. Are you crying, mother? No dear, I am not crying. What is this mother?
You sent me to school early morning.. ..saying that I would
get food to eat there. I did not get anything there.
Give me something to eat, mother. I have not eaten
anything since morning. – Give me something to eat, mother.
– My child.. I don’t know what sin have I committed
that I cannot serve food to you? You like offering made to God.
I shall get that for you. – Is it okay?
– You bring it and I will eat. Sit down. Eat this. As a brother I would
like to tell you something. A mistake can be
forgiven but not a crime. Whatever you have done till
now was a mistake. You can improve it. Seeing your daughter hungry
if you live like of a drunkard.. ..then that would not be less than
a crime. There is no apology for that. You brought me here to have food.
No problem, brother. The world is very small, brother. If we are alive then
we will surely meet. If you are able to
give food to your family.. ..then the tea that I will drink
with you would be like sacred water. I hope you would have
understood what I meant. I shall leave now. – Hello.
– Wow! At last you picked up the phone. Why? What happened? First you had sent Veena
and she found her boyfriend. And Aklshay was arrested by police. What? Police arrested him? Why? For what reason? He has made a mistake
so he had to be arrested. I was lucky so I was saved. Okay, so have you seen Bangalore? I have seen how much I wanted to see. Now tell me what
I have to see further. My work is over.
I shall come now. Where are you? Where am I?
There is a small stall around. I will ask and give you a call. Okay. Brother, which is this area?
Which is this area? He is dumb and deaf as well. Oh no 100/- over. Tell me where are you? How can I tell you?
He is not able to speak. He will not be able to
understand what he is saying.. ..now I will be able to
understand what he is saying. There must be someone around.
He will tell the location. One minute.
An inspector is coming this way. I shall ask him and then call you. Okay. One minute, sir. Sir, please tell me
the address of this place. First you pay 300/- as fine. Will I have to pay 300/-
fine for asking the address? Not for asking address
but for smoking in public place. Can’t you understand
such a small thing? Sorry. I am in tension. Will your tension be reduced by this? Come on pay 300/- as fine. Sir, forget about 300/- I
do not have even 3/-in my pocket. I teach a lesson to many
people like you every day. If you give me fine in hand then you
will have to pay 100/- otherwise 300/- I do not have 3/-
then how can I pay 100/- Except for this mobile
I have nothing, sir. I shall sell this mobile
and give you the receipt. Sir, if I give this mobile then how
will I be able to go to my village. You are taking mobile just
because I do not have money for fine. Can I give you something
else instead of mobile? Is this watch new? Sir my father gifted me
when I got pass in first class. My son has also just passed
so I also need to give him a gift. My mobile. You are lucky that I spared you.. ..otherwise I would have
taken you along with me on bullet. Hello. – Did you ask the location?
– I asked him but he snatched away.. – What?
– My watch. – Why did he snatch?
– Because I was smoking in public place. Okay. Isn’t there anyone
who can tell the address? – Since long I am telling you..
– Brother, I am here. At your service. Any help? – Can you tell where I am at present?
– Okay. – Nice mobile.
– Thank you. – Is that yours?
– Yes . – Hello.
– Hello. Is there a girl on the other side? Hello madam. – Hello. Tell me.
– Nice to talk to you. Hello madam.
Are you on what’s app and facebook? I am everywhere.
First tell me where my friend is. Madam, he is here. Hey, you wait here. – Okay.
– Where is he? – Hello.
– Hello. – I think network is weak.
– Hello.. I will go and get the network. Sir, sir..hey, you… Catch him, catch him.. Run, run.. Catch him, catch him.. Run, run.. Catch him, catch him.. Run, run.. Catch him, catch him.. Run, run.. Hey, what are you thinking?
Have you caught me? This is my area. Hey, are you thinking
yourself to be a king? But I am the real king of this place. Will you fight with me? Will you fight? You are living your
life by being a king.. ..and I live my life
with blessings of Shiv. Give me my mobile, baldy. – Hello.
– Hello, Kiran. What happened to you? Why weren’t you receiving the call? That is a long story.
I shall tell you when we meet. Okay. Where are you? – Which is this area?
– Oyalikawal. Oyalikawal. Okay fine. There is a pond nearby. I am coming there. You too come. Okay. What are you thinking? Is someone giving you
problems in your life? I am thinking so that
there is no problem. I did not understand anything. There is a scandal going on here. Everyone is talking about it
on TV, newspaper etc.. Did you hear about it? Half of those people have still
not come back to their village. Many people go to
other village or country. And nothing is known about them. They do not disappear on their own. This is called human trafficking. – What does that mean?
– Selling of human beings for money. For prostitution. For eyes and kidneys. They kill children and ladies. In our city from last 5 years.. ..approximately 3500
people have disappeared. Who is doing all this and
why is he doing it? Do you know who he is? Who does not know him? Our health minister Anant Kumar. Clean hand of politics. He helps poor people a lot. He is a good social worker. He is not a social worker
but the one who enjoys. Do you know what
he used to do earlier? He used to run a yatch in majestic. From there he started business. His younger brother
Prasad used to help him. One day a rich man came in his yatch. Both brothers eyed his money. They made a plan. With duplicate key
they opened his room. They killed him.. ..and took away his
jewellery and money. After that he stepped into politics. This was the beginning. Then he became MLA, minister.. ..and his brother became a corporator. Both of them forcefully
send girls to Dubai. They have to be saved them somehow. No one dares to save them, but
I do not know how it is to be done. Now he has become health minister. He makes fake medicines and
sells them in government hospital. There is a great chance
to do sting operation.. ..but there is no one to support me. – I will support you.
– What? I will support you.
You just tell me where is that place. Come on. Come. Hey, come here. Look.. There are so many people. – Sit down.
– Okay. Turn on the camera. – Okay.
– Okay. Brother,
don’t separate me from my child. I will do whatever you ask me to do. Let me stay here, brother. I cannot stay away from my child. Why don’t you speak anything, brother? – Tell me, brother.
– Get up. – How dare he..
– Kiran, you do not do anything. Listen to me carefully. My truck is coming. No police officer should interfere. It would not be right. Come on. Don’t make a sound. – Oh God, we have to save everyone.
– Come on, get in. That is enough. Now let’s
go from here. We cannot do anything. – Let’s go from here.
– Hold this. Kiran, we will have to save them. Don’t be a fool. If you try to save them then
you will lose your life. Let’s go. Those girls are in problem. We do not have time.
We cannot do anything. Let’s go. Can’t we do anything? This is not the time to become
a hero. Let’s go. – Come on let’s go.
– Hurry up. Let’s go. Close it. How dare you try to act smart? Kiran, Kiran.. Kiran.. Hey, kill him. Oh God, save him. Let’s go away from here. Run.. Kiran, Kiran.. [sanskrit shlok] A woman gave birth to you.. ..and you are making a woman
prostitute. Aren’t you ashamed? Good that our work was done easily. Can you tell as to why you slapped me? What would I do if something
happened to you? If any girl in my
village has a problem.. ..then boys do not sit quietly
as they do here. I am also from village. Am I at fault if I helped the girls? No. Whatever you did was right. What if you would have got trapped.. ..while helping these girls? We have done a good job. Hey, why are you crying? You have achieved whatever you
wanted to. Now be happy. But do not think that
everything is over. There are many other traitors whom
you have to get punished. You will have to act patiently. Hey, you can call me anytime
if you need my help. Incoming is free. I will come immediately. Please don’t forget me
after going back to village. I hope you will not refuse
if I ask for something. Ask for it. I have to go back to village
and all my clothes are torn. It is matter of my dignity. I cannot go like this. Get me a shirt. Come on, I will give. I want to ask for something else also. Please do not refuse. Ask for it. I do not have money to
buy bus ticket to go to village. Just buy a ticket for me. – Close your eyes.
– Why should I close my eyes? Close your eyes and
then I will tell you. Okay. – Extend your hand.
– I do not like to show my hand. Don’t be funny. Extend your hand. Why did you give your ring to me? For remembering me. Whenever you see this
after going to village. We should forget
whom we want to forget. We can forget family
members for some time as well. But we cannot forget
those who stay in our heart. You are crazy. – Copy it on this.
– Okay madam. Hey, where are you? Why isn’t your
phone reachable? Forget about that . There is breaking
news so get ready. Breaking news? What is that? You very well know which person
I wanted to reveal. I went to his hideout place
and shot all his illegal activities. Now the public will disgrace him. Did you go to the hideout place
of health minister? Very good. Did you go alone? No. I had told you about Kiran
who had come here from village. He helped me. – Kiran.
– Yes. Is it okay? It is not looking nice. Change it. Kiran, which one is nice?
This one or that one. – Hello.
– This one. – Okay.
– Who are you with? I am out for shopping with him. So the matter has gone so far
that you went shopping for him. Yes dear. I am totally flattered by his smile,
style, innocence and anger. I am mad for him. I am sure you have fallen in love.
Propose him immediately. Not so soon. There is still
time for that. Okay, come to office soon. After I make him board the bus.. ..I shall reach channel. Okay. Take this. You are two people and
why have you got one ticket. Only he is going and
I have come to drop him. Okay. Thank you. Seat number 21. Yes, this is the one.
Sit down. Here is your ticket. Don’t forget to call. – Do you have the number?
– My phone is always on. I will wait for your call. I am getting late for the channel.
They must be waiting. – Shall I go?
– Okay go. – Bye.
– Bye. Hello. Take these fruits and water. – Thanks.
– I will leave. – I will leave.
– Okay. Madam, get down.
The bus is about to leave. I am getting down. One minute. – Take care of yourself.
– Okay. Shall I tell him? Kiran, didn’t you like
anything in Bangalore? Like? You.. – Madam, how much time will you take?
– Wait for a minute. Kiran, I will give you a call. Please receive it. Take care, bye. Bye. I liked you. Today the real picture of our
health minister was revealed. He used to push women to
prostitution under the.. ..pretext of giving them jobs
in foreign countries. This was revealed today Our health minister also did business
of making fake medicines. This was also revealed. This is live reporting. This sting operation has been
successfully done by our reporter Kiran. Health minister has been arrested. Our reporter has handed over
all the proofs to police. Now it is impossible for the
minister to escape. Government is totally supporting
our reporter Kiran. Even the government wants such people
to stay away from politics. And the result is that such a big
minister is in police custody. Nice job. – Congratulations.
– Thank you, sir. Keep it up. – Congratulations.
– Thanks. Come on Muddukari has arrived. – What happened, sir?
– I cannot find my mobile. Just check.
It must be somewhere nearby. Hurry up sir. We are getting late. People cannot take
care of their mobile. Now because of him
the bus will not move. Don’t waste time, sir. You must have left
the mobile in Bangalore. I lost my mobile. How will I talk to Kiran? Hey, he has reached. What should I do? I cannot understand. Since how long have you been here? I reached here half an hour back. Couldn’t you come early?
Give me the keys. What are you saying? I got up at 6 in the morning and
since then I am trying your phone. I will come to know when you will
reach only if you pick up the phone. Why are you taunting me
when you are not receiving my call? Does it cost money to receive call? My phone got stolen.
How will I receive it? – What?
– Yes.. You even lost your bag. That got stolen first. Your bag and mobile got stolen. Have you lost anything else?
I have a doubt. – What do you mean by that?
– I mean.. – What are you saying?
– Leave it. Come on let’s have tea. Do one thing. You throw away your strong tea
and make new one for us. I think you did not like Bangalore. I did not like Bngalore
but I liked her. – Whom are you talking about?
– Anchor Kiran. What are you saying?
How will she like you? You are her fan. There must be so many like you. I was with her the
whole day yesterday. Hey foolish, don’t make a fool of me. Do you think I am a fool? I am saying the truth. I know it buddy. You are son of Harishchnadra. Whatever may happen you will
speak the truth. – Okay.
– Okay. There is no use in doing
conversation with you. Let me smoke. – Will you eat bread?
– No. Then eat fresh air. You carry on. Kiran’s photo.
It has been published in newspaper. What is written? Courageous TV anchor Kiran who
revealed the truth of health minister. What kind of bread is this?
It is just like a leather ball. It cannot be eaten but
thrown like a ball. – Hey..
– What is it? – Come here.
– Oh God. Nowadays head pains even
when hit with a bread. Look here. What is this? Vijay Karnataka. Read below. What is the latest that can be seen? Hey, you were just talking about this. The work that could not be
happened in one year.. ..you completed it in one day. What is the title? Courageous TV anchor Kiran.. ..who revealed the truth
of health minister. I am the one who helped her
in the sting operation. – Are you the one?
– Yes. Brother, are you listening. Just for this girl he is saying
that he helped her. Idiot. Next you will say that she has two
children and I am their father. Hey, foolish. Bring the paper here. It is useless talking to you. I don’t know why am
I sharing all this with you? Okay. Since morning your mother
was enquiring about you. Come on let’s go and meet her. Come on. Hail to Miss Kiran. Mother, she gave
me this shirt and ring. Hey, you are laughing too much. Look mother, since morning
he is making fun of me. I met her and we got acquainted. He does not believe me. Slap him hard. Read this, mother. Channel’s anchor
Kiran will be awarded. You can be present at
the award ceremony. Dr. raj Kumar Road,
Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Bangalore. Listen Mother, I will be happy.. ..if I am present
at her award function. What is it? Why are you coughing
at whatever my son is speaking? Are you very nice?
Enough of your drama. That is not the case. Everyday a train passes
through our village.. ..and no one knows who
is sitting inside. I am not bothered. He follows her and bids her
farewell every day. What nonsense are you talking? Shall I prove it to you whether
she knows me or not. Come with me to Bangalore. We will attend this function. I do not have useless money
to go to Bangalore. If you are ready
to pay for my eating.. ..then I am ready to go
anywhere with you. Come on son get ready. I will give money for his
stay and eating. Let’s go to Bangalore. If she says who are you.. ..then I will thrash you hard. Come on let’s go. The true face of our health minister
8 was revealed. Our channel will
help all those girls.. ..with who he has done injustice. Today whatever that has
happened is because of Kiran. Greetings. Owner of Shrikant graphics.. ..Mohan Rao will hand over
award to Kiran today. We welcome him on stage. Take this madam. Thank you. Thank you. After this award I would like
Kiran to say few words. All the best. Rather than saying
what I have achieved.. I want to achieve much more. The channel supported me entirely
in this success of mine. My colleagues, channel hosts, my parents all supported me. But the one who supported
me foremost is my friend. – He is talking about me.
– Okay. I can never forget him. He will always remain in my heart. Thank you. Come, I will introduce you to her. – Come.
– Come on.. – Come on.
– Come. – Madam, give me an autograph.
– Mine? Yes madam. We need your autograph. I will show it to entire village. Okay. Oh God. Come, come.. – Okay.
– Kiran, congratulations. – Congratulations, madam.
– Thank you. Madam. Give one to me as well. – Say something quickly.
– Thank you, madam. Keep quiet. Give one to me as well, madam. – Hurry up. We have to leave.
– Thank you, madam. – Kiran, congratulations.
– Go. Do you need autograph? Kiran, I.. What do you want?
Do you want autograph? Don’t you have paper? Okay, give.. Wow! Today I have become a star. Everyone is asking
for autograph from me. Hey. Did you bring me here to show this? Boasting unnecessarily. “How should I live without you?” “The crimes done very moment hurt me.” “The journey is very lonely.” “I want to destroy myself.” “What mistake did I make, dear?” “Don’t give me such
a punishment, dear.” “I miss your sweet talks.” “Why are you angry with me?” “My life is just yours.” “Believe this, dear.” “How should I forget you?” “Please come and support me.” “What mistake did I make, dear?” “Don’t give me such
a punishment, dear.” “How should I live without you?” “The crimes done very moment hurt me.” “The journey is very lonely.” “I want to destroy myself.” Great dear,
you have really become a star. Everyone wanted to
take your autograph. You have so many fans. You have come in
the range of heroines. I am very happy for you today. – Did you see him?
– Whom? Tell me. He is the reason behind my success. K. Kiran Hey, why did he come here? He had gone back to village. No. he has come back to Bangalore
to attend my function. Tell me clearly.
Do not complicate things. Who is that mad fellow? The boy on whose hand
I gave the autograph. Autograph on the hand.. Hey, your choice is very nice. He looks smart. But tell me one thing.
You could have talked to him. No. I called him 100 times.. ..and messaged him 100 times but
he did not reply even once. And if he comes in front of me
like this and do you think.. ..I will start talking to him. Hey, he can also have some problem. He must not be having any problem. He must have forgotten me
after going to the village. Don’t talk like fools. If he would have forgotten you.. ..then he wouldn’t have come
so far to attend your function. He must have seen
it in paper or on TV. That is why he came
here in excitement. You really insulted him. He was looking very sad. You had said that he had lost
everything else except his mobile.. ..then how could you forget that
he might have lost his mobile. If he would have lost his phone.. ..then you will never be able
to meet him again. Lost his mobile? Oh no, why didn’t I think about that? What should I do now? Hey, we can go back to the function. – Yes, okay.
– Let’s go. Driver, turn the car. What is this? Bangalore is looking
like a cremation ground. Let’s go back to our village. What will you do here by
sitting like a crazy lover? Come on let’s go. It is time
for the bus to leave. Mother is calling. – Yes aunty.
– Where are you all? – We are still here, aunty.
– Did she meet you? – Yes aunty, she met us.
– What was she saying? One minute aunty. I will give
the phone to Kiran. – He will tell you everything.
– Yes, give it to him. – Take this.
– Hello. Hello.. Yes, mother. Hello Kiran. Did she meet you? Yes mother, she met me. She was very happy because
I attended the function. Is that so? What else was she saying? She wanted to come along
with me to the village. She wants to meet you as well. She wants to meet me? – Yes mother.
– Oh God.. She is a very nice girl. Will she really come to our village? Yes mother. She is a very nice girl. Before you come I shall
tell everyone in the village. Hello. – After you go back to village..
– Are you listening? – ..whenever you see this you
will miss me. – Kiran? Are you there? Dear.. For my memories. Hello, son. Mother? – Wipe your tears.
– Mother? I have given birth to you. Will I not be able to understand
whether you are laughing or crying? Listen son, it is in God’s
hand to remember someone or forget. It is not in our hands. Just as we help a poor person
without any selfish motive.. ..and do not expect anything from him. Don’t be sad, son. This often happens in life. Nowadays there are more people
who forget than those who remember. Do you understand? Now don’t waste time
and come back to village. Mother, love you mother. Hey, love you too. Come back soon. I am coming, mother. Our son will stay with us. We will open a studio for him here. God can give anywhere. Don’t cry. He loves you a lot, son.. ..and cannot live without you. – Kiran..he has gone.
– He is not here. He must have left for village. What is the time? – 9:30.
– 9:30. It is time for bus to leave. Let’s go to the bus stand. Come on. Still 10 minutes are left. Friend, come here.
Did you recognize me? Come and have some tea. – Hey, Brother, you..
– Yes, brother. I have left drinking. I have left it completely. Brother, I look after my wife
and daughter completely. I have money and biscuit. I work in the garment
factory during the day. This is over time. Brother, you had said that
when we would meet again then.. ..we would drink half a cup
of tea together Do you remember, brother? But I will give you full cup of tea. Take this. Hold it. Who is he, brother? Is he your friend? To you as well. Take it. You will have to give money. Sir, two tickets. Stop here. Hey, I do not know at what all places
this bus is going to stop. Today my system has gone for a toss. I will have to make myself easy
once more. Come on. – You go.
– Come with me. This is Bangalore and not our village. I feel scared. – Where would he be?
– Come on let’s see. It must be somewhere here. Listen, ask the bus driver. From where does bus to Mudukalli go? From that side, madam. Come on. that side. – Where would Mudukalli’s bus be?
– That side. Thank you. He is not even here. – Excuse me sir.
– Yes, Is this the only bus for Mudukalli? Yes, this is the last bus, madam. There are very less
passengers on this route. So after this bus you will get
the next bus tomorrow morning. When will this bus leave? It is time for it to leave. Come on. How much more time? I am coming. -Brother!
– Right, right..come on move. Will it halt at any stop? Yes, it will. Take it back. – Let it go.
– Hurry up Kiran. The bus is leaving. Hurry up.. Wait. They both have come. Come on! Hurry up! Let’s go. Kiran, he is not here. Come on let’s go. What do you want?
Do you want autograph? I have become such a big star. Everyone was taking my autograph. – What happened?
– A puppy came in front of the bus. Can’t you see? Look there. From where has this puppy come? Throw the puppy aside. Hey brother, this is not
puppy of Mudukalli.. ..but a fierce lion of Bangalore. I throw away even elephant
and cheetah in my village.. ..and this is just a puppy. Wait. You seem to create history. Will you stop such a big
bus for a puppy? What kind of a puppy is this? It started to bite even
before I went closer. Was I talking to you in English? Go and sit behind. Brother, can’t you talk respectfully? I was talking to you respectfully. But did you listen to me? – Fool.
– Passengers will come to know. Even I have some dignity. This is more dangerous
than the dog of village. Oh my God! It will go in some time
and then we will also leave. Okay. Don’t you all have humanity? Get a side. Let me see. Be careful. It bites. Why have you started again? Your job is to book tickets
so just do that work. Do not act smart. Are you the same one? Tell me one thing Chhotu.. ..isn’t there anyone
to take care of you? Why are you crying? Will you come along with me?
I will take care of you. Even my mother will
take good care of you. Why are you getting him in the bus?
Leave him out. I am taking it to village. Hey, a dog cannot travel in our bus. Why can’t it travel? Those who are useless can travel.. ..then why this innocent
animal can’t travel. If he travels in bus then all
passengers will complain about me. Then who will answer. I cannot allow him. No, I cannot go to
village without him. Then you can travel by another bus. Okay. Listen, come out. Leave the dog. Come and sit in the bus.
We have to go back to village. Are you coming or not? You know that mother
had given me 200/-.. ..and with great difficulty
I could buy one ticket. You can get down if you wish to.
I am going back to village. – Okay, you can go.
– Come on move. Come on move. Where are you jumping? – Wait.
– Let’s go there. Have you gone mad? That was the last bus for our village. You asked me to get down
from a moving bus. Have you gone mad? So what if the bus has gone.
Keep quiet. How dare you asked me to keep quiet? Will your father take us from here? Did I tell you that he will take? Oh God, Oh God, I do not have a penny in my pocket. How will we go from here?
Tell me something buddy. Remove this ring. I had thought that dignity
and respect is needed to live. No. Money is required. Remove it. Try to convince a taxi
driver by giving this. Someone or the other will agree. Hey Kiran, come.
I have arranged for a taxi. Why are you crying? Keep quiet. It was my mistake. At least I should have talked to him. I misbehaved with him. I can’t understand what to do. Talk to him on the phone. Talk to him. The phone is ringing but
he is not picking it up. I think he picked it up. Hello. What is this? I called up so many times.
Why don’t you reply? I know you are angry with me. Hello..hello.. Talk to me. I was upset that is why I behaved with
you in that manner in the function. I was angry because you
never received my calls. There was no other reason. I am sorry for what I did. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Please. I want to
meet you and talk to you. Please do not refuse.
Will you meet me? Idiot, make someone
else hear this drama. What is he saying? There are many like
you who come and go. What do you think of yourself? Shall I tell you something? I helped you thinking
that you are a girl. I never said no to you for anything. What are you saying? Keep quiet and listen to me. I have helped you more
than you have helped me. Did you understand? And listen to me carefully. Never ever try to call me again. Understood. – By mistake I picked up your call today.
– What he is saying? You girls just need a playboy. This is the last time. If you ever try to call me again
then it would not be good. To escape from you
I better do something. I shall change my phone number. I will remove this
sim card and throw it. Are you listening to me?
Don’t call me. You have troubled me a lot. Try once again. There is something wrong. Wait, I will try. ‘The number you are trying
to call is switched off.’ ‘The number you are trying
to call is switched off.’ Come on. What is this? Your love story ended before it began. This is not the end but the beginning. Will you come with me to Mudukalli? But why? Tell me whether you will come or not. I will come.. But if we could not find him here
then how will we find him there. Mudukalli is not like Bangalore. People do not know neighbors here.. ..but there everyone knows each other. It would not be difficult to find him. We will find him. He will meet me. I have a gut feeling.

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