James Cameron invites you to visit the Challenging the Deep exhibition

Hi, I’m Jim Cameron. Join me on a journey to the depths of our oceans in the major new immersive exhibition, Challenging the
Deep, at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. The deep oceans have fascinated me throughout my entire life. They’re still a mystery.
Oh man look at this thing. Oh this is gorgeous. Check this out. It’s like liquid fire. We know more about the
surface of Mars than we do about the ocean depths. Exploration isn’t just in
my DNA, it’s in everyone’s DNA. We’re hardwired to be curious. Mir One, Mir One, Jake is coming out, over. Experience how my deep-sea expeditions and love of science and technology have
propelled me to explore and have also influenced my career as a film director.
I’ll see you at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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