January Reading Wrap Up | 2017

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  1. The Midnight Star ending disappointed me because what happened was so out of character and the second one was so amazing that I was let down. I had three faves too-Being Sawyer Knight and The Summer Palace (Captive Prince) and The Rose Society obviously since I read the trilogy this month.

  2. I have wanted to read The Woman in Cabin 10. I read Heartless this month too and I absolutely loved it. I read Thirteen Reasons Why and didn't really get into it. I found myself wishing more for her side and more in depth on the feelings and etc. However, I did think it was entertaining as far as just reading it goes. -Christeena

  3. Trina, I just have to say that I LOVE the way you organize your wrap ups. I hope to get to Thirteen Reasons Why soon, especially with the Netflix adaptation coming.

  4. I'm a die hard twilight fan always and forever ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven't read this book yet but I will ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm waiting for Monstress to get here hopefully today can't wait to read it.

  5. I loved Monstress lol I'm kind of obsessed with it. I agree that it was a lot of info packed into a small package. It was confusing for sure, it's not just you. I had to re-read parts to understand what it was talking about. I really want to read March, that looks really good.

  6. I actually just picked up an urban fantasy novel by Marjorie Lu and I'm pretty excited about it. So, I think once I read that, if I liked it I might pick up Monstress. We'll see. And I really enjoyed Heartless too! I loved not just learning how she became the Queen of Hearts, but also how the other characters came to be and their backstories – even if some of them were kind of heart breaking.

  7. I read Rebel of the Sands back in September, and mostly enjoyed it, but I also wasn't blown away by it. I'm pretty interested in checking out Traitor to the Throne however. I enjoyed the last half of the book.

  8. Your videos really make me want to read The Young Elites, because it sounds really cool! My favourite read of January was definitely Shadowshaper by Daniel Josรฉ Older!

  9. Twilight is way better than Life and Death but you can't judge Life and Death as a book cause it's bonus content it isn't meant to be more than that.It's fun.And I'm a Fanpire for life.I read 13 Reasons Why back when it came out I didn't love it.I've been reading Heartless for awhile now.My favorite reads of last month were my re reads of COFA and COLS .

  10. Thank you for the heads up on thirteen reasons why, I was going to read it because I have depression and am suicidal but I don't want to be triggered! Thank u x

  11. I've been watching you for a few months and I had no idea you were in Nashville! I'm in Memphis! Hi from a fellow Tennessean! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. When I was in the seventh or eighth grade, Thirteen Reasons Why was the book that everyone was reading. our school library had to order two additional copies so that they could loan them out. It's been a long time since I've read it (nearly ten years) but I'm very excited for the Netflix series

  13. Just letting you know hearing "impaired" is typically viewed as negative in the deaf community, who are typically proud of who they are and their culture, the majority considers D/deaf/hard of hearing to be appropriate terms to use. I'm not deaf, but I'm a sign language interpreter. I will be checking out El Deafo though. Great video as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I'm apparently in the minority of people who didn't like 13 Reasons Why. I found this book to romanticize suicide and discredit true mental illnesses that can lead to suicidal tendencies (like depression and anxiety). For a lot of young readers, Hannah's thoughts are the first or only instance of depression, suicide, and mental health issues they are exposed to. This can be damaging since Asher writes Hannah in a way that excludes true mental illness and basically makes Hannah kill herself just because she was going through a rough patch (friend moving away, sexual harassment, and other social issues). This COMPLETELY left out indications of chemical enbalances and her behavior seemed to be based on weak and little research on true clinical depression. If this is your only exposure to someone with depression/suicidal tendencies, that person is just going to say, "oh, just get over your 'depression'. It's not a big deal. Everyone deals with stuff like that". This type of thinking perpetuates the stigmatization of mental illness further as the patients own fault they are sick, and discredits those who seriously struggles with suicide and mental illness, which I found incredible insensitive.

  15. I had the same thing with Monstress! I felt like not enough was explained and I was also sometimes annoyed that all the characters were super attractive and/or overly cute which wasn't realistic. So no you are definitely not dumb! I was super confused reading it too

  16. El Deafo sounds amazing! I came across that book while searching for books to read for Diversity Bingo and hearing that you really loved it makes me want to read it even more!

  17. I love the way you did your wrap-up. Kudos on putting the time stamp (although I am going to watch the entire video, it's nice to know I could navigate through if I wanted to)

  18. I really like the way you organized everything for this video. Your hard work and attention to detail really shows how considerate you are of the many different reasons that piques your viewer's interest. And your presentation of the books and your rating system display is on point! I don't feel you could've made this information any more welcoming to your audience. =) Thanks for the share!

  19. Omg! I haven't actually heard anyone else who made it through Life and Death! The ending!!! i can't give it away to get people to read it, so they can't get through it. So no one will discuss it with me!!!

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