Jeep Wrangler RedRock 4×4 Cowl Body Armor – Pair (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review and installation of the RedRock 4×4 Cowl Body Armor, fitting all 2007 and
up JKs. Today, we’re gonna talk through the installation
of this cowl body armor, which is a very, very simple one-out-of-three-wrench install. This just uses 3M tape to attach to your Jeep,
and you should be able to get it installed in under a half an hour. But we’ll talk more about the installation
in just a second. We’re also going to talk about the construction
and a few of the features of this cowl armor. This armor has a very specific purpose. If you have the limiting strap of your JK
unattached and your door swings open, the factory mirror can ding the cowl of your Jeep,
leaving a dent that can be difficult to remove. Now, I’ve seen some of you can use a bar to
get in from either the engine side underneath the hood or even through the dash to help
to push that dent out a little bit. However, you’re really never going to get
it perfect. So whether you have that dent and you’re looking
to cover it up, which is going to be certainly less expensive than having it professionally
repaired, or you don’t have that dent, but you’re somebody who takes your doors off a
lot and you worry that you may eventually get one, this armor is going to be a nice
option for you. Now, there are other versions of this armor
on the market. Some of them are a little bit more expensive. Some of them have slightly different finishes. I think this is an inexpensive option that
looks pretty good and will definitely get the job done. This cowl body armor is made of a UV-treated
thermoplastic, as is most other plastic parts that you’ll stick on the outside of your Jeep. That UV treatment means that these aren’t
going to become chalky or brittle when they’re out in the sun, and they’re gonna stay looking
new for a good, long time. As I said before, there are a couple different
versions of these out there on the market. These ones have these ridges with a small,
flat spot in the middle here. Bushwhacker, for instance, has a set that
are completely smooth. No matter which brand you decide to go with,
they’re all going to offer the same protection, so you just pick which ones that you like
the best aesthetically. Also, all of these are going to install the
same way. They all have 3M adhesive on the back side
of them, which makes the installation very, very easy. They’re gonna stay exactly where you put them
as long as you want them there, but if you do wanna remove them, you can always pry them
off, clean off the adhesive, and it’s like they were never there. Like I said before, very, very simple one-out-of-three
wrench install, you can get this done in under a half an hour, and the only tool you’re going
to need is a good alcohol-based cleaner. As with anytime you’re installing a 3M part
on the outside of your Jeep, you wanna make sure that that surface is very, very clean
to give the 3M the best possible chance to adhere. You’re also going to want to install these
when it’s around 70 degrees or warmer. If it’s any colder than that, sometimes the
3M doesn’t like to set up properly, and you might not get a really good bond. So do it when it’s warm, clean your surface,
and you’re gonna be good to go. Now, the first step is to hold this up on
your Jeep, figure out how it gets oriented and exactly where it goes, so you know which
area to clean. After you’ve wiped the area down with a good
alcohol-based cleaner, what you can do is actually start peeling the 3M adhesive. Peel the corner of each of the four strips
enough that this red backing piece is hanging off the side. Then you can set this in place to make sure
that you have it exactly where you want it, with one hand hold down on it, while pulling
the rest of the backing strip out of all four corners, give it a good press, and that’s
really all there is to it. As I said before, there are no tools. Just have your cleaner on hand and about a
half hour of time. These come in at right around $40 for the
pair. There are other versions, as I’ve mentioned
before, that are a little bit more expensive, they’re going to look a little bit different
aesthetically, but they’re all going to serve the same function. So it’s really up to you. The price difference isn’t huge. If you want ones that are a little bit less
expensive, here’s an option. If you wanna spend a little bit more, you
wanna go with a Bushwhacker name brand, those are available for a little bit more money. Again, all of them are going to serve the
same function, so there’s just some aesthetic differences. So whether you have the ding in your cowl
from your mirror and you’re looking to cover it up, or you’re looking to protect yourself
from getting that ding, or maybe you just like the look of this cowl armor, this is
going to be one of the less expensive options on the market that’s still very easy to install
and gets the job done. So that’s my review of the RedRock 4×4 Cowl
Body Armor, fitting all 2007 and up JKs, that you can find right here at

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