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Hi everyone, it’s Farah and today I’m going
to be sharing my thoughts on Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I’ve
recently read this and it stayed on my mind for a while. I’ve read a bunch of
Melina Marchetta books. I read the Lumatere Chronicles, it’s a trilogy, a YA
fantasy. I also read Saving Francesca, a contemporary coming-of-age. And now I’ve read Jellicoe Road and I am convinced that she is one of my favorite authors.
This story follows Taylor Markham who lives on Jellicoe road it’s a boarding
house for… I want to say children in need, children in difficult circumstances. She
was left by her mother in a 7-eleven six years before the start of this book,
and then taken in by Hanna, who also works nearby the boarding school. At the same time there seems to be a territory war between the people
from the boarding school, the Jellicoe Road ,the Townies, the people who live in
town, and the cadets who come and visit, in the summer I believe. I’m
not really sure. This book can start off being really really confusing. For the
first hundred or so pages, I was reading without really understanding much but
you were still trying to get to know the character Taylor and understanding that
she’s got a lot of issues. There’s this big mystery about where she comes from,
who her mother is, why her mother left her, who her father is, etc… She’s come from a really difficult childhood and because of that
it really affects her personality and she pushes everyone around her, away but when Hanna ,essentially her caretaker, disappears one day without a note or
anything, Taylor starts to fall apart. At the same
time one of the cadets Jonah Griggs returns with the cadets and you realize
that her and him have history and he seems changed. He seems different. And
you’re basically plunged into this world, into this story, into this plot, sort of
in the middle of it happening so there’s all of this backstory that you don’t
actually learn about until after the fact but I feel like Melina Marchetta gave you
just enough to confuse you at the beginning, keep you reading, and then
answering all of these questions. I felt that the characters were very well
developed and fleshed out but some of the other characters, you can see that
they have history, you want to see more of it you want to see more of that
history. You want to get a better, clearer understanding of it, but she doesn’t,
Melina Marchetta doesn’t always share that and it’s
not necessarily a bad thing but it just kind of makes you want a little bit more
from the story. But you also start to understand the nature of Jonah Griggs
and Taylor’s history as well together, and her history with Hannah, but also at
the same time you start to realize that she gets all of these flashbacks. These
little moments and memories. And as a child, of course, you don’t really have a
great collection of memories because, you know, memories fade as you grow up. She has all of these unanswered questions about her past and she’s got these
collection of memories to go by and to solve that mystery of her past by and
the way that it all comes together is really interesting. I love the
interactions between the characters. I love the mystery in the way that it
develops. You start to get the story about four other characters. You don’t
know if this is real or if it’s temporary. You don’t know how
it relates to Taylor at all. But it just all comes together. Like I said I’ve
mentioned the interactions between the characters or high schoolers. They’re all
kids more or less but the interaction between them is so true to themselves.
You know how high school kids these days when you read a YA a or you watch TV shows they’re so mature. They’re so much older than their age but these kids
can be kids. These kids can be immature. These kids can be kids, you know? And it
comes across, because when I’m reading this, I’m reminded of my friends from
high school I’m reminded of my friends in high school and university. I’m reminded of my childhood and how I was around kids, how the boys were in class, how they act
and stuff, and I really loved that. And that’s the thing. This this book was
hilarious at times. Like really really funny, laugh-out-loud funny because of
that. Because it reminded me so much of my school days, but at the same time it
could be so emotional. There were times that just broke my
heart, and one tear slipping… because the writing style is so evocative, it’s
so heart-wrenching. This is all written in first person POV and I thought that that was done really well. So when you see that sort of breakdown of the self, when you
start to get answers, it’s almost like you don’t want to. When things
start to clear up it just becomes really really
interesting. When I first started it, and I was very confused, I didn’t think I’d
like it. I was like oh my god I think this is… I think this is not gonna be a
really good read. I think it’s gonna be one of the ones that just don’t
click with me. But as a contemporary, it really really clicked with me, and
resonated with me because it deals with very basic human emotions such as
the need for love and comfort and safety and belonging. There’s always this
question of being alone in this world and having someone care if you disappear. So yeah, I actually really enjoyed this book, guys. It really left a profound
impact. Yes. So, go read it if you haven’t. It’s a really good one. I really
enjoyed it. So those were my thoughts on the book. I hope you guys enjoyed this
review, and I’ll see you with my next one. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Jellicoe Road | Book Review

  1. You HAVE to read The piper's son by her. It's the sequel/companion to Saving Francesca, and it's a much, much better book. It's about Tom McKee's life falling apart and also about his middle-aged aunt. It's a beautiful story about family and relationships.
    ps: the Jimmy Hailler book is coming next year!!!!

  2. So you did actually like Jelly Cool 😉
    Honestly I had never heard of this book, or the author. Sounds like an interesting read though.

  3. Loved this review! Melina Marchetta's my favorite author at this point and this book broke me a bit at first but it was so worth it! Love how you summarized the story and how well spoken you are. I'm always happy to see other people loving this book, and you just made me wanna re read it. Welp. Keep up the good work!

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