How would Jennifer Lawrence introduce a video?
WHOOSH WHERE’S THE PIZZA?! Hey guys! Today I’m going to be doing the Jennifer Lawrence
book tag! This tag was originally created by Michael the book lion, but I’m actually
going to be doing an altered version of this tag that was created by Natasha over at tashapolis.
So without further ado let’s jump in to this derby wonderful tag. Number one swearing
off social media! For those of you who don’t know Jennifer Lawrence does not use social
media. She doesn’t use instagram, twitter, Facebook. So the question that goes along
with this one, pick a book that you refuse to read. For this one I’m going with Hush
Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I read Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick and while I actually
enjoyed this book, I know that a lot of people didn’t like this book, I personally enjoyed
it. And while I did enjoy this, I didn’t necessarily like the writing and because of
that reason I just don’t have any real desire to pick up the hush hush series. Number two,
the oscar trip! For those of you who don’t know, I’d be surprised if you didn’t know,
Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the oscars So to go along with this, we’ve got a book
/ book series that hit a snag for you. This happens to me a lot actually even if I’m
enjoying a book, like really enjoying it, loving it, sometimes I just get distracted
by other shiny new books and I will just set it aside. And it’s not necessarily that
it hits a snag, but it’s me being like OH SHINY NEW BOOK. For example, I started reading
Faking Normal by Courtney C Stevens, when I was on my way back from Book Expo America
traveling home. I started reading it and I loved it, it was so good! I got about 75 pages
in and then I was just traveling home and I had a bunch of books with me and I pulled
out another book but I just completely ditched this book for a shiny new book. How terrible
of me, I know! Another example would be love letters to the dead I was actually buddy reading
this with a friend I got about a hundred pages in and there was just too many similarities
to the perks of being a wallflower and so that just mmm I couldn’t continue reading
because I just couldn’t separate the two in my mind. I just kept making comparisons
and that’s never a good thing when you’re reading a book and it’s just so similar
to another book that you love and you’re just constantly making comparisons and so
I just had to shove it aside and I actually ended up getting rid of it, because I just
couldn’t separate the two. Like I just couldn’t do it, it hit a big snag for me! And another
one is the scorch trials and this is one that I actually was able to power through and end
up finishing, but I had the hardest time getting through this book and I think it’s because
it’s so different from the maze runner. The characters go in this really weird direction.
This story really takes a weird turn and I just wasn’t a huge fan of it and so it took
me so long to read this. I would pick it up be like eh not feeling it, put it down. Pick
it up, eh don’t want to do it! I think it took a read a thin for me to actually plow
through this book which I’m glad that I finally got through it, because it was driving
me crazy at the fact that I wasn’t able to finish it. Number three, the viral photobomb,
the best photobomb there ever was. A book / series that you didn’t know would get
so popular. I’m going to go with Me and Earl and the Dying Girl I read this a couple
years ago when Raeleen was like pushing it on everybody and everybody was reading it
and loving it. There’s now been a movie that has been made of this book which is awesome.
and I just never expected this book to blow up in the way that it did. Number four work
with David O Russell your favorite dysfunctional character. I’m gonna go with Cadence from
We Were Liars, because she’s a very dysfunctional character. and it’s because of all the things
that she’s going through that makes her dysfunctional like she’s going through a
very rough time and that affects her life in a very dysfunctional way so Cadence from
We Were Liars. I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t want to spoil you, but She’s
a very dysfunctional character. Number five Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence actually plays
Mystique in the newer versions of x-men. So this question is a villain who thinks they’re
doing what’s right. I’m gonna have to go with Light from the Manga Death Note, because
even though he thinks he’s doing something right in this story and he thinks that he
is making the world a better place, he’s becoming a murderer himself and it’s just
really twisted. He’s a very twisted character. Number six, Bradley Cooper! Jennifer Lawrence
works a lot with Bradley Cooper they continue to do a lot of films together which is awesome
because I think that they work great together. So for this one, what author do you continue
to go back to. Victoria Schwab, hands down, without a doubt, I continue to go back to
her books, because she continues to impress me and I continue to love every book that
she puts out. She’s one of those authors that I trust, I go into her books trusting
that I’m going to have my mind completely blown, trusting that I’m going to love the
characters, and knowing that I’m going to leave that book with a very satisfying ending,
never really leaving you hanging and just constantly feeling satisfied after leaving
her books. Number seven, spoiler for homeland. Jennifer Lawrence was doing an interview and
she watches the show homeland and the interviewer straight up spoiled something that happens
in homeland and jennifer like freaks out. I’ll actually leave a link to the video
down below, because it’s hilarious. Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction – she can’t even deal
with the interviewer she gets so ticked off and it’s so funny. Obviously it’s horrible
that she got spoiled, but her reaction is priceless. So for this one a plot line that
you were spoiled for. I was actually spoiled for the beautiful creatures plot line, but
it was my own decision. I was watching one of Christine Riccio’s videos and there was
actually a spoiler warning for the series. She was like I’m going to go into detail,
I’m going to tell you what happens in the end. But I knew that I was never going to
continue on with the series, so I spoiled myself for the ending of that series. And
I can’t believe that it ends in the way that it does like that just – wow. Emotional
and crazy. I can’t believe they ended it that way! I’m obviously not going to say,
but yes, I spoiled myself for the Beautiful Creatures series. Number eight Ieveryone’s
obsession with being Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend. I wanna be Jennifer Lawrence’s
best friend! A character that makes your ultimate best friend. Kenji from the Shatter Me trilogy.
He would be the best friend. I wanna be his best friend, he’s hilarious, he’s trustworthy,
and he’s just down right fantastic and he would be the ultimate best friend to have.
Number nine The Hunger Games – What is your favorite high profile series? I’m gonna
go with the mortal instruments series even though I haven’t completed it, I love that
series. That series is just so fun! It’s such an interesting series, it’s got diverse
characters, it’s got these crazy plot lines and plot twists and I just thoroughly enjoy
that series. Even though I haven’t finished it, I still need to read the infernal devices.
I KNOW! It’s happening soon, it’s happening soon! Number ten, everything Jennifer Lawrence
has ever said, everything, because everything she says is perfection, not really, but close
to perfection. Your favorite snarky / comedic character. I’m gonna have to go with Lila
from A Darker Shade of Magic. She’s just a snarky character she doesn’t put up with
anybody’s crap, and she’s always got a fantastic comeback when somebody tries to
insult her. So that was the Jennifer Lawrence book tag! I hope that you guys enjoyed this
video. You guys should let me know down below who your favorite crazy character is, because
I think Jennifer Lawrence is crazy in the best way possible! So let me know down below
who your favorite crazy character is and I will see you guys soon with a new video! WHOOSH
LATER! WHOOSH. This tag was originally created by Michael the book lion aweifjwlejfwjf So
for that … Another example would be love letters to the dead. I got in woooo She’s
always got a comeback right then and there she’s always – she’s really good at comebacks
*crazy face*


  1. I recently found this channel and am watching all of his videos. And since I started with the most recent ones I always expect the intro to be 'what's up reader fam' and it's so weird when he doesn't say it in older videos 😂

  2. I have been binge watching jesse for an hour just to add to my tbr book and he's been mentioning Kenji so much and it just makes me laugh because Kenji is the fucking bomb

  3. Oh my gosh when you said Kenji I pointed at the screen and yelled "YES!" That's exactly who I was thinking

  4. This is a very old video but I feel like I just have to say that I had the EXACT same thoughts about the Scorch Trials. I watched the movies first and I thought that it had such a different feel from the first movie and it took a weird direction….but I still loved it and finished the book in 2 days….

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